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December 03, 2010

Whats Happening

While many that follow me know that I update my many rants on Twitter, Facebook and curating on Pearltrees each day, I also enjoy blogging. Recently I had some noteworthy changes.

1. Technorati aquired Silicon Valley Moms Group: We worked long and hard over the summer to find the right home for Silicon Valley Moms Group, and are happy to announce it is on the Technorati Womens Channel.

2. I am excited to join on as Managing Editor of a sister site to the fabulous shopping site Cool Mom Picks - called Cool Mom Tech. Cool Mom Tech is the intersection of tech and style, of parenting, practicality and fabulosity. Here is a link to my post on Cool Mom Tech.

3. I am honored to be one of the hosts of MommytoMommyTV, a new online show about moms produced by the fabulous vlogger Kimberley Clayton Blaine. The show I hosted is titled "TechMama Goes HotMama". Yes, I got a hair extension and a spray on tan just for the show. I mean, it was shot in LA!

There is so much fun stuff going on in the family tech world, I can hardly wait to share it. For now, I just wanted to get back to my personal techie rants as well on TechMamas.com! I have many posts on the queue, but I thought I should start with a quick update.

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