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April 07, 2010

Fed Up With Dropped Calls, Excited To Hear About AT&T's At-Home Cell Tower

My morning routine after I drop my kids off at school is to come home to my "home office" (a.k.a tiny desk at a corner of my bedroom next to piles of unfolded laundry) and make my morning business calls.

No matter what type of fancy smartphones or headsets I have tested, nothing can overcome something that is worse then the "blue screen of death". And that is the plague of the dropped calls caused by (shriek) dead cell zones. So far this morning EVERY call I made included a call back to the person I was talking to because of a dropped call. My cell service is AT&T and while it worked great while in Paris, for some reason cell coverage in my sunny California house is not so sunny - in fact it is "the big grey cloud" of my day. While AT&T prepares for a battle to improve their poor coverage, I am:

  • Sweating through conference calls wondering if I will drop off.
  • Losing time because conversations are broken off while in the middle of discussing important subjects.
  • Wondering: While being interviewed by reporters as "a technical savvy mom resource", I wonder if there are thinking that I must have a phone from 1999 because the calls keep dropping.

In reality, different cell companies have different areas where their coverage is strong and their coverage is weak. A friend of mine that has a cell coverage from a different company gets *no* coverage at all in his house - but full coverage if he walks out his front door. So the real question is "What really causes bad cell coverage quality?" Is it the service provide or is it relative to how close you are to a cell tower? This is something I have been thinking about for some time.

This morning I saw an article in the New York Times that made me think there is hope for my home cell coverage. The article was titled "Bringing You a Signal You’re Already Paying For" about the news that AT&T is to offer at-Home Mini-Tower. I wonder if this is what I need to improve my cell coverage?

Here is more information about the AT&T Mini-Tower (called the AT&T 3G MicroCell™):

"The size of a couple of decks of cards, these mini-towers act and look like Wi-Fi hot spots at cafes, and redirect cellphone calls from congested cell towers to home Web connections."


Picture credit: New York Times via Associated Press

Link to more information about the AT&T 3G MicroCell™

Update: After bringing this topic up on Twitter, one of my followers (John L Painter) discussed the Wi-Ex zBoost as a good product to improve home cell coverage quality in Maine.



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