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January 27, 2011

Macworld Expo 2011 Jan 27-29 in SF - Conference Not To Miss!

Mw2011header_logo Fresh back from the Consumer Electronics Show (and still loading my pictures from that..), I am back in conference mode and heading to Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

For anyone that has any Apple products in their life, Macworld Expo is the place to be to see exhibits and attend sessions. To find out more about Macword, I talked with Paul Kent, Vice President and General Manager of Macworld about the conference. Here are some of the details we discussed:

  1. Macworld is for veterans & first-timers alike. It is a very inclusive environment focusing on discovery & education, ie. new products, new apps & new tricks on how to use them. I went last year and the only Apple product we had in our house was a MACbook for my son, but because I cover Apple products I wanted to learn about the product marketplace. I left with lots of important information.
  2. While Apple does not have a direct presence, Macworld Expo remains a vital showcase for the fast growing third party Apple products marketplace. Wikipedia has details on the history of the Macworld Expo. There is also a website called Macworld which is different from the Macworld Expo.
  3. FAQ's: Best way to learn more about the show is to stop by - it starts today in San Francisco! Here are some links to learn more about Macworld Expo:

Timing for the Jan 27- Jan 29 show: http://www.macworldexpo.com/hours

List of the more then 230 exhibitors for the show (over half of them are first time exhibitors): http://www.macworldexpo.com/expo

Here are some more details: Press releases that show events and announcements, Featured Artists, Mobile Apps Showcase, and the most important - Women in Technology session!

For PC folks that are curious about the Apple side, stop by!  I am packing my Windows 7 PC and iPad to head to the show, they do allow PC's in the conference!


June 21, 2010

Hanging at the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Line Show NYC

I am excited to be heading to NYC to attend the CEA Line show June 22/23 to listen, discuss, learn and speak on a subject near and dear to my heart: consumer electronics.

Natali Del Conte   (CBS/CNET Correspondent) is the Conference Chair and Suzanne Kantra (Founder and Editor in Chief Techlicious) is the CEA Line Show spokesperson. They will be there along with speakers on the theme "Consumer Tech Reality Check '10".

I am speaking at the CEA Line show on something I obsess, read, discuss and rant about every day: Mom Tech. Fellow mom tech Andrea Smith from ABC news is also speaking.

April 19, 2010

Heading to 140conf NYC for Panel: Born Today - Innovating for our future

I am heading to NYC for the fun and always engaging 140Conf. The conference starts tomorrow and the website stated that the focus will be "taking a hard look at something Jeff Pulver calls “The State of NOW” and the continued effects the worldwide adoption of social communication platforms such as twitter is having on a number of industries including: Celebrity, “The Media”, Advertising, Politics, Education, Music, Television, Comedy, Real Estate, Public Policy and more."

My panel will be 4/20: Born Today - Innovating for our future


Alice Wilder (@alicewilder) - Psychologist and maker of Kidos, Blues Clues, Super Why and Think It Ink It

Beth Blecherman (@techmama

Maya Bisineer (@thinkmaya) - founder of @memetales

Stephanie Aaronson (@SAGalluch) - Senior Director, PBS Kids Communications

We already had a fascinating discussion on our panel pre-call. I am sure the panel will be just (if not more) fascinating.  The concept of innovating for our future (kids) is very relevant, especially taking into account the way our children already absorb and understand technology on a deeper level then their parents.

Not that I am talking about our own family..(ok, I admit it - I had a fear of creating an iPod playlist because there were so many options so my 11 year old did it for me.. geez..)

November 27, 2009

TechMama is Traveling - With None Other Then The "Traveling Geeks"

J0436607 Million Mile Frequent Flyer Status is not all it is cracked up to be...

Before I joined Deloitte, I was an international computer auditor.  This gave me the opportunity to travel to Mexico, Spain, Sweden, England, Puerto Rico, France and all over the United States. The business trips were back to back for weeks at a time and luckily they were all BK (before kids). I thoroughly enjoyed the travel but I had no - um - personal life.

Now I have the personal life, but fitting in travel is not easy...

