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January 31, 2010

Grammys Tech: Stephen Colbert and the Apple iPad, Imogen Heap and the "Twitdress"

First I saw many other tech journalists that had access to hands on demo's of the Apple iPad during the press event. I was happy and content to crawl the web and do my own post about the features of the Apple iPad from that information. Even though I am a tech blogger, I was happy to wait until the Apple iPad came out to test drive it for myself at the Apple Store.

Then I saw a headline on Mashable titled "Pee Wee's Big Apple iPad Adventure".

What?? I was upset wondering when Pee Wee Herman became a tech journalist and why he got to use the Apple iPad before I did.

But then I watched the video, and realized it was the Pee Wee Adventure version; just a sketch.

Tonight as I was watching the Grammy's I saw one real comedian (and one of my favorites) that had access to a real Apple iPad: Stephen Colbert from the Colbert Report used the Apple iPad while presenting. I agree with the post on the AppleiPhoneApps.com - nice product placement! I guess paper ballots will be passe in the future.

If I can't have a hands on demo of the Apple iPad, maybe I could get my hands on that Twitter Dress (#Twitdress) that Imogen Heap wore to the Grammys. In a brillant use of engaging her community, she tweeted an email address that fans could email pictures - that then appeared on her Twitter stream.

Here is the picture Imogen Heap put on her YFrog account with the techie part of the dress:


January 25, 2010

When Writing About Tech Trends, I Listen to Star Trek Theme For Inspiration

As usual, when I cover tech conferences I like to take some time to step back and relate the trends to the products, then explain it all in a way that makes sense. Which is why I am STILL working on my CES 2010 (Consumer Electronics Show) trend post. It is not as if I saw mind blowing new technology at CES specifically. But taking into account all I learned from 2009 trends, interesting discussions at MommyTechCES and everything I saw at CES - there are major tech trends in play.

I am getting close and will post soon, for now I post with a YouTube video to show how I felt when I first walked into CES 2010.

Now here is how my 10 year old son would describe the same feeling, a.k.a the Star Trek Remix, times are a changin! I almost think my son would do a better job of explaining the new tech then I would!

January 05, 2010

A Chat With Heather McDonald

I decided to write this post while watching my favorite comic-relief-from-my-crazy-days-as-mom-of-3BOYS show "Chelsea Lately". I have been a fan of the Chelsea Lately show for some time - especially the show's "mom" comedian Heather McDonald.

I had the first had the opportunity to meet Heather McDonald at the Los Angeles Moms Blog launch party (we were so honored that she attended!). Then I got a bunch of mom bloggers together to go see the Chelsea Lately show taping, where we did some taping of our own.

Just last month I had the chance to catch up with Heather McDonald (before the Holidays) when I received an Mastercard campaign email about her being available for interviews. I am not part of the campaign (this is not a paid post) - I just took the opportunity to connect with her again. At the time Heather McDonald answered the questions, we were discussing holiday shopping (I got so busy with the holidays that I am just posting now). But I always seem to be shopping - my three boys seem to keep me either at the Grocery store, Target, sports stores and then mama does her own therapy and buys shoes or new family technology.

My first question to Heather McDonald: It would be interesting for other mom bloggers to hear about her process of writing material for Chelsea Lately.

Heather McDonald: "For writing for Chelsea on the show, we first come up with the topic we want to talk about and then with Chelsea quickly come up with her point of view.  Joking about celebrities come pretty easy.  My advice is don’t be afraid to say what you really think on something and if something bugs you tell us why.  You can’t be truly funny unless you know yourself.  Don’t try to be like anyone else or what you think someone wants to read.  Aren’t you tired of the seeing the same scene in every romantic comedy where the girl is on the treadmill and gets distracted by a hot guy and then stops running and falls out of frame?  Think out of the box and if something happened to you that you thought was funny I’m sure so will we."

