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January 29, 2009

ReadWriteWeb - 8 Moblie Technologies in 2009, 2010

I was reading my TechMeme and saw this post by Sarah Perez of ReadWriteWeb (one of my techie favorites): 8 Mobile Technologies to Watch in 2009, 2010. The post really brings up the most relevant mobile technologies.

I have a full list of my own after returning from CES which I will post with soon. For now, here are a few of my top moblie picks.

Netbook, Netbook, Netbook: Above and beyond a smartphone, I think the netbook will revolutionize moblie computing. A netbook is not made to be the main computer, but is made to cover all moblie computing needs (web surfing, watching videos, email, online social networking, storing documents and media files). I am in the process of reviewing netbooks, and made a "netbook" category just for it - because it has had such an impact on me (I can finally have moblie computing, with a reasonable keyboard and a light/small enough computer that I can put it in my handbag).

I do like having my computer at home for the heavy duty work, and having my netbook for moblie. I even use email to sync, but am looking into online storage/syncing.

Wireless Home: I am adding some quick details about this area but will discuss this more in future posts. There are so many technologies available that allow you to have "wireless" mobile control of household functions such as lights/heat, access to home computers, ability to schedule shows to be recorded and even turn on music before you walk into the door. Computers and printers can be shared across rooms. Music players can be in one room and wirelessly accessed in others. The family schedule can be moved from a piece of paper on the fridge to a screen on the kitchen wall.

More to come, but for now here is a link to the NextGen home website that I did not get a chance to see at CES, but will be looking into: NextGen Home Experience.

More to come after school pick-up (I have my priorities!).

Wireless Car: Cars will be able to tap into your cell phone and give you handsfree access to not only phone calls, but directions and more. Or you can use your cell phone as a navigation system by putting it into a car holder. Bluetooth, which was mentioned in the ReadWriteWeb post is also my top tech. trend pick - which has revolutionized the term "handsfree" with bluetooth headsets and more! The new Bluetooth specifications mentioned in the ReadWriteWeb article will allow faster transfer speeds.

January 23, 2009

CES 09: Hands On with the * Soon to be Released * Dell Mini 10 Netbook

I was sitting at the CES Dell press meeting typing up a post on the Dell Mini "9" when I decided to take a look at their other netbook offerings. On display, they also had the Dell Mini 12". When I asked if there were any other size netbooks, they offered me a chance to view the soon to be released Dell 10"Inspiron Mini Netbook. I was excited to get a hands on with the Dell Mini 10. I saw that  Engadget and Laptog Mag also posted with hands on details on the Dell Inspiron Mini 10.  

Listed below are some of the details about the *soon to be released* Dell Mini 10 (Inspiron) Netbook.


Here are some preliminary specs that were discussed at CES, but final details will be released soon. I am trying to wait patiently, because this netbook is perfect for mobile computing and more:

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January 12, 2009

Blogs Covering CES 2009

I am getting the energy up to write my CES posts but I thought I would start with alittle linkylove. It was a gadget-palooza at CES and there is lots to share. I will have the posts up during the next week, but for now here are some links to other blogs covering CES (other then TechMamas.com of course):

Many companies like HP, Intel, Microsoft and many others will have links to their CES press kits on their websites. Dell blog has info about CES with a nice link to my post at the bottom where I covered one of their press conferences.

There are also lots of juicy tech tidbits over at the CES website. I am sure I missed lots but this is a good start.

Most of all, don't forget to check out my fellow CES Lovesac bus bloggers. After spending lots of time with them on the bus I can say they are some of the most knowledge social media bloggers out there!

January 10, 2009

CES09 Windows 7 Is Available for Download

Intro_676x380 I went over to the CES Microsoft Booth specifically to learn more about Windows 7. I had originally gone to get pointers on fine tuning Vista - but then I realized why do that when I can just load Windows 7 and focus on understanding that. There has been strong interest that has lead to server overloads, but Microsoft is adding infrastructure to support that.

(photo credit: Microsoft)

CLICK HERE to learn what is new about Windows 7.

CLICK HERE to download the Windows 7 Beta. As I suggest before every upgrade or operating systems changes, it is a good idea to make sure your back-ups are up to date.

CLICK HERE to see Windows 7 Beta Videos.

ClICK HERE to get an update from Microsoft on Windows 7 Availability.

I am heading back to the CES floor, but I will be loading a video I took at the booth with more information about Windows 7.

Click here to see the in-depth post on Windows 7 beta via Ars Technia

January 09, 2009

CES 09 - Dell Offering Inspiron Mini 9 for $99 (after rebate) with AT&T Laptop Connect

UPDATED 1/10 PRESS RELEASE FROM DELL on special offer for the $99 Inspiron Mini

Updated 1/10 - Preview of the soon to be released Dell Inspiron Mini 10" will be posted on Techmamas.com later tonight. I now call the Inspiron Mini 10" the must buy for moblie computing and media playing.

