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June 23, 2011

2011 ForbesWoman Top 100 Websites For Women

Forbes1 I am not only fascinated by Forbes lists but I enjoy reading the Forbes website. Last year it was a wonderful surprise to be on the 2010 Top 100 Websites for Women. Today I got another thrilling surprise - TechMamas.com is included in the Forbes Woman 2011 Top 100 Websites for Women.

To be on any Forbes list is an honor, but the Top 100 Websites for Women showcases the sites that have compelling content with a female focus. Way back in 2005 I decided to make an online presence discussing technology not only as someone with a tech background but also proudly as a mother and a woman. It seems (hem hem) that when it comes to spending decisions, women are in control.Forbes3

The other list that someday I hope to be on is the Worlds Biggest Givers List. Aw heck, I am just happy to think of any list other then my food shopping list. With three growing boys that clean out whatever food I seem to bring in the house, I am food shopping quite often these days. Luckily my tween is a techie like his mama, so we enjoy spending time at tech stores as well (no list needed).



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