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June 07, 2011

Secrets to My success: Guy Kawasaki's Social Media and Business Tips (with info on current deal!)

Enchantment When I first starting blogging in 2006 one of the first people I followed on Twitter was Guy Kawasaki.  He already had a successful business career and was one of the early ones to fully realize the potential of social media. I also read Guy Kawasaki's books. His tips are explained in a authentic way that helped me understand the intricacies of business and social media, and he reinforces these key messages by reaching out to his community with presentations and social media events. One of my favorite social media events was the USS Nimitz Blogger Embark, which Guy, I and a team of bloggers went on together. 

Last week I interviewed Guy Kawasaki about his book Enchantment for a REP Interactive video (more details to come on my video). Using his hints and tips were invaluable to me; I now have my own online brand, TechMama, so I can say his tips worked! I looked forward to reading Enchantment to learn more.

 Guy Kawasaki and Beth Blecherman talking about Guy's book "Enchantment" during a REP Interactive video. More details about the video to come...

Deal alert, read on to find out details..

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March 18, 2010

Organizing Online Content With Pearltrees

Traveling-geeks-beth-blecherman While on the Traveling Geeks trip to Paris, we had the opportunity to meetup with a French company called Pearltrees. This was our first stop on what was a busy day meeting an exciting group of French companies. Beyond hearing about the companies, I was just happy that I made it on and off the Paris Metro without losing my ticket.

Pearltrees is a collaborative way to share interests online. I was intrigued by the concept of a new way to organize (in real time) my content and find additional content online. I also appreciated the visual nature of Pearltrees, each unique content link is considered a "pearl" while groupings of pearls are "pearltrees". I even imagined using Pearltrees to organize the links I share on Twitter and my other social network platforms, to bring life to archived posts on my blogs that have related topics, find new content and organize interesting conversations that take place online. To better understand the functionality, I started using Pearltrees.

Here's the process I followed to explore Pearltrees:

While on the Traveling Geeks trip I decided to use Pearltrees to organize some of the posts about our trip to Paris (I plan to add more):


After returning to California, I went back to my Pearltree to find a picture to use on my post of the Traveling Geeks group meeting. I revisted that Pearltree to find more pictures for this post.

 Traveling Geeks Paris 09 - a set on Flickr 

Not finding the pictures I wanted in my own Flickr set, I then searched Pearltrees for more Traveling Geeks content and found Pearltree stories in English. From that, I found fellow Traveling Geek Olivier Ezratty's Picasso albums. 

 Some photos... 

I could of also found that Pearltree via a Google search for Traveling Geeks. Here are the results when I performed a Google Search on "Traveling Geeks Pearltrees":

"Traveling geeks !!!! by PED - Pearltrees
PED created the pearltree Traveling geeks !!!!. Check out: Pearltrees Beta Launches on Wednesday: Will Let You Archive the // down the avenue: Pearltrees: A ...
www.pearltrees.com/PED/1501612/ - Cached"

I checked those albums and found these pictures of the Traveling Geeks meetup with Pearltrees.


The Traveling Geeks getting ready for the briefing.


The briefing started with an explanation of how Pearltrees works from Patrice Lamothe.


The Pearltree team and one their workspaces. 

Pearltrees meeting pictures photo credits: Olivier Ezratty . Picture of Paris Metro photo credit Beth Blecherman.       

My next step will be to create some posts with tips on what I have learned about Pearltrees. More to come..

Disclosure: I met the Pearltees team while on the Traveling Geeks trip to Paris/LeWeb where I first started using Pearltrees. Disclosures about the Traveling Geeks can found here. After using Pearltrees, I wanted to learn more so I spent some time using it. Recently I started advising Pearltrees.  What I blog about are my own opinions.

October 05, 2009

FTC Guidelines Are Out: FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials

Following CNN has helped me stay on top of news, and this morning it was from KuhnCNN - Eric Kuhn's tweet about FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials  that let me know they came out this morning.

Update 3pm pst: Eric Kuhn also posted on the CNN Political Ticker website about the FTC guidelines. There are numerous other articles popping up including on the New York Times (which mentions fellow blogger Linsey Krolik). 

