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October 14, 2010

So Exciting - Cool Mom Tech Has Launched!

If I have not posted for some time on my personal blog TechMamas.com, it's because there is something keeping me busy. My wonderful family is always a priority and those with kids that just entered 6th grade (like my son just did) understand what a big transition that is.

This middle school transition would be so bloggable if I had not already promised my son to keep things under wraps. In fact, my tween is probably reading this post on his smartphone right now - so I may as well say hi to my son: "Hi sweetie..Whoops, I am not supposed to call you that in public. Sorry".

Let's just say that kids these days are skipping from kids to teenagers, and it happens fast. As my dear friend with a newly "teenaged" kid told me last year: Put on your seatbelt. And I did.

On the business front, my most exciting announcement is that I joined on as Chief Technologist of a sister site to the fabulous Cool Mom Picks (a top shopping blog for parents).

Coolmomtech_150x150 The amazing founders of Cool Mom Picks Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase were planning to develop a sister tech shopping blog for parents when I happened to call them saying I would looove to work with them on such a venture. Wella: Cool Mom Tech!

Does it show how excited I am? If I could add audio, it would sound like cyber-shreaks of joy! Check our our awesome Cool Mom Tech team, I am so honored to work with them (another cyber shreak).

Here is a link to a post about Cool Mom Tech on BlogHer written by an fabulous tech mom herself (I have a soft spot for tech moms) Little Tech Girl Kris Cain : "Get the Real Scoop on Technology with Cool Mom Tech".

Here are juicy details from the Cool Mom Tech About page:

"Cool Mom Tech is the intersection of tech and style, of parenting, practicality and fabulosity, brought to you by the same moms behind the influential shopping and design site, Cool Mom Picks. Plus a few more who really know their tech stuff.

We're not techies who parent, we're moms who use tech in our everyday lives. Same as you. Same as millions of mothers who are online every day."

Please take a click over to Cool Mom Tech and see what we are up to!

January 12, 2010

Parents Magazine Lists the Parents Power Moms

ParentslogoI have been reading Parents magazine for some time, it is a great resource parents of babies, toddlers and even big kids. So I was thrilled when I found out they included me (TechMamas.com) on their list of Parents Power Moms along with DesignMom.com, CityMama.com, CoolMomPicks.com, AlphaMom.com, TheMotherhood.com, MomItForward.com, Dooce.com and CutieBootyCakes.com Click HERE to see the article on their website. The print article will be available in their February issue. The Parents' Goodyblog.com has blogging tips, including information about social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

April 27, 2009

Free Online Safety Service From Norton Makes It Easier To Keep Kids Safe Online

**Guest post by Marian Merritt - Symantec's Internet Safety Advocate

I have three kids who love the Internet in all its forms. The oldest is just 15 and the youngest is 7. Like a bunch of bumper cars, their online activities occasionally dent the family rules for being safe online. Sometimes they forget what we’ve discussed or they are into things I never dreamed would capture their interest. It feels like I’m always a step behind knowing what they are going to download or visit and then protecting them from the mistakes they might make.

The youngest one doesn’t understand why I’m concerned about her using search engines when she was taught how to use Google and Yahoo at school. (How do I know the “safe search” settings haven’t been tweaked?) The middle child, 13 years old, wants to game online and has no problem downloading cheat codes or visiting sites with gaming tips. He rolls his eyes when I lecture about visiting these “who knows who runs them” sites and downloading files. And of course, my oldest is into all the normal teen stuff: social networks, chatting, Skyping with her friends,and YouTube. So I admit it, I need some help here.

Norton has just launched a great and easy to use service that should make my life a lot easier. It’s called OnlineFamily.Norton and is a simple way to give me the insight I need into my children’s online activities but without the usual associated headaches of traditional web filtering or parental control software. And, during the introductory period (through next January 1st) the service (a $60 value) is entirely free!!

Continue reading "Free Online Safety Service From Norton Makes It Easier To Keep Kids Safe Online " »

March 17, 2009

WSJ "The Juggle" On The "Moms Who Tech" SXSW Session

We were thrilled that  Rachel Silverman from the Wall Street Journal blog "The Juggle"  attended the SXSW "Moms Who Tech" session that I lead this week. She wrote about it in her Wall Street Journal blog "The Juggle". I have followed "The Juggle" for some time, and enjoy reading their posts (and interesting comments) on work life balance.

CLICK HERE to read the WSJ The Juggle:  SXSW Roundup: “Moms Who Tech”

Take a look over at the blog post and the interesting comments, and share your thoughts.

