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December 25, 2011

RockSmith Video Game: Finally A Game That Uses Real Guitars!

image from i1137.photobucket.comWhen Clever Girls Collective/Ubisoft asked if I was interested in trying out Rocksmith with my tween son and his rocker friends (who are in a band), I jumped at the chance. Rocksmith is the first video game where you can connect real electric guitars with a standard 1/4” input jack with a Microsoft Xbox 360 or Sony PlayStation 3 entertainment system. There is also a Rocksmith bundle that includes a guitar.

image from i1137.photobucket.com
The game has a helpful tuning process and difficulty settings that automatically adapt to your experience level. Experts can play songs from memory, experiened guitar players can play from notes on the screen and a beginner like me can follow easy color-coded strings on the screen.

image from i1137.photobucket.com

Feel like a real rockstar with different backgrounds including a concert theme.

image from i1137.photobucket.com

There are also mini-games and what the Rocksmith website explains as the ability to: "Turn your console into an amplifier and play with loads of in-game effects pedals, amplifiers, and cabinets. String pedals together with nearly infinite combinations and tweak your sound until you're satisfied."

image from i1137.photobucket.com

Some of the tracks include  David Bowie – Rebel Rebel, Eric Clapton – Run Back To Your Side, Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way, Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama, Radiohead – High And Dry, The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry and The Rolling Stones – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.

 Here are some details from the press release:

SAN FRANCISCO – October 18, 2011 – Today, Ubisoft® announces that Rocksmith™ is now available at retail throughout North America.  The standard edition of the game, available for $79.99, will include the Rocksmith Real Tone Cable™, a unique 1/4” to USB cable that is the first of its kind, developed exclusively for Rocksmith.  This revolutionary cable turns the guitar’s signal from analog to digital, allowing it to be recognized and played through video game consoles for the first time.  The guitar bundle will provide a quality entry-level option for people that have always wanted to play but don’t own a guitar. The bundle, available for $199.99, includes an Epiphone Les Paul Jr guitar, along with the Rocksmith Real Tone Cable.  Rocksmith is rated “T” for Teen.  
For more information on Rocksmith, please visit www.rocksmith.com, and follow Rocksmith on Facebook at www.facebook.com/rocksmithgame

But what did my tween son's friends - who happen to play in a band - think about Rocksmith?

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October 14, 2010

So Exciting - Cool Mom Tech Has Launched!

If I have not posted for some time on my personal blog TechMamas.com, it's because there is something keeping me busy. My wonderful family is always a priority and those with kids that just entered 6th grade (like my son just did) understand what a big transition that is.

This middle school transition would be so bloggable if I had not already promised my son to keep things under wraps. In fact, my tween is probably reading this post on his smartphone right now - so I may as well say hi to my son: "Hi sweetie..Whoops, I am not supposed to call you that in public. Sorry".

Let's just say that kids these days are skipping from kids to teenagers, and it happens fast. As my dear friend with a newly "teenaged" kid told me last year: Put on your seatbelt. And I did.

On the business front, my most exciting announcement is that I joined on as Chief Technologist of a sister site to the fabulous Cool Mom Picks (a top shopping blog for parents).

Coolmomtech_150x150 The amazing founders of Cool Mom Picks Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase were planning to develop a sister tech shopping blog for parents when I happened to call them saying I would looove to work with them on such a venture. Wella: Cool Mom Tech!

Does it show how excited I am? If I could add audio, it would sound like cyber-shreaks of joy! Check our our awesome Cool Mom Tech team, I am so honored to work with them (another cyber shreak).

Here is a link to a post about Cool Mom Tech on BlogHer written by an fabulous tech mom herself (I have a soft spot for tech moms) Little Tech Girl Kris Cain : "Get the Real Scoop on Technology with Cool Mom Tech".

Here are juicy details from the Cool Mom Tech About page:

"Cool Mom Tech is the intersection of tech and style, of parenting, practicality and fabulosity, brought to you by the same moms behind the influential shopping and design site, Cool Mom Picks. Plus a few more who really know their tech stuff.

We're not techies who parent, we're moms who use tech in our everyday lives. Same as you. Same as millions of mothers who are online every day."

Please take a click over to Cool Mom Tech and see what we are up to!

April 30, 2010

Update: Nintendo DSi XL

Listed below are my post details that I provided when the Nintendo XL release was first announced.

I assigned TechBoy (my tween son) the job of taking the Nintendo DSi XL on a test run. He has a way with words(short and to the point) so I asked him for a sentence that I could use on my blog.

