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February 18, 2010

School Spying On Kids Through School Supplied Computer Webcams?

J0442006 I saw this post on TechDirt yesterday - and could not believe the story was for real "School Accused Of Spying On Kids In Their Homes With Spyware That Secretly Activated Webcams". Here is the scoop from the TechDirt article: "a school district outside of Philadelphia that apparently gave its students laptops that included hidden software that allowed district officials to secretly turn on the laptops' webcams and monitor student activities, no matter where they were. This all came to light when a student was disciplined for "improper behavior in his home" with the evidence being a photo of the kid from his laptop webcam. The district is now being sued for this."

Parents should ensure all family computers are spyware free by installing security software. But this article does make me think twice about letting my kids bring a school computer home.

CNET Download and Microsoft have download security centers with security software. Bitdefender and other companies have comprehensive security software packages.



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