Alltop Version 3.0

I am sitting on the plane about to board, but wanted to do a quick post about Alltop version 3.0, which gives the ability for people to create custom collections of Alltop feeds called "MyAlltop".

Here is the info from the Alltop website:

  • Every custom MyAlltop collection is a public page and can therefore be shared.
  • To create your MyAlltop page, go to this page and click on "create an account": http://my.alltop.com/ You can create as many accounts as you like, for example, one for personal use and one for your site.

After you create and account and log in, it is easy to just choose a topic area, then "click" on the "+" mark next to the websites you want to add to your feed. This is much easier then using readers because you don't need to have the RSS feed or URL, that is already set up - you just need to choose which ones to add.

I set up one for my technical reads across multiple categories:

And I read the moms section separately:

I suggest that it is a good idea to have a personal and then one with your "business name". For example, I also have:


I have not set that up yet, but that is my next todo for the day.

February 07, 2009

Stanford & Common Sense Media on Safe Social Networking

I am thrilled to see organizations like Common Sense Media and  Dr BJ Fogg of the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab provide valuable information on safe social networking for teens including IMPORTANT information on privacy controls. So here are the links, parents take a look and learn:

I hope to go to the Facebook class for Parents at Stanford and will print out the Common Sense Family Media agreements for my kids.  It is important for all parents to be proactive and help themselves and their families learn about/implement proper online safety.

January 04, 2009

Looking For "People Friendly Media" Technology

I was honored to connect with Deaf Mom and read about her life on her blog Deaf Mom Shares Her World. I learned from her that video interviews are not accessible for people who are deaf, that text transcripts along with videos are accessible. She inspired me to become interested in the people friendly media technology available. Just this morning we were emailing about this need:

NEED: We are looking for a technology that can "transcribe" audio files to text.

Then today I read about another inspiring person (T.V. Raman, a Computer Scientist and an Engineer at Google) in the New York Times article "Going Where No Guide Do Can". The article describes him as a leading thinker for accessibility issues and notes that some of Mr. Raman's innovations may help make electronic gadgets and web services more user-friendly for everyone. For example, the article also mentioned that Mr. Raman said that with the right tweaks, touch-screen phones - many of which already come equipped with GPS Technology and a compass - could help blind people navigate the world.

I will be heading to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. I decided to add accessibility technology that can assist people with disabilities to the my list of things to look for.

Please comment on this post with any technologies (and links) you know of to assisting people who are Blind or Deaf. I would also like to hear from people with other disabilities to add the technology they use also and will post about that also.

After reading the New York Times article, I realize that my comments do have a captcha which may be hard to use for screen readers. If you want to comment, and find the captcha an issue - then please email me and I will add your comments to this post. My email is techmamas(at)gmail(dot)com.

Relevant Links:

Start with a visit to Words Matter - Writing about people with disabilities

Official Google Blog: T.V. Raman on Even More Books to Read

Google Accessible Web Search For the visually impaired (Google Accessible Search) and Google Accessible Search FAQ

Google Book Search Becomes Accessible

Links From Deaf Mom:


November 04, 2008

Election 2008 Sites For Kids & Moms



Here are some election websites to show your kids:

This is a great time to teach kids about the election process. Even better - TAKE THEM WITH YOU TO VOTE! 

Moms will be getting their news from multiple news sources. But here are some interesting sites:

Obama won the Scholastic Kid's Election Poll by the way, kids know best...

July 01, 2008

PC World - 101 Fantastic Freebies

I just found this link to PC World - summarizing 101 links to sites with freebies.

February 10, 2008

Women, Egos And Not Feeling Invisible

Being in Silicon Valley, I have followed Guy Kawaski for awhile and am a fan of his blog How to Change the World.  I was intrigued to check out his new venture called Alltop. Here is an explanation from the Alltop about page:

"We help you explore your passions by collecting stories from “all the top” sites on the web. We’ve grouped these collections—”aggregations”—into individual Alltop sites based on topics such as celebrity gossip, fashion, gaming, sports, politics, automobiles, and Macintosh."

In the Egos page, I was happy to see one of my current favorite female bloggers Charlene Li. Then I found a blogger I had not heard of before (Tara Hunt) but ended up touching on so many of my current feelings about being a women in tech with her article titled "Women Who Risk: Making Women in Technology Visible".  This article is a must read, so click over.

So women/moms, let's keep blogging - it is a great way NOT to feel invisible.



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