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May 07, 2008

Online Social Networking For Career Development

In my last post (Forbes.com Rules) I talked about my own experience "recession proofing" my career. I am in a panel tonight discussing this same topic so I thought I would share some of the links I found relevant. Online social networking is not only for socializing, but can be used for career building. The career building is enabled by creating an online presence to showcase skills, and extended by creating networks of online (and offline or "live") connections. These connections can be very helpful in finding out about job opportunities or companies that will be hiring. There are also many sites for working moms, which I will share on a different post.

I am currently putting all of my social networking efforts into the blogging community (Silicon Valley Moms Group and BlogHer communities), women & technology groups (like the Anita Borg Institue, Women 2.0, Girl Geek Dinners, Women Who Tech, Ladies Who Launch etc.) and online at Facebook. Many of my live business social networks were initiated online.

General career/social networking related site links:

1. The blog Brazen Careerist has these posts:

2. General online social Networking for career development info:

3. Facebook for career Networking. With Facebook it is important to create a resume worthy profile, build the right network and join career related Facebook groups (for example, Web 2.0 Entrepreneurs can join the Web 2.0 Facebook group).   

March 25, 2007

Blogging Software, so Many Choices...

So you want to enter the blogosphere? For a personal hobby, business, or for family communication? Here is a listing of the blog software (that I know about). I am a big Typepad fan, quick to implement and easy to use. Movable Type is better for more sophisticated sites. I have friends that use WordPress and Blogger and are also happy. Vox is great for people that want more privacy; you can control which posts are for the public or private to your groups of friends/family (whom you invite). Did I miss any???

March 20, 2007

BlogHer Business Live-blogging: How to Keep Out of Real Trouble

Blogherbus2_2 I am at New York for the BlogHer Business conference. The conference will answer the question: How can Businesses Succeed in a Social Media World?

The Day Two track "How Do I Get It Right the First Time? " has three sessions that will be live-blogged. The first, "Should I blog?", is listed on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog. Session two is here, listed below is session three.The full list of live-blog posts  and Speaker bios are listed on the BlogHer site. 

How to Keep Out of Real Trouble

A closer look at those top legal and P.R. questions every business owner or exec has before kicking off a social media program. Cautionary tales and how to avoid becoming one.

Marianne Richmond, the moderator, writes the Resonance Partnership Blog, Conversational Media Group Blog and is the Technology and Web Contributing Editor for BlogHer. She interviewed:


Marianne Richmond: How many people blog? How many people blog for a corporation? How many own their own businesses? People that run their own business (blog) have different needs then a corporate blog. There are legal and ethic issues, and crossing the line is a big issue. Best practices are important. How to stay out of trouble means that you plan to stay out of trouble. 

Audience member: I know I can get sued for anything, but what can I be sued for?

Karen Wickre: Context is everything. 

Nina Kaufman: Two categories that independent bloggers need to be concerned about:

  • Defamation. Be careful that you are not libeling people, be truthful. If you say “In my opinion George Bush’s policies in Iraq are just a front for business deals”, then you may be in trouble. You want to temper it for a business context.
  • Copyright: You need to be judicious on what you use from other people. You need to be original. Copyright laws want to encourage debate, but not taking someone’s work in whole. 

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BlogHer Business Live-blogging: How to Embrace the Social Media Culture

Blogherbus2 I am visiting New York for the BlogHer Business conference. The conference will  answer the question: How can Businesses Succeed in a Social Media World?

 The Day Two track: "How Do I Get It Right the First Time?" has three sessions that will be live blogged. Listed below is information for session two. Speaker bios and the full list of live-blog links are listed on the BlogHer site. The other two sessions of this track are listed here and here (Silicon Valley Moms Blog).

How to Embrace the Social Media Culture

They will take a closer look at these questions:

  • Who should blog for your company?
  • How do you enact €œ"authenticity"€?
  • How much "€I"€™ is "€˜TMI"€™?

Maria Niles moderates this discussion between Yahoo! Corporate blog editor Nicki Dugan, FastCompany.com editor Lynne D. Johnson and Weblogs Inc editor Karen Walrond (her blog is Chookooloonks).

Here are my apologies in advance (thanks Jen Lemen for the idea): for misspelling, missed names and other tragedies of being in a rush. Everything is a serious approximation of what was said.


How to Embrace the Social Media Culture

Maria Niles: Welcome everyone, we will going to get started.

(Speaker Introductions)

Nicki Dugan. I run the corporate blog Yodel Anecdotal. The corporate blog is the umbrella and the product blogs are vertical. 55 employees contribute to the blogs. 

Lynne Johnson: I have a personal blog for 6 years, I am Senior Editor of the FastCompany website but I also manage the staff blog (news related). We also have FC expert blogs where we recruit technology, leadership, and so on. It is my job to put our guidelines and help the blog sound like FastCompany. 

Karen Walrond: I am with Weblogs Inc, My blog chookooloonks chronicles how my daughter came into my life. Weblogs inc’s products are our blogs (including Engadget, Styledash, Blogging Baby, Slashfood). We make money on advertising. 

Nina Belcher: I am a lawyer that represents clients that are afraid to blog. They ask “How could that not blow up on us?”. How can blogging help larger companies? 

Nicki Dugan: It was hard to talk our legal team into doing a blog, because there is so little control you have about what comes back to you. I told them that people are already talking about us, blogs give us a chance to join in on the conversation. We have guidelines and a review process. We worked in partnership with the legal team, and tried to be edgy. The more reverent we are the more well received it will be. It took a couple of weeks to click for them that it was not such a scary place.  We had an innocent blog posting about a new feature, Digg fashion thumbs up and thumbs down on new features. Digg fans felt that we stole something from them. The comments started to turn the tide: “Isn’t it a good idea that Yahoo gave users a voice in product features”. It turned into a positive experience. 

Karen: I was also a lawyer, and I keep hearing people say “those darn lawyers”. But I am also a blogger so I see both sides. The authenticity of voice is very powerful. You should not just get anyone off the street to blog for your company. You need someone that has a good understanding of what the goals of the corporations are (even if they are not writing about the goals). So they know what is risky, then the corporation needs to let the writer go – you need to offer them a certain amount of trust. There are SEC guidelines that require training, but trust is important. 

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