I am currently at CES visiting the Dell Suites to hear their announcements for the day. Engadget is sitting next to me, they blogged about the new Adamo. I decided to take the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 for a test drive, using it to blog about another exciting announcement that came out today:


Announced via press release:

Dell and AT&T "energizes on-the-go lifestyles with special select offer - Dell Inspiron Mini 9 for $99 after $350 Dell Mail-in rebate - regularly $449. Systems available only with purchase of a qualifying two-year AT&T LaptopConnect Agreement. Offer EXPIRES Jan. 31, 2009."

Dell also committed to introduce a 10-inch Mini in the near future.

Mini notebooks are not only light enough to carry in a handbag, but offers computing and entertainment on the go. The AT&T LaptopConnect (and other broadband cards) enables Internet access on the road without depending on finding Wi-Fi connections.

Here are the details for the special offer:

1. Purchase the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 by January 31, 2009 and save $100 (regularly $549 - cost of $449 with instant savings).

2. Eligible for an additional $350 mail-in rebate with 2 year activation of AT&T LaptopConnect. That offer expires: Thursday, February 19, 2009.

And to summarize it all:

 $549 Starting price for the Dell Inspiron Mini 9

-$100  Instant rebate (if purchase by Jan. 31, 2009)

 $449  Subtotal

-$350 Mail in rebate after purchasing AT&T LaptopConnect  by Thursday, February 19, 2009 (separate cost for that service which varies by device and plan).

 $99 Total cost of Dell Inspiron Mini 9.

To answer questions on the cost of the AT&T LaptopConnect that I have received, the Dell press release quoted this:

"Requires the purchase of a two-year AT&T Laptop Connect agreement for $60 per month. Additional fees apply."

January 08, 2009

CES 09 Using The HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam edition at CntrStg

G9589009102008 I am here at CntrStg (CES) typing this post on my HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam edition series review unit. CntrStg not only has interesting seminars by day, but food, beverages and lots of good techie discussions at night.

I find having a mini notebook at conferences very useful - it does not take up too much room in my briefcase and is light to carry (2.45 pounds).  I also find that the color and design is a head turner when I bring the computer out next to a sea of black laptops. I get lots of oh's and ah's.. While some men at the conference said that they would like to get one for their wives, one man asked why he would have to give it to his wife - that he wanted one for himself. I said that the HP Mini also comes in black so he has choices.

HP Mini 1000 Vivianne Tam series operating system is Windows XP, which is easy to use. For the installation, I basically just turned the computer on and followed the instructions on the screen. The wireless functionality on the PC identified the wireless networks in the area, and accepted my USB Broadband card when I tested that by plugging it into the USB port.  The built in webcam and speakers drivers were loaded and ready to go while Intel's Atom processor enabled  enough speed for web surf/social networking on the go. The only limitation I had when trying to Twitter was that the site was over-capacity. 1GB ram is adequate for mobile blogging and the 60GB hard drive has plenty of space for moblie apps, documents and media (such as pictures, MP3 files and videos).

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CES 09 - Dell Embraces Design And Customization

I am here at CES listening to a Dell briefing. Here are the names of the speakers:

  • Micheal Tatelman - Vice President, Global Consumer Sales and Marketing
  • Alex Gruzen - Senior Vice President, Global Consumer Product Group
  • Ed Boyd - Vice President Consumer Experience Design Group

Here are some liveblog notes from the discussion.

Dell has:

  • Changed the face of the company through innovation.Broadened their portfolio worked with retails to reach offer value pricepoints. Dell has a strong retail and direct business. Their challenge was to deliver great products at each pricepoint.
  • Focused on bringing customers products through retail (20,000 locations around the world). Growing global retail foot print.
  • Has focused on a green strategy including green packaging, ReGeneration and Dell Earth.
  • Built better relationship with retailers.
  • Invested in personalization so consumers feel product is built for them.
  • Brought in artists from around the world for the Design Studio.
  • Announced the Design Studio on December 2.
  • An initiative to support Malaria in Africa called "Red".
  • Developed the Studio Hybrid which is green(smaller, less shipping, less energy to own and operate, ability to disassemble after life of product) and fits into your environment (small, less clutter, different color sleeves for CPU).
  • Developed the Alienware line for gaming
  • Have an extensive line of accessories.

NEW DELL announcements:

I also looked at the Dell Community site that offers information on topics and support.

Click HERE to see the pictures at the bottom of this post.

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January 05, 2009

Fashion Meets Tech: Vivienne Tam HP Mini 1000

HP generously shipped out a Vivienne Tam HP Mini 1000 for me to review. I just opened the box last night before I got on the CES Lovesac Blogger Bus so I will be reporting back with my thoughts. It not only has pretty flowers, but has lots of functionality (including Windows XP, weight of 2.45 pounds,  built in networking and webcam/microphone). The peony-inspired design was created by award-winning designer Vivienne Tam with HP and is called a "digital clutch" (because although it is just a netbook - it is the size of a clutch bag). The cross over of a fashion designer working with a technology company is a trend I hope continues. Because the result gives a new adjective to mobile computing (fashionable).


It fits in a small handbag.

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