With three amazing but extremely active boys, a wonderful husband (Neil Blecherman) and multiple blogs to manage - I try to limit my traveling to only key events. My involvement in social media has given me the opportunity to connect with an amazing network of bloggers from both BlogHer and the Silicon Valley Moms Group. My programming/systems project management background led me to also show my geeky side by connecting with technology and social media bloggers. I created a personal blog to discuss my perspective as a tech mom (TechMamas.com) and am starting a vlog called GadgetSpin with Eliane from Ubergizmo, TechieDiva, and Ponziarelli. But no matter how much I develop my online network, attending conferences/events to have old fashioned "live interaction" is still the best form of networking.

Bloggers gone traveling...

There are some amazing social media connectors and community builders and when they call about an event - I jump on board.  They look for stories that need to be told or discussions that need to be sparked - then match bloggers to the stories to bring information online. One connecter is Guy Kawasaki who organized an amazing blogger embark on the USS Nimitz and introduced me to Alltop (now I have MyAlltop!). Robert and Maryam Scoble and Steve Brobeck organized a blogger bus to CES last year that gave me the opportunity to spend time with an engaging group of bloggers. One of the bloggers on board was Christine Lu. When she informed me about the ReThink Hawaii conference, I decided that was a great work-cation opportunity. I also view my partners at Gadgetspin as connectors. Eliane and her Ubergizmo team just recently organized Ubergizmo10 - well worth the drive to San Francisco. There are also multiple circles of moms who have used their community building, shopping and writing skills to form online networks.

I have been following Renee Blodgett for some time and enjoy her insights on social media. I also view  Renee Blodgett as a social media connector and community builder. She is one of the co-founders of a group called Traveling Geeks . The Traveling Geeks website describes it best: "Traveling Geeks is a consortium of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, authors, journalists, bloggers, technology innovators and influencers who travel to countries to share and learn from peers, governments, corporations, and the general public in order to educate, share, evaluate, and promote new, innovative technologies. The initiative was founded by Jeff Saperstein and Renee Blodgett in 2008."

Traveling Geeks 2009 - Paris

When I was invited to join their Traveling Geeks/Paris trip, I knew that was one adventure not to miss (no matter how many mom-planning-loops I had to jump through). I can't wait to see what is in store for the Traveling Geeks Trip to Paris, which includes attendance at LeWeb. I plan to be online sharing the trip with my readers as much as the international connections allow. The Twitter hashtags for the trip are #TG09, #travelingeeks. Their is also a Facebook fan page and a Twitter ID: @travelinggeeks.

Now back to my search for an unlocked GSM smartphone international data plan and international Broadband card!

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November 25, 2009

My Work-cation at ReThink Hawaii

RethinkhawaiiWhen Christine Lu contacts me about an event, I do everything I can to show up. She is one of those connectors that brings interesting people together to spark amazing discussions. My husband Neil Blecherman and I decided to join go to the ReThink Hawaii conference after she notified us. We not only looked at it as a chance to network and  but as a vacation; we had not been away for longer then a day together in 10 years - since we started our wonderful family of 3 boys!!.

Photo Credit: Kris Krug

Here is a picture of the ReThink Hawaii attendees, my husband and I are in the middle left - Christine Lu is at the front. Because we wanted to spend some time at the beach, we did not get to attend all the sessions. On the last day we enjoyed going to TEDx Honolulu just before we jumped on the plane. I enjoyed seeing the TEDx video to explain the passion that is spreading around the world. The TEDx Honolulu organizers (including L.P. “Neenz” Faleafine and Traci Toguchi and also did a great job of pulling together a compelling program. I look forward to when the TEDx  Honolulu videos are loaded. Of course, I am somewhat bias because of my excitement to hear my husband's TEDx speech (Neil Blecherman).