Here is a link to the press release on the FTC website: FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials . Here is a link to the PDF Text of the Federal Register Notice for FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials.

For background here are some posts written when it was first announced the guidelines would be coming. I wrote a post on TechMamas.com about blogger relations to marketers: It's Not About The Review, It's About The Relationship & Relevance . Eric Kuhn wrote a post on the CNN blog titled "'Mommy bloggers' vow to avoid ethical conflicts". Susan Getgood from Marketing Roadmaps posted before the guidelines came out, with good points on what bloggers should do and Linsey Krolik shared her thoughts on social media law and mommy bloggers liability on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog. There have also been multiple other articles, including this one in the New York Times.

The hot question of today is: What do the FTC Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials  mean for bloggers? As I read the legal jargon of the guidelines the first people I turned to are the gals from BlogWithIntegrity.com. We are all still reading the guidelines and am sure there will be many posts. Here are some of what I think are the key items in the PDF Text of the Federal Register Notice for FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials (understanding that I am still reading through them myself).

I am going to insert parts of the guidelines to help identify key points (assuming that I can publish those parts under the fair use guidelines - but if not - happy to take it down). It is important to read the full PDF Text of the Federal Register Notice for FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials to understand the "whole" picture:

The clips below are excerpts from the PDF Text of the Federal Register Notice for FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials


"the other commenter noted that the Guides should not “inadvertently regulate everyday word-of-mouth communications among actual consumers regardless of whether such communications take place in person, via e-mail or in new mediums such as blogs or social networking Web sites.”

"This commenter stated that even if consumers participate in advertising sampling programs, their online comments about a particular product should not be considered commercial speech and these consumers should not be deemed “endorsers” when they are free to say whatever they want about the product (or not say anything at all) without the advertiser having any control over their statements."

Whether a speaker is considered "sponsored"?

..."if the speaker was essentially “sponsored” by the advertiser....circumstances that will determine the answer to this question are extremely varied and cannot be fully enumerated here, but would include: whether the speaker is compensated by the advertiser or its agent; whether the product or service in question was provided for free by the advertiser; the terms of any agreement; the length of the relationship; the previous receipt of products or services from the same or similar advertisers, or the likelihood of future receipt of such products or services; and the value of the items or services received. An advertiser’s lack of control over the specific statement made via these new forms of consumer-generated media would not automatically disqualify that statement from being deemed an “endorsement” within the meaning of the Guides. Again, the issue is whether the consumer-generated statement can be considered “sponsored."

Whether the speaker is considered to be providing an "endorsement"?

"The comments correctly point out that the recent development of a variety of consumer generated media poses new questions about how to distinguish between communications that are considered “endorsements” within the meaning of the Guides and those that are not."

"The Commission does not believe that all uses of new consumer-generated media to discuss product attributes or consumer experiences should be deemed “endorsements” within the meaning of the Guides. Rather, in analyzing statements made via these new media, the fundamental question is whether, viewed objectively, the relationship between the advertiser and the speaker is such that the speaker’s statement can be considered “sponsored” by the advertiser and therefore an “advertising message.” In other words, in disseminating positive statements about a product or service, is the speaker: (1) acting solely independently, in which case there is no endorsement, or (2) acting on behalf of the advertiser or its agent, such that the speaker’s statement is an “endorsement” that is part of an overall marketing campaign?"

”Thus, a consumer who purchases a product with his or her own money and praises it on a
personal blog or on an electronic message board will not be deemed to be providing an

"In contrast, postings by a blogger who is paid to speak about an advertiser’s product will be covered by the Guides, regardless of whether the blogger is paid directly by the marketer itself or by a third party on behalf of the marketer."

"For example, a blogger could receive merchandise from a marketer with a request to review it, but with no compensation paid other than the value of the product itself. In

this situation, whether or not any positive statement the blogger posts would be deemed an “endorsement” within the meaning of the Guides would depend on, among other things, the value of that product, and on whether the blogger routinely receives such requests. If that blogger frequently receives products from manufacturers because he or she is known to have wide readership within a particular demographic group that is the manufacturers’ target market, the blogger’s statements are likely to be deemed to be “endorsements,” as are postings by participants in network marketing programs. Similarly, consumers who join word of mouth marketing programs that periodically provide them products to review publicly (as opposed to simply giving feedback to the advertiser) will also likely be viewed as giving sponsored messages."