Continue reading "A Chat With Heather McDonald" »

September 04, 2009

Daily Onion Mom Comedy Video: Facebook, Twitter Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Their College-Aged Kids

While I get lots of comic relief from the Chelsea Lately show and comedians from the show Jo Koy and Heather McDonald, I also enjoy some comic relief on the "take-off on reality" site Daily Onion. Displayed below is my current favorite-twist-of-comedy video from the Daily Onion titled: "Facebook, Twitter Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Their College-Aged Kids". Now while I use Facebook and Twitter to socialize with my friends, business associates and online network - I don't use it as much for personal reasons. But when they do get to the age when they can join Facebook - I would like to "friend" my boys. I even promise not to put any hearts on their wall and try not to spy. But if they put the wrong personal info online, techmama will need to jump in to say "no you don't".

Facebook, Twitter Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Their College-Aged Kids

August 17, 2009

Parents Texting and Tweeting - The Commercial

I was sitting on the sofa, using a lapdesk and my notebook to blog, Facebook and Twitter after the kids went to sleep tonight. When what happens, I turned on the TV (so I could add another type of media to my night) and this commercial came on. It was a Verizon commercial where the KIDS are lecturing their texting and tweeting parents about their lack of online social networking etiquette. The commercial represents the new modern world: it is well known parents are as addicted to online social networking as their kids.

Geek Sugar also found the commercial amusing..

Mobivity posted 2/09 on a related note "Text Messaging is not just for kids anymore". That post included the following excerpt from Ars Technica:

AT&T conducted 1,048 online interviews with parents  to get a feel for their usage patterns. They found that 76 percent of parents feel that their children are more likely to keep them abreast of their activities through text messaging than other methods. 73 percent said that their kids were more likely to respond to a text message than other methods of communication, and a full half of parents feel that text messaging with their kids makes them “cool.”

So now I can add feeling "cool" to my activities tonight.

August 15, 2009

If Google Was Your Roomate: The Video

Gina Trapani's blog "Smarterware" posted this funny video from a web series called "If Google Was Your Roomate". I always enjoy creative YouTube videos as comic relief from my busy day as a geek mom. I have been busy over the last few weeks and look forward to sharing some exciting tech news on the blog now that I am home. Great to start with some fun entertainment - Here it is!

April 01, 2009

Best SXSW Video: Rebecca Corliss of Music is Social

Seeing this video makes me proud to be a girl geek. Except this one can SING!
If you want to read more details and see a post with the words, CLICK OVER to the post the Rebecca Corliss Blog.

January 23, 2009

How Crapstone England & Google Earth Can Help My Son Learn Geography

GoogleEarth_Image  I happen to see a twitter about today's New York Times article titled: No Snickering: That Road Sign Means Something Else about a place called "Crapstone" England (ha, ha).

I know that my sons always laugh at potty talk (and carpools full of boys seem to talk about that also). So I decided just to see if it was for real.

I went over to Google Earth (which everyone should download if they have not already) and typed in "Crapstone England". Well, Google Earth found it and it is allowed me send the image to my gmail. Google Earth is a great way to help your kids learn geography with beautiful graphical images. They can enter in locations to test it out - and see what happens.

I have a feeling my son would not mind doing his Geography home work for locations like this...

Vloggers take note: The Stephen Colbert Remix Challenge

I am on the hunt to learn about new video techniques and came up on this tweet from @bhammerling on the Stephen Colbert Remix challenge.   Hey aspiring remix-ers - this is your chance!

December 23, 2008

Little And Big Boys Love Nerf Guns

Yesterday I had to make an emergency visit to Laser Quest to entertain my 10 year old son and his friend on a rainy, cold day.. My son and his friend were using my 6 year old twin boys for target practice with a Nerf gun that snuck into our house as a holiday gift. I was disappointed that the Nerf gun was such a magnet for our boys, who enjoy so many other activities.

Then I happened to see this video clip  while reading one of my favorite geek blogs Engadget - which made me think little boys never grow up...

Click here to see the engadget post

Click here to see the full details in my post at the Silicon Valley Moms Blog.

Don't try this at HOME! It is dangerous and the Nerf gun melted after this experiment..

YouTube Video from post:


This post is not sponsored in any way or form, just saw this video on YouTube that reminded me of how I feel every day as a mom of three boys!



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