Being in semi-vacation mode, I decided to cover this trip via smartphone - using Twitter to capture my thoughts.My husband attended the Sustainablity/Eco session we both attended Social Media Business Summit Co-organized by Christine Lu, Rick Calver, Jim Turner.  I enjoyed speaking on a panel at the summit about Parent Bloggers with Jim Turner. The "Re-tweets" below with my picture are from an attendee who shared some of my key thoughts as I spoke. I also enjoyed hearing Jim Turner's perspective as one of the original parent bloggers who also runs a successful media business called One by One Media. We both shared that we don't make money from blogging - blogging is a way for us to share our voice. We have other businesses that compliment the blogging. I summarized a few of my key answers when asked why I blog.  Why TechMama blogs: "blogging a great platform for creating an online brand and image, blogging creates my voice but make money on other things (i.e. books, consulting), the three overall reasons I blog is community -relevance - voice. that's why "

Here is a summary of my Twitter stream from the conference. I will be looking at new ways to micro-blog, including trying the BlackBerry Whrrl app I just loaded.

TechMama's Twitter Stream from ReThink Hawaii:

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September 22, 2009

Register for CES before Deadline And Come to MommyTech


CES is the Consumer Electronics Show and one of my favorite conferences to see the latest and greatest in electronics and gadgets.

DEADLINE: Registration is free before October 1st, but is $100 after that. So REGISTER NOW!

Very exciting this year is that MOMMYTECH is added to the lineup at CES.  

Here is some information from their website:

"Mommy Tech is both a one-day conference and a four-day exhibition to be held January 7-10, 2010 at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow. This conference plus expo will explore all the key trends impacting this $90+ billion dollar marketplace.

  • Mommy Tech Summit - Friday, January 8 - co-produced by industry veteran Robin Raskin, will spotlight top thinkers and product creators for the mommy market. Empowering moms with technology that helps them juggle priorities, stay connected with their own families and other moms, and savor their multiple roles in life, is the central theme of this conference.
  • Mommy Tech Expo - January 7-10, 2010 - will be located in the front of the North Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  The Mommy Tech Expo will showcase the latest in portable devices, wireless phones, notebooks, photo sharing services, and accessories that appeal to expectant moms and young families. Get a firsthand look at the latest in baby monitors, warmable baby wipes, room monitors, GPS devices for finding straying children, and much more."
I will be speaking on a panel for the MommyTech summit and spending time at the Expo. Join me at CES this year by attending MommyTech Summit and Expo.

July 22, 2009

BlogHer '09 Room Of Our Own Session: Gadgets For Blogging

GS-articleI am very excited to be speaking at a "Room of Our Own" Session at BlogHer titled: Gadgets For Blogging. BlogHer is the premier blogging conference for women bloggers and this year will be held in Chicago.

If you are going to BlogHer  - please come by!

I'm Speaking at BlogHer '09

Friday July 24:

Breakout Session #3 - Room of Your Own 2: Gadgets for Blogging:

So you want to stay ahead of the curve in the latest tech gadgets? In this session, you’ll learn about the newest developments in vlogging, blogging, liveblogging, uploading photos, taking photos, going wireless and using mobile technologies. Get the scoop from Beth Blecherman from TechMamas, Eliane Fiolet, the writer behind Ubergizmo, Gina Hughes, who blogs at Techie Diva and Ponzi Pirillo, who blogs at Ponzarelli. These four women are driven by staying in-the-know about the latest in social media technology and gadgetry.

April 25, 2009

BlogHer 09 Room of Our Own Proposal: Gadgets For Bloggers - PLEASE VOTE

A group of fun gal gadget bloggers and I proposed a room of our own session for BlogHer 09 called "Gadgets For Bloggers". The room of our own sessions are open for anyone to propose, but only a short list will be chosen. We are all passionate about gadgets - and hope to share info at the session. So - for those BlogHers out there, I am asking for your voting help..

To vote, you login to the BlogHer website - then vote by selecting "I would attend this session". Click HERE to comment that you would attend. Only those logged in can vote.

For a view of the other proposals, Click here. We are on page 5 of the list of proposals. 

Here is a link to the high level details and a list of who will be doing the session with me:


Get the scoop on the latest technologies to vlog, blog, liveblog, photos, wireless, mobile technologies and more.