I will just keep on disclosing. As I have more time to read through the document, I will add my own thoughts...

Disclosure: This is not a paid post, that is unless the FTC starts paying bloggers - which they would never of course. This is a reaction I had to turning on my computer this morning and seeing the chatter all over Twitter about the FTC guidelines and trying to understand them myself. Hope I disclosed that correctly.

July 05, 2009

It Was a TwitPic July 4th: Moms Using Social Media

Many of my mom friends comment how overwhelming social media is and I suggest taking things slow until you find your social media "mojo". For moms, I suggest a great place to start is Facebook for social and LinkedIn if you want to make business contacts. Start off setting privacy levels as high as possible, then open things as you see fit. 

Guy Kawasaki (a.k.a How to Change the World blog and Alltop) wrote a good post about using LinkedIn. Some good links to find information about using Facebook is on the Facebook website, Mahalo - How to use Facebook article and Mashable's article on privacy settings.

Next I suggest Twitter for those that want to have a "public" online community to share information with. David Pogue just wrote a book about Twitter and Mashable has a post about using Twitter on the go. Twitter can be compared to texting - but onto a "public" website where your "followers" can read and respond to what you are doing at that moment (only 140 characters allowed). You can either open your updates to the public or restrict to only those you approve. Some start out with protected updates but then switch to public to be more open. I always tell my friends that ask my advice about social media privacy - to NOT put any private information online, especially on Twitter. Twitter should only be a place to share information about yourself that is public.

I enjoy sharing what I am doing, reading, posting, struggling with and most of all reading my followers Twitters and replying to them. I will be posting more about Twitter, but for now I want to share my latest social media test: using TwitPic.  Twitpic is a way to share pictures on Twitter (many celebrities use it) by taking a picture with your smartphone and sending it to the TwitPic application - which then posts it on Twitter. I don't like posting pictures of my kids in public forums, so I will probably use it to post pictures with my blogging friends (who are already public) and pictures of events.

Here is my first real TwitPic - I took a picture with my BlackBerry and sent it to Twitpic. It was a picture taken at our family and friends trip to the beach on July 4th. I took the picture of my foot (with my strawberry colored toes) and one of my 6 year old twins (with sandy covered toes). He is constantly growing, just looking at the picture makes me realize his foot is growing as well!


My test picture was of a grenade water ballon - but I had to take that quick and get out of the way!

June 16, 2009

CBS News Website Re-launch

CBS contacted me this morning with information about their new site re-launch. I enjoy getting their news over Twitter and online CBSNews.com (which means I can get access to news whenever I want - online).

The video below has a tour of the new website by Katie Couric, who has reached out to the Silicon Valley Moms Group community to share information about important issues like Children and the Recession and blogging at our New York City Moms Blog.

CBS News Twitter Hashtag is #cbsnews for those that want to follow the conversation on Twitter.

Watch CBS Videos Online

(click on the white arrow on the bottom left to view video)

Along with the CBS News Twitter ID, there are also other CBS News related Twitter ID's to follow. I asked them to send me a summary and here it is:

