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January 06, 2012

My Tech New Year's Resolutions Part 5: My New Blog

Why is it the New Years that pushes everyone to resolve open issues? I have been working on my new blog design for some time but when 2012 came along (and CES is around the corner) I decided that it was time to take it live. I was thrilled to find a great web design team (XFactor Designs) that help redesign my online brand including a new logo and new Wordpress site.

New Logo (Yeah!)

image from i1137.photobucket.com

So I am asking (pwetty please) for some patience in the next few days while I bring new site up. The URL (TechMamas.com ) will be the same - it will just lead to my new Wordpress sites (with all of my posts transfered over).

July 01, 2009

Coming Soon

Silicon Valley Moms Group

Silicon Valley Moms Group was purchased by Technorati.com.

TechMama: In Books

I am thrilled to have contributed to the following two books:

1. The Internet Mommy by Kimberly Clayton Blaine

2. See Mom Run by Beth Feldman

In Books and On Video

I am thrilled to have contributed to the following two books:

1. The Internet Mommy by Kimberly Clayton Blaine

2. See Mom Run by Beth Feldman

Check out my bio page to view TechMama on Video.  I will be venturing into vlogging with the gals at Gadgetspin.  More to come...

TechMama on Video:

Kimberley Clayton Blaine just launched her newest online video venture: MommytoMommyTV - a new online show for moms. I was excited to host one of the shows. The show is called TechMama Goes HotMama.

So of course I prepared... Real Housewives reality TV style..

My segment was about meeting my mom comedian idol Heather McDonald (in LA) to have her sign a copy of her book that I purchased. I wanted to get myself Hollywood ready to meet her, so of course I got a spray on tan and hair extensions. Really. Click HERE to read the rest of the post about the MommytoMommy.tv show I hosted called "TechMama Goes HotMama" by Kimberley Blaine. And here is the video:

I organized a group of LA Moms Bloggers to see a taping of the fabulous Chelsea Lately Show. Here is our adventure:


Radio Shack Netogether -Beth Blecherman & tech blogger friends were on a 17 foot computer screen in Times Square NYC and SF. Here is my post, here is a post from TechieDiva who was in NYC.

Video and Picture as the SonyMom's covered the Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs Red Carpet

Gadgetspin video of Virgin America Orange County launch party.

  A Byte Out of Life sponsored by Yahoo: Twitter and Celebrities


PBS at SXSW 2009: Beth Blecherman Interview

October 20, 2006

Copyright, Permissions & Disclaimer (i.e. Legal Stuff)

Click Here for our PRESS PAGE

Business Stuff: The Mojo widget and page on my blog is an affiliate link.

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I signed the Blog With Integrity Pledge.

Disclosures & Relationships:

I get lots of pitches for products, accept some to take it for a test run - but only talk about the products I feel are relevant for families. That being said, all of my posts discussing products ARE MY PERSONAL OPINION only.

My discussions of press releases are just that - press releases (non paid). I do not do pay for post. I do disclose on the bottom of posts when relevant, such as if I received a product, sponsored trip or other important disclosures.

We will take down any comments that defame, abuse, harass, threaten, or otherwise violate the legal right of others.

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October 13, 2006

About Techmamas (TechMama)

Press page 


Bethblecherman1718depolophotography Beth Blecherman is a techie turned blogger mom who founded Techmamas as her personal blog to discuss parenting and technology. She is also Chief Technology Mom and a Co-Founder of the Silicon Valley Moms Group that collaborative mom blogs around the country (including: Silicon Valley Moms Blog, Chicago Moms Blog, DC Metro Moms Blog, New Jersey Moms Blog and New York City Moms Blog, New Jersey Moms Blog, 50-Something Moms Blog Los Angeles Moms blog) and now the first International: Canada Moms Blog.  She saves her technology rants for Techmamas

Here are 5 things to know about me.....TechMama (her nickname)  started her career in application development (yes - programming), then system auditing and her last role was Senior Manager, Computer Process Integrity, for Deloitte. She jumped off Partner track at Deloitte to jump onto the parenting track and utilized blogging and online social networking to stay involved with technology. (with husband and three boys, two of which are twins). Now she spends time being taught new superhero and sports tricks by her sons.  As a mother, she went through technology withdrawal and decided to try blogging.

She also founded MTB consulting (mother of three boys) for social media strategy consulting (currently on hold until blogging slows down!). Corporations and organizations have asked her to speak on topics ranging from how to start blogging, online social networking and how to choose the right technology for families.   She also assists Corporate clients on the technical side of using social media to reach their target market.

TechMama in Books:

The Internet Mommy by Kimberley Clayton Blaine - My chapter is about a pillow fight I covered on TWITTER!