Session will be led by:

Gina Hughes Techiediva.com

Eliane Fiolet Ubergizmo.com

Amisha Gandhi Notebooks.com

Beth Blecherman TechMamas.com

Ponzi Pirillo  Gnomedex

April 02, 2009

"Moms Who Tech" Birds Of Feather Session at Web 2.0 SF

I was excited to carry on the conversation we had at SXSW about "Moms Who Tech" that was so lively, we just had to keep it going.

On Thursday April 2, 7pm at Web 2.0 (Not to be missed conference in SAN FRANCISCO) I moderated the Birds of a Feather  "Moms Who Tech" session. Details were:

This session will be a conversation about how moms are using technology to manage personal, social and family management tasks. This session is relevant for moms (parents) who want to discuss how they use technology, moms with a technology/programming background and marketers/companies with technology products that want to learn about social media outreach to families.

TIME:  Thursday April 2, 7pm

Moderator is Beth Blecherman  Founder TechMamas.com (and Co-Founder Silicon Valley Moms Group) - 
Sarah Murgel, User Experience Lead - Razorfish  (Razorfish/Cafe Mom Digital Mom Report)
Martha Feingold, VP Horn Group (and mom blogger)

UPDATE: Posts on the event are listed on Susan Etlinger's blog and the RazorFish Digital Design Blog (post by Sarah Murgel).

HERE ARE SOME LIVEBLOG NOTES (please excuse errors - these are liveblog notes). We decided to focus more on blogger outreach for this discussion because most attendees were interested in that topic:


-Sarah Murgel from Razorfish is discussing the Digital Mom Report with Cafe Mom.

-Martha Feingold, VP Horn Group is discussing her view as VP Horn Horn group, mom of 4 and a mom blogger for Silicon Valley Moms Blog. Her kids use cellphones.

-Susan Etlinger is also VP Horn Group. Her personal blog is Family Room. Today is Autism awareness day. As a mom blogger she get's pitched regularly.  She is also apart of an informal mom blogger network that provides support and influences each other.

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March 15, 2009

SXSW Liveblog: Moms Who Tech


***MOMS WHO TECH follow-up session was at Convention Center Level 3 - Room 4 (panelist area) with Shireen Mitchell.

We just finished the Moms Who Tech core conversation at SXSW, we have an amazing set of attendees who sparked a very interesting discussion. Sarah Granger was kind enough to take notes - which I will post soon. I will also be posting the names and websites of the "Moms Who Tech" in attendance.  For those wanting to follow or join in the conversation, we will be using the Twitter hash tag #Momswhotech. Unfortunately, my co-leader Shireen Mitchell's plane was late so I will be twittering using my id (TechMama) when she arrives and timing on gathering for a follow-up discussion for those interested (sometime today - hopefully at 3pm). We were thrilled to have Tiffany Galligan, Experience Director Razorfish in attendance to discuss the Cafe Mom/Razorfish "Digital Mom" study.

Here were some overall questions framing the discussion:

  1. How do moms use tech for communication, information gathering and family management? How is tech a part of their lives as mothers? In careers, school, children's education?
  2. Why are increasing numbers of moms engaging in social media and using technology?
  3. How are moms using technology to politicize & become activists?

When asked why I decided to put this together, I shared that moms:

  • Have digital responsibility for themselves and families
  • Are savvy communicators and community builders who are taking their communication online
  • Multitaskers that will use the available technology to make their and their families lives easier
  • Moms buy technology for their households and are savvy at gathering information (offline and online). Get their information from other moms (and are therefore primary purchasing influencers).
  • Kid’s school and social lives are now online (including HOMEWORK), so technology in family households is a MUST!

Here is the first run of "Moms Who Tech" at the session, will add more as I get the names. If I did not get your name, email me at techmamas(at)gmail(dot)com. If you were a business trying to reach out to moms please also email me your info and I will post about that separately (and thanks for coming!):


Beth Blecherman @techmama http://www.techmamas.com/   http://www.siliconvalleymomsgroup.com

Shireen Mitchell @digitalsista  http://www.womenwiredin.com/

Guest speaker was Tiffany Galligan from Razorfish http://www.razorfish.com/ who discussed the Digital Mom study.

Partial List of Attendees (will add more as I get them):

NEXT UP: I will load the liveblog notes of the session soon. Not to be missed...



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