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September 14, 2010

DEMO Fall 2010 update: Apps, Moblie and Shopping Galore

DEMO is a conference where innovative new companies launch their products and services. This year the DEMO Fall 2010 is in my very own local Silicon Valley. I enjoy covering Fall DEMO to see the selection of new companies launched - and am always delighted when some of them are geared to the family market.

Here is the FAll DEMO 2010 Pearltree that summarizes the companies. Below the Pearltree, I will list some of the companies that are relevant to families and parents (and also some that are just interesting).

Here are some fall DEMO 2010 companies. Italicized sentences are directly from the press releases:

mParent by EME International: mParent is "a moblie app that allows parents to view their child's grades, learning progression, activity schedule, and be alerted to assignments, exams, absences and more". I will be stopping by to talk to the mParent team to find out more about how the app works.

Copia Interactive - Copia Interactive integrates social and ecommerce in an open platform that combines content, social networking and e-commerce across multiple devices.

CYNCZ - CYNCZ is an app "that manages multiple address books (email, phones, CRM's and social networks by providing an "automatic self updating" address book solution".

MicroFueler - "Microfueler makes a portable (plug and play) organic waste conversion Ethanol system, including fuel dispenser nozzle. Waste is processed through the MicroFueler within minutes and used to power vehicles or generate electricity using the company's GridBuster generator product. Microfueler is connected wirelessly so fermentation algorithms, fuel production, and dispensing can be monitored and controlled remotely anywhere in the world".

Microfueler also just announced the "earth's first home Ethanol system" EFuel100 that could make trips to the gas station irrelevant. 

Poynt Offer Engine: Poynt Offer Engine is a way for advertisers (small or large) to reach consumers when they are making purchasing decisions.

FilterFoundry - This would be of interest to moms or dads that are designers or visual artists. "FilterFoundry is a social network marketplace built for the worldwide audience of designers and visual artists, enabling members to build and manage a profile and creative work, market talents, get work, hire and manage projects, search and answer vital questions, learn and teach and buy discounted digital goods."

FitLab: FitLab is a virtual health club and personal fitness system where users can create personalized exercise routines that are then displayed on the site.

Foound: Foound is a service that allows you to organize events with friends on mobile or web.

HealthInReach: HealthInReach is a marketplace that connects patients with top doctors through suite of online tools and information.

Spark: Spark is a user interface that simplifies the user experience on Android.

HomingCloud: HomingCloud is a social networking site that connects residential real estate owners with buyers, renters and sub-letters without brokers.

MobiCart: eCommerce moms or dad may be interested in, as this company provides a free way to build and manage your own iPhone, iPad and Android mobile e-commerce shop.

Needly - Needly is a site that allows users to sell what they have and get what they need (without merchant accounts or PayPal). Needly uses an escrow based payment system.

Parellels Desktop 6 for MAC: Parellels Desktop 6 for MAC offers a way to run Windows and MAC applications side by side without rebooting. 

GoToCamera: GoToCamera is software that allows consumers to use existing webcams they already own as home security cameras.

WeLiket: is a web browser toolbar that offers a live interactive online shopping experience.

SocialSmack: SocialSmack is a web and moblie experience review platform powered by a real-time social stream.

TuneUp: TuneUp is a plug-in for iTunes and Windows Media Player that lets users fix and organize information about their music collections (digital music management).

Veebeam: Veebeam allows users to wirelessly stream anything from their laptop to their TV's (i.e. Hulu, pictures, Netflix).

LiveComplete: LiveComplete is an internet resource for empowering people to live healthy lifestyles.

TryItOn: Moonjee's TryItOn helps customers visualize themselves in a variety of apparel and accessories.

More to come as I visit DEMO Fall 2010 tomorrow...



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