Our primary and most followed account. Breaking news plus the best of our news organization. We've grown from 4K to 450K followers in just a few months.
Mark Knoller, who has been covering the White House since the Ford administration, has become our most prolific Twitter user - offering his followers real time updates on President Obama as well as relevant facts that only Knoller would know. Others are catching on. Check out this recommendation from Marc Ambinder (Atlantic Monthly): http://politics.theatlantic.com/2009/04/mark_knoller_on_twitter.php.
What's great about Katie Couric's tweets is that she's letting her followers in on some great scenes. She's tweeted everywhere from the sets of the Tonight Show and American Idol to lunch at the White House.
Sean McManus is the President of CBS News and CBS Sports - he's also the ONLY television news executive on Twitter. I feel like his presence on the service shows CBS News commitment to trying new things.
Peter King is our CBS Radio News correspondent at NASA in Florida. He's really good about interacting with his followers and updates FREQUENTLY when there's a mission in progress. I think he's a good example of how we're able to provide folks not just general breaking news but also very specific genres of news accounts to follow.
Dr. Jennifer Ashton is the CBS medical correspondent who appears almost everyday on the Early Show. Again, she's very good about interacting with her audience - focusing on medical issues, especially must have info for moms.
Other individual accounts to watch: @cbskellywallace (ga), @cbsandrewcohen (legal), @bobschieffer, @jacksonjk (capitol hill), @szirinsky (exec producer, 48 hours), @earlyshowmaggie (early show anchor), and @drlapook. We also have brand accounts for @cbseveningnews (new!), @60minutes, @48hours, and @theearlyshow.
Finally, we've got local accounts in nearly every major market. You should check your local CBS news affiliate web site to find out the address (often more than one per station).

When Beth Blecherman is not watching news online, she is a Co-Founder of the Silicon Valley Moms Group (that has the Twitter id @svmomsgroup )and Founder of TechMamas.com (her  personal Twitter ID is @techmama ).

June 15, 2009

Blogger Adventure On the USS Nimitz: Social Media At Sea

06 Last year Guy Kawasaki visited the USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier and hatched a plan with Dennis Hall and Bill Reichert to bring a group of bloggers on a embark the following year. As a result, a group of bloggers was chosen for that mission. I was thrilled to receive the official invite from Lieutenant Commander Charlie Brown, Public Affairs Director for the Commander - Naval Air Forces - Pacific (COMNAVAIRPAC) to be part of the USS Nimitz (CVN-68) Embark May 29-30.


June 05, 2009

Twitter Gone Wild: Heather Mills Twitters About Losing Leg In Fall

I am left somewhat speechless at what people Twitter these days, and happy my kids are not on just yet (my twins just learned to read - so I have time).

While watching my favorite-comedy-relief-from-craze-of-real-life show "Chelsea Lately", I heard Chelsea Handler mention that Heather Mills (the ex-wife of Paul McCartney) tweet that she fell in a supermarket, her prosthetic leg fell off - then two teenage boys gave her her leg back.

Huh.... Now that may just be crossing the line for what goes on Twitter - or maybe not? What is appropriate to Twitter about?

Here is the tweet, judge for yourself:

"slipped on spilt milk whilst being followed down supermarket aisle by two teenage boys, ended up on my ass, but they rescued my leg and me"
Heather Mills

Update: Commenter ilinap made a good point so I am adding it to the post:

"I think it's not going too far since she sent the tweet. If an onlooker had sent it I would likely think otherwise."

May 28, 2009

USS Nimitz Blogger Adventure - Night Before Dinner

Tonight we opened our USS Nimitz blogger adventure with a dinner. The surprising thing is that with a room full of high powered social media types, none of us went near our computers or smartphones during dinner.

Good to know that live discussions are not dead.

Except we did talk about various types of social media including Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed and Alltop - but not about blogging. The new focus is about sharing information with your community and filtering your own information to keep track of what is most important.

We also asked questions about the USS Nimitz and heard about the interest that the Navy has in bridging the needs of those on the ship to communicate with the outside world. We will be learning lots more tomorrow. We will all be offline <shriek> during our time on the USS Nimitz -but will report back with our fun and excitement went we return.

Or as Andy Sernovitz said, when we return from our mission.


This is a picture of our lead blogger and organizer for this trip Guy Kawasaki sitting next to Robert Scoble. Both had lots of interesting things to say, but I don't need to repeat any of it. They do quite a good job of communicating on their own with Twitter and Friendfeed! Robert's wife Maryam and their son also joined us for dinner.


Andy Sernovitz is sitting next to  Charlene Li.  Charlene Li and I flew from San Francisco together, and she shared lots of great insight on Leadership and family management. I took copious mental notes about the family management and am sure my three boys will be thrilled to hear the new rules when I return.


