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May 10, 2010

TwitterFreakout: Follower Counts Down To Zero - Then Restored

As the world is battling important issues such as the world financial crisis, oil spill and the recent Dow plunge - what may push social media types over the edge is what happened today: Twitter follower/following counts were set to 0.

Yes, I sent a tweet out, pushed enter then could not believe my EYES as I saw my follower count reset to 0.

After frantically searching on the Twitter support forum (which had no information) - I found the Twitter "support" Twitter ID that had updates:

1. "Following and follower counts are temporarily unavailable. You should still receive updates. We're working to resolve this." at around 10am.

2. The follower count reset was related to a bug they found which had the effect of "forced" following. A few minutes after that the bug was posted about in the Twitter status blog: http://status.twitter.com/post/587210796/follow-bug-discovered-remedied

I tweeted updates to my followers so they did not need to go through the shock that I experienced. Seeing the behavior of my tweeps (and myself), this made me think of the old saying ""If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?".

The modern equivalent of that is "If My Twitter count falls to 0, Do I exist?". This is a subject that can reflect modern society's dependence on social networking, which leads to many who now feel a connection between their "friend" or "follower" count and their self esteem.

Not that I feel that way.. Really.. OK! I DO and will feel calmer after my Twitter follower count is restored. I hope a get a few more followers out of this. If I just tweeted that, I would use the hashtag "#sadstateofaffairs. I may need to search out a Twitter follower loss support group after this.

My value add for Twitter has been connecting with an amazing community - that I ended up making many real life business connections from. I view Twitter as a place I share "whats going on" in my niche of parenting and technology and read what my followers are up to. So while I may joke about my Twitter addiction, I have seen real value from the site.♠

Conan O'Brien also shared my emotions with his tweet: "Twitter exploded today! I guess my dream of a world where Twitter runs our stock market, phones, and nuclear defense is still a ways off."

UPDATE: A short time after I posted this, Twitter restored follower counts and all is well (I do exist again - at least for now..).  Here is my Pearltree that summed up this morning's exciting Twitter events:

December 28, 2008

Resolving Audio Problems With PC's, Or "Help - I Can't Hear Anything!"

Just as we were about to put the boys to bed tonight, I decided to show a video to my older son on my notebook. Well, what do you know but the sound did not work. When I informed my husband that I needed to troubleshoot, he knew that he would be putting the boys to bed tonight. I am lucky to have a husband who supports his wife's troubleshooting obsession. We share a love of geekiness between us, except he (Neil Blecherman) is a green geek.

Just in case other moms or dads have a "sudden" audio problem that stops them from hearing any sounds from their computer (for those with built-in speakers) - here are some troubleshooting hints:

1. CHECK YOUR AUDIO DRIVER: It is important for the first step to be determining the actual sound problem. Most computers have a "speaker" icon on the toolbar. Right click to see if the speakers are working. You can also check the audio by looking at control panel>device manager>sound video & games controllers. You should be able to "click" on the sound controller. If you don't see it, that may be an important hint.

With my problem it actually said "device not installed" when I knew I had an audio driver installed (I had been hearing sound beforehand).

2. INSTALL A NEW AUDIO DRIVER: After you have decided that the problem is related to the audio driver, then it either is corrupt or "uninstalled" for some reason. To solve this, go to the support website for your computer and follow these steps:
a. Go to "computer" on your sidebar and then right click and choose "properties". This will show you the correct model number for your desktop or PC which is important.
b. At the computer manufacturer's support website (my notebook is made by HP, so I went to the HP Customer Care website). Type the model number and search for "audio driver". Find the right driver for your computer and re-install.

I reinstalled my audio driver - and suddenly I can hear sound again from my PC!! Yeah!!

Vista Users (I am one of them..) - I found the following information (CLICK HERE) on the HP Website about resolving audio problems. I am sure each computer manufacturer website has similar information on resolving audio problems.

Please share any other audio problem stories with me. I would be really interested to hear from any APPLE users - this post only covers Windows PC's.

December 25, 2008

NeedTech HELP? Go Online

Two days ago I was having a mommy meltdown moment - not because of the usual things but because I had done a Windows update and my RESOLUTION was reset. In normal circumstances I would have just checked the control panel display settings to reset my resolution. But I had run the updates while entertaining my twin 5 year old boys (bad idea) so I did not have a quiet moment.. I checked the DPI settings in the Windows Vista personalization first and tried to reset it. I had some screaming in the background so I reset it to "large". This turned my normally organized icon and folder desktop into a giant wonderland with big letters and huge monster icons.

Soooo Scary..

Now - it seems like it would be easy to just reset it back to normal.. But NO!  The fonts were so large that I could not click on the "OK" button to reset. I was stuck.

So I went to my trusty Google Search and typed "can't click on dpi font size button". Well, one of the search engine links was to this amazing website that simply stated to "use the tab button to tab over to the "OK" and hit enter if you can't see the button".


I tried that and it worked. Then the kids stopped screaming and I finally realized that I needed to go to control panel>personalization>display settings and change the monitor resolution back to 1280x800 pixels (that I had to start with). That worked, problem fixed..

I hope this post helps anyone that had the same problem and is searching the internet..

And in a cosmic episode of timing, the New York Times published an article today called "There’s Lots of Tech Help, Yes, on the Internet ". READ IT, really. It has links to some great tech help sites on the internet (other then mine of course) such as CNET TV How To Videos, CNET's MacFixIt.comFixya.com, TechIMO and more..

CLICK HERE (or above) to read the New York Times article: "There’s Lots of Tech Help, Yes, on the Internet "

November 29, 2008

How To Troubleshoot Wireless Routers and Depression

I did not realize I had Wireless Router Depression Syndrome until I talked to TechBrother. My wireless access has been down for ONE MONTH and I was starting to lose hope, feel depressed. I have been using my USB Broadband card to access the internet during this time - but the rest of my family and my wireless printer were offline. Luckily I did have a cord to use at least for the printer as a stopgap measure.

Tech brother and my husband are my troubleshooting buddies, we can usually figure things out by sharing information.  But this time, my and husband and I were stumped at why our wireless router was not working.  TechHusband and I had the physical wire issues fixed and some other configuration - while TechBrother gave us extra configuration step. Aha........

Wireless Router fixed.. Suddenly my wireless router depression was gone.

Here are some shortcut steps for troubleshooting, each operating system and wireless router type will have different settings so my steps will be general. I also have a perspective from my from set-up, others will have different setups which will lead to different steps (i.e. using an Airport router).

For this discussion, the assumption is that internet access to the house comes through a physical wire. There are three main items, a PC, DSL modem or modem that connects to a phone line and a wireless router (like Linksys or Airport):

1. When installing wireless routers, make sure you save all the passwords, WEP passkey, MAC addresses and configuration details in a place that can be accessed for troubleshooting. If the information is only in an email, that may not work if your router is down! Best thing to do would be to print it out on a piece of paper with the router documents and put it in a safe place - that you will remember even if in a troubleshooting frenzy.

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