TechBoy's Take: "Have you ever herd about the DSi XL? Its the latest Nintendo system since the DSi. What I like about the DSi XL is it has a larger screen, when you go back to using the regular DSI it fells like playing on a cell phone."

He enjoys playing on the larger screen, using the photo/sound manipulation tools and the camera. Overall - there is not going back for TechBoy - he now only uses the Nintendo DSi XL. But that is good news for his 7yr old brother - who was the lucky one to get his Nintendo DSi. And TechBoy's brother is very happy to finally have the DSi - so all is good in the TechFamily house!


Nintendo DSi XL™ 

UTL_A-2_Bronze_RGBNintendo DSi XL™ features listed from the press release:

  • 4.2-inch screens - 93 percent larger then the Nintendo DS™ Lite system screens (improved wider viewing angle)
  • Colors are Burgundy and Bronze, including a matt finish
  • 2 cameras
  • Photo-and sound-manipulation tools
  • Larger pen-like stylus 
  • Parental controls that let adults manage the digital content their children can access
  • The press release states: "With a broadband Internet connection, you can also upload photos directly to Facebook to share with friends or access downloadable Nintendo DSiWare™ games via the Nintendo DSi Shop." Two free applications: the Nintendo DSi Browser and Flipnote Studio™ are also included.

The release date was March 28 and the suggested retail price is $189.99.

Website: Nintendo DSi  XL

Disclosure: I was provided with a Nintendo DSi XL for long term review use.

April 05, 2010

Forget About the iPad, I Want the Clothes Folding Robot

I was reading Guy Kawasaki's Twitter stream today and what do I see on one of his posts?

Hark - it is something I have been waiting for ever since I became a mom....Yes, A Robot that folds clothes!

Here is the link to the post from Alltop - Holy Kaw (that saw the video on Geekologie.)

Forget about the iPad, I want one of these:

January 12, 2010

Parents Magazine Lists the Parents Power Moms

ParentslogoI have been reading Parents magazine for some time, it is a great resource parents of babies, toddlers and even big kids. So I was thrilled when I found out they included me (TechMamas.com) on their list of Parents Power Moms along with DesignMom.com, CityMama.com, CoolMomPicks.com, AlphaMom.com, TheMotherhood.com, MomItForward.com, Dooce.com and CutieBootyCakes.com Click HERE to see the article on their website. The print article will be available in their February issue. The Parents' Goodyblog.com has blogging tips, including information about social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

November 23, 2009

The Three Celebs

OMG, did you know that @herbadmother and @motherbumper met @johncmayer today. Yes, all three celebs hung out together. Here is picture of them hanging out together.. OK, well, Catherine and Katie's picture are from the Canada Moms Blog bio section and John Mayer's picture is from Wikipedia.. But close...

Catherine 220px-JohnMayerCrossroads2007 Katie

September 29, 2009

Disney Extends Their Digital Offerings: Disney Digital Books Launched This Morning

Today I received this press release that announced Disney is going Digital in yet another away with Disney Digital Books. I will be finding out more details and will add them to this post:


"Disney Digital Books (www.disneydigitalbooks.com) officially launched this morning. This vast library is Disney’s first-ever collection of digital children’s books – and the browser-based service is PC- and Mac-compatible, and does not require a download.

The new portal is the brainchild of a team of young, tech-savvy, creative folks at Disney Publishing Worldwide (the world's largest publisher of children's books and magazines), which has been around since 1930.

If you’re interested in learning more, there’s a webcast today at 1:00PM EST (open to the public).  Join here: http://www.videonewswire.com/event.asp?id=62362

Over 500 Disney picture and storybooks will come to life with animated illustrations and authentic character voices.  Classics include more than 60 Winnie the Pooh books and such popular titles as Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, Disney Princess, Cars, and Hannah Montana.

Key features include:

    * An age-appropriate dictionary that lets children click on any word to hear it read aloud;
    * Reading certificates to encourage readers;
    * A “Story-Builder” feature so kids can create their own stories;
    * Books are separated into three reading levels:  (1) for beginner readers and a companion, (2) for independent readers, and (3) for readers ready for chapter books;

Monthly subscriptions are only $8.95 – and annual and gift subscriptions are available as well.  A free trial of the service is available today."