See Mom Run by Beth Feldman - My chapter is called "Night of Horror, i.e. The Night the Wireless Went Out ". 

TechMama on Video:

LA Moms Bloggers get VIP Treatment at the Chelsea Lately Show

Radio Shack Netogether -Beth Blecherman & tech blogger friends were on a 17 foot computer screen in Times Square NYC and SF. Here is my post, here is a post from TechieDiva who was in NYC.

Video and Picture as the SonyMom's covered the Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs Red Carpet

Gadgetspin video of Virgin America Orange County launch party.

  A Byte Out of Life sponsored by Yahoo: Twitter and Celebrities

PBS at SXSW 2009: Beth Blecherman Interview

Accolades and Fun Stuff to Know:

          CES:  MommyTech Summit at CES 2010: Beth Blecherman is on the Board of Advisors

NIELSON: Techmamas.com was chosen as one of the Nielson Power Mom 50 influencers.

TWITTER: Thrilled as of July 2009 to have over 6,000 Twitter followers (hugs to my Twitter Followers). Was choosen BizTechDay's 25 Influential Business Women in Bay Area to Follow on Twitter and by MomBloggerClub on the 25 Influential Moms to Follow on Twitter.


CBS NEWS KATIE COURIC:  Coordinated conference call with Katie Couric and the Silicon Valley Moms Group to discuss the topic of Children and the Recession.

ALLTOP: Proud to be listed in Alltop Moms

GOOGLE: Digital Moms Panel 

YAHOO: Motherboard panel, participant in Yahoo! Video Network project with Silicon Valley Moms Group. Our first video was on the Economy and the holidays.


SONYMOM: Covered the red carpet for Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

HP/Vivienne Tam: Covered Fashion Week Launch of HP Mini notebook Vivienne Edition 

Writing Assignments (other then the blogosphere):

soon to announce contributions to 2 books coming out next fall.. more details to come..

SCHOLASTIC: Take a Byte Out of Life

Speaking Engagements:

          M2Mom: Brands & Blogs: What's Working? What's Next?

          BLOGHER 09 - Gadgets for Bloggers

Social Media Business Council: The Challenge of Mommy Blogging   

SXSW: Current panel proposed at 2009 South by Southwest: Moms Who Tech

WEB 2.0: Birds of a Feather "Moms Who Tech"

BLOGHER:BlogHer Business: Case Study - Successful Social Media Outreach

Jewish Vocational Service: Recession Proofing Your Career, Online Career Networking. Here is my post on the Online Networking for Career Development.

Press (summary items only):

Oct 2009 CNN Situation Room: Interviewed by CNN's Abbi Tatton for The Situation Room story on the FTC guidelines for blogger disclosure.

March 2009 Wall Street Journal "The Juggle":   SXSW Roundup: “Moms Who Tech”

March 2009 BBC: "The rising power of geek mums".

July 2008 Forbes.com Video Network: High-Tech Babysitting 

July 2008 CBS News: SF Conference Highlights Surge in Blogging Women

May 2008 Forbes.com When Moms Packs A Gadget

April 2008 CBS News Meet The Parents (Who Blog)

Meeting_katie_couric_2_2 Techmama is hanging to the right of Katie Couric!

Oct 2007 New York Times Blog Caucus: Women, Politics & The Internet Part II

April 2007: 3 Seconds of Fame on CNET: -  "Keeping Your Kids Safe Online"- Video on "The Real Net Threats"  

Sept 2006San Jose Metroactive - With the other Silicon Valley Mommybloggers in the article "The Hand That Blogs The Cradle".

WHY TECHMAMAS ? Beth saw a need to have a central place where parents can discuss their use of technology, get tips, give tips, have links to other tech blogs that offer relevant information. While many tech professionals have access to the the latest tech information, parents may not know where to start or even what to ask. They rely on talking to other parents or searching through the big tech sites to see what they are looking for. We hope to offer links and juicy bits of information for one stop shopping for family related technology issues.

Techmamas is a site where scrapbooking discussions are about which digital camera and online sites to use for creating family photo albums, famillies are struggling to keep track of the numerous communication technologies available (Instant Messaging, Cell Phone/PDA, email, texting), CrackBerry addicts have a safe place to share tips, treasure hunts include use of GPS systems, everything from birthday party invites to birthday presents are virtual, 4 year olds know how to use TIVO, 8 year olds need parental controls on their own laptop, 12 year olds have their own blogs..... And by the way, what is a "wiki"?

Please forgive me if I don't have multiple posts each day: I HAVE THREE BOYS TO TAKE CARE OF! But I am always happy to have some tips from fellow techmamas or techdadas!

Other Tidbits:

Photo by dePolo Photography

Here is link to information on the TechMama's Q&A.

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Job Mom Interview

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