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February 24, 2009

Watching the State of The Union Address - From My Computer

I was sneaking in some blogging while my babysitter is here - and found out through the Twitter hashtag #SOTU that the State of the Union address was not only tonight - but starting in a few minutes.  So I opened up a new Firefox tab and went to the CBS News Live Video.  As I am typing this, I am also listening to the State of the Union address - getting teary eyed thinking about how happy I am that Barack Obama is President.

So turn on your TV's or watch Live Video's on your PC to make sure you don't miss out on the State of the Union address. To make sure my kids don't miss out on the historic speech, I am going into the other room and turning the speech on our TV.

January 23, 2009

Obama Action Figure

Finally a super hero toy that is also a real life hero - Check out the Obama action figure:

January 20, 2009

Watching The Obama Inaguration - Online

J0440225 Today is such an exciting day, it has been hard to sleep. Instead - at 12am this morning - I started following the Inauguration sites and am watching the news. At breakfastime, I shared these online sites with my sons, one of whom reads and likes to read to his brothers.

UPDATE: Exciting tech news making the Inauguration rounds is the update to the Whitehouse website:  Whitehouse.gov. I have a feeling we will be able to get much more information online then in the last administration! TechCrunch and Momocrats posted about the Whitehouse.gov remodel -so click over and have a read for more information: TechCrunch: Whitehouse.gov Has A New Face, And a Blog, Momocrats: New Whitehouse.gov is live. I can't wait to show my sons the new Whitehouse.gov website!

Here are my picks of online sites and products related to Obama and the Inauguration:

1. Now Public's 5 Best Ways to Watch the Obama Inauguration Online.

2. CBS News on Twitter (CBSNewsHotSheet) and online via video and Katie Couric & Co main site.

3. Alltop- All the top news about President-Elect Barack Obama

4. Scholastic.com - Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration

5. Huffington Post Video, Liveblog, photos and posts

6. TechCrunch Guide to the Inauguration

7. Obama Inauguration Speech Text at Yahoo News (tweet from @lisastone)

8. Whitehouse.gov Twitter account (tweet from @fitzwillie)

9. Make your own Obama Icon (tweet from @emom)

10. Or get your Obama Action Figure  (tweet from @brandon_wirtz)

I will be hanging with my favorite Momocrats, who will also be posting about the Inauguration.

Obamabling UPDATE: Just came back from the Momocrats breakfast hosted by Quaker Oats at the house of food blogger extraordinaire CityMama. At the event, I saw one more thing to add to the list. Glennia had what is rightfully called "Obama bling" on.

November 04, 2008

Election 2008 Sites For Kids & Moms



Here are some election websites to show your kids:

This is a great time to teach kids about the election process. Even better - TAKE THEM WITH YOU TO VOTE! 

Moms will be getting their news from multiple news sources. But here are some interesting sites:

Obama won the Scholastic Kid's Election Poll by the way, kids know best...

October 14, 2008

Talk To Your Parents About John McCain YouTube Video

Partnership for a McCain Free White House....

October 03, 2008

iPhone Application, For Obama/Biden Campaign Updates

Just a few days ago I blogged about iPhone applications. Little did I know, the Obama/Biden campaign has an official iPhone application. CLICK HERE to find out more about it.

August 27, 2008

I Am Getting My DNC Coverage From MOMocrats!

My husband is in the other room watching the DNC while I read the posts on Momocrats. This is an exciting step for moms and online political influence - they have an official blogger pass to the convention floor and have been spread out covering different events.

Here is their link to:

If you are into podcasts, don't miss out on Momocrats podcasts on BlogTalkRadio.

June 20, 2008

Join PunditMom's $27 Election Revolution

Read this post by PunditMom on contributing to the candidate of your choice, I am joining the revolution by contributing to Obama now that I have come out as a "Obama Mama".



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