September 24, 2009

3 Big Nintendo Announcements: Wii Price Reduced to $199.99, World of Nintendo Sampling Tour and new Mario Bros. Game


I had to opportunity to speak with Denise Kaigler, the VP of Corp. Affairs for Nintendo of America on a press call to find out about 3 announcements Nintendo has just made. Here are some key items from the conversation:

  1. Nintendo Wii price decrease: Just in time for holiday shopping, the price of the Nintendo Wii will drop $50 from $250 to $199.99 - effective Sep 27.
  2.  NEW Wii Game out Nov. 15: New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a simultaneous multiplayer game that "offers a combination of cooperation and competition ".
  3. World of Nintendo - Consumer Sampling Tour starting in Oct. and ending in January: Click HERE to see full schedule. The World of Nintendo Consumer Tours are firsthand sampling events that will showcase the diversity and breath of unique product experience. The tour will include Nintendo titles already launched (including the Wii Sports Resort that utilizes the Wii Motion Plus) and new Nintendo products (including the Wii Fit Plus )and is expected to reach 1 million consumers in 35 to 40 markets. The tour will be at different larger venues like Long Beach Comic Con, VGXPO in Philly and Big Apple Comic Con in NYC on Oct 2-Oct 18.

When I asked why Nintendo decided to do the sampling tours Denise Kaigler said "50 million consumers are sitting on sidelines, want to play, but have not been convinced. They are waiting for that reason. Reducing price of the Wii, continuing to come out with fun games and then showcasing these titles will help the consumers experience."

Click HERE to see Press Release included at the bottom of this post:

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March 11, 2009

YouTube Regulatin Genes - A Modern Way To Learn Biology?

I know my 10 year old son would be thrilled to learn biology if the lessons were like this:

March 03, 2009

Liveblogging Pillow Fight With My3Boys - Part One

IMG_2318 As I was frantically trying to sneak some blog posts in before bathtime tonight - about the tech conference I just came back from - I heard the dreaded words "P I L L O W  F I G H T"  coming from the other room where my 3 boys were playing. My husband is at a business meeting tonight, so there was no one else to "break it up". So what does a modern TechMama do in response to an impending pillow fight?


I decided to cover the pillow fighting activities live over Twitter. And in the theme of David Pogue's comment about the benefits of crowdsourcing, I decided to ask my Twitter followers to vote 1) keep blogging or 2) break up a massive pillow fight between my 3 boys.

So here is my - first ever - one and only LIVE TWITTER FEED from a PILLOW FIGHT. Displayed on the top left is a picture of what the scene looked like after I finished the Twitter feed, evidence that the pillow fight did happen...

First to set the stage, here are my Twitters from tonight:

  1. Am finally breaking up pillow fight between my3boys... Sorry folks, tune in for more live blogging pillow fights tomorrow night..
  2. Appreciate all of the votes, but keep on blogging wins. @sweatpantsmom seemed to sum it up ""Live blog the pillow fight. Duhr."
  3. @xiaolinmama @danaknisely Two more votes to keep blogging and let the pillow fight go (no "thuds" so far).
  4. @JenniferPerillo agree that it is just a pillow fight, but @douglaskarr brought up a good point that "thuds" and "crying" usually follows
  5. @CandiceStone @ToThink I think I will take both of yours advice: Let my boys wear themselves out THEN join in the pillow fight.
  6. Wondering if I should either 1) keep blogging or 2) break up a massive pillow fight between my 3 boys? Maybe I should get a community vote.

Then - here are the responses from my wonderful Twitter followers (whom I appreciate very much):

  1. green_colleen@techmama ah no fair! (in response to end of liveblogging)
  2. NathanRichie@techmama pillowfight: Ustream it...UFC-Ultimate Pillow Fight
  3. JenniferPerillo@techmama very true. My girls are only 5yrs and 9mos, so we haven't gotten there yet.
  4. (protected updates)  @techmama I'm just gonna go against the grain and say break it up. But don't ask me what to do after that.
  5. CandiceStone@techmama Yeah ... good idea. Wait 'til they're running out of steam first.
  6. green_colleen@techmama just keep right on blogging. If they are hitting each other with hard objects then intervene.
  7. canape@techmama No "thuds," no "bloods." It's all good.
  8. danaknisely@techmama keep blogging! lol
  9. xiaolinmama@techmama keep blogging :) I am sure they won't draw blood!
  10. douglaskarr@techmama let the pillow fight go... until you hear the thud and the usual crying that will follow.
  11. JenniferPerillo@techmama blog, definitely—it's just pillows.
  12. ToThink@techmama the pillow fight will wear them out for bedtime, no?:-)
  13. CandiceStone@techmama or 3) Joing in the massive pillow fight!

Oh Wait - I can't forget the "Facebook" responses I got because my Twitter updates are feed to Facebook as updates (since Facebook is friends only, I did not put their names):

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