Bill Reichert with Guy Kawasaki

Dennis Hall (organizer of the event with Guy Kawasaki)  is standing next to Lieutenant Commander Charlie Brown, Public Affairs Director for the Commander - Naval Air Forces - Pacific (COMNAVAIRPAC) who invited us all. Jenny Lawson and Jennifer Van Grove were sitting next to the Lieutenant. Pamela Slim was across the way but had to go to an event for her book. Jenny Lawson is as funny in person as she is in her blog, and Jennifer Van Grove was humble about the blog she is a Co-Editor of (none other then the top site "Mashable").


Robert Scoble sitting next to Captain (Mr.) Carroll LeFon, USN (ret.).


I (Beth Blecherman) am sitting next to the birthday girl Jennifer Jones (today is her birthday).


Best of all, after admiring the beautiful necklace worn by Jennifer Leo she told us it is really a teething ring for her 6 month old. Fashion meets functionality...

May 20, 2009

Nielson Power Mom 50: It's Official - Moms Are Superheroes

I am feeling my muscles growing as I type this. When I first became a mom I felt powerless and invisible compared to my life as a Senior Manager at a top consulting company. But in reality I knew that moms are the power consumers who make many purchasing decisions for their families. But I am happy to see the tides are turning, the age of the "power mom" is upon us.

First the Razorfish/Cafe Mom "Digital Mom" report came out and I had the amazing opportunity to present with Razorfish at SXSW on the topic of "Moms Who Tech". I was quite thrilled to find out the Wall Street Journal blog "The Juggle" and the BBC covered my SXSW session. Even more thrilled to be called a "geek mum".

And now Nielson has a report out (and Nielson.com blog post by Jessica Hogue) discussing the Power Mom 50. Here is a link Power Moms 50  press release pdf and the Powerpoint presentation listing the Nielson Power Moms 50 list.

Here are two quotes from Jessica Hogue's post that sums it up:  "As CEOs of their households, Power Moms wield more influence than ever before" and "While reaching Power Moms may require more finesse than in years past, the opportunities to observe, engage and develop a truly holistic perspective of these women are there for willing marketers."

I am honored (and giddy) that they had a section for Tech Mom - defined as "Tech Mom are mom bloggers who are also PDA-toting, digital enthusiasts that love to stay connected". Even more giddy that TechMamas is listed as one of the Nielson Power Mom 50 - in that category (along with GeekMommy).  The community section listed Silicon Valley Moms Group in the sections "Portals and Communities connecting moms, which is a community that is near and dear to my heart!

We can all come out from behind our computers, blogs, websites, wireless routers, smartphones, laptops, netbooks, smartservers, DVR's, LCD TV's, Bluetooth earpieces, PDA's, USB drives, digital cameras, video cams, USB Broadband cards and wireless wipes to flex those mom muscles and show everyone we are proud to be momswhotech.

April 16, 2009

Oprah, Ashton Kutcher, Twitter and Social Media Savvy Moms

What do Oprah Winfrey, Ashton Kutcher, Social Media Savvy Moms have in common? They are all on Twitter! Tomorrow Oprah will tweet for the first time from The Oprah Winfrey Show. Ashton Kutcher is on a Tweetrace to get 1 million followers on Twitter. And to celebrate, TechCrunch posts about it - but the title inspired me to write a RANT over at the Silicon Valley Moms Blog.

TechCrunch post title: "Oprah’s First Tweet Will Be Tomorrow On Her Show. Soccer Moms To Take Over The Service?".

My response Silicon Valley Moms Group title: "Yes TechCrunch, Oprah And "Social Media Savvy Moms" Will Take Over Twitter".

My Twitter rants tonight on the subject on social media savvy moms:

  1. My TechMom twitter lists (techmom http://twitter.com/#!/techmama/tech-moms and techmom2 http://twitter.com/#!/techmama/tech-moms2 )
  2. Razorfish http://tinyurl.com/cf8hrq & Horn Group http://tinyurl.com/dex5c5 understand social media savvy moms
  3. @mashable understands social media moms http://tinyurl.com/czbtmg
  4. @guykawasaki understands that moms are social media savvy http://moms.alltop.com/
  5. @oprah Social Media Savvy Moms (and @TechCrunch) are thrilled to WELCOME you to Twitter http://tinyurl.com/ctwb7z #momswhotech



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