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June 16, 2011

Share Your Healthy Habits And Help The Children's Health Fund

See bottom of this post for disclosure (*paid campaign*).

IStock_000008425376XSmall As a working mom with three young sons, keeping the house clean is a big challenge. It sounds so "1950's mom in an apron" to say that -  but seriously I have THREE ACTIVE BOYS (12 year old tween and twin 8 year olds). Even though we clean the house thoroughly every week, one hour later our  bedrooms and bathrooms do are back to their “wind storm passed through here” look. When asked, my boys will help neaten their room, clear their plates from the table and pick up their school and sports junk from the front door– but  I need to remind them. And remind them. And remind them.

If I don’t remind them,  I am stepping over nerf guns, lego pieces, trails of clothing and food wrappers that never made it to the garbage can. This is quite a change from my pre-kid years as a Senior Manager at a top tier consulting firm where my project teams worked together like a well-oiled machine, and never left half-eaten cheese sticks melting on the TV.  I can't seem to get that same pace going at my own home.

When I was contacted to participate in a program that the Children's Health Fund and Clorox partnered with called "Check-in for Checkups" by sharing a healthy habit, I saw a great opportunity to  engage my sons in cleaning chores. Why not encourage this behavior during the summer, while school is out and their schedule is more relaxed, with the goal of continuing these chores when school starts up again this fall? 

The end goal is for my boys to be able to manage cleaning their own dorm room or apartment when they are out on their own.

Just thinking back to what some of the boy's dorm rooms and apartments looked like when I was in college, I began fantasizing that my kids would avoid this rat-trap, health hazard phase of early adulthood. I imagined telling my three boys that women like a man who knows how to clean up after himself. Yes, the rewards for clean habits start young and continue as you get older. I’ll tell you all about their progress in the next blog post.

The Check-ins For Checkups Program

My role in this effort is to check-in with my healthy habit (engaging my three boys with cleaning) and to share information about the Check-in for Checkups program with my communities. Clorox and CHF are working to encourage healthy habits and help provide health care to disadvantaged children. This is the second year CHF and Clorox are partnering and this year’s program is called Check-in for Checkups.  For each check-in, Clorox will donate 10 cents, up to $100,000, to CHF to help support their goal of providing half a million health care visits to children in need across the country.

When you check-in your healthy habit, you are not only helping yourself, but also the lives of others. The more you check-in, the more you give back to disadvantaged children across the country. This issue is of the utmost importance since one in five children in the U.S. live in poverty and millions of children don't have access to regular check-ups and timely health care visits when sick.

How to particpate in Check-in for Checkups:

Join me as I regularly share my healthy habit updates at the website Check-in for Checkups and check-in your healthy habit. I will also be spreading the word on Facebook and on Twitter using the #Checkinforcheckups hashtag.

Here is some information I recieved about Children's Health Fund from their website:

"Children’s Health Fund (CHF), founded in 1987 by pediatrician/child advocate Irwin Redlener, MD, and singer/songwriter Paul Simon, is committed to providing health care to the nation’s most medically underserved children through the development and support of innovative medical programs, response to public health crises and the promotion of guaranteed access to health care for all children.

Children's Health Fund, co-founded in 1987 by singer/songwriter Paul Simon and pediatrician/child advocate Irwin Redlener, MD, is committed to providing health care to the nation's most medically underserved children through:

  • the development and support of innovative, comprehensive primary care programs,
  • reducing the impact of public health crises on vulnerable children,
  • and promoting the health and well-being of all children.

The Fund works specifically to:

  • Support a national network of pediatric programs in some of the nation's most disadvantaged rural and urban communities;
  • Ensure support of its flagship pediatric programs for homeless and other medically underserved children in New York City;
  • Advocate for policies and programs which will ensure access to medical homes that provide comprehensive and continuous health care for all children;
  • and Educate the general public about the needs and barriers to health care experienced by disadvantaged children.

Without access to regular health care, many children go without treatment for common ailments like asthma or cavities, which can lead to bigger problems if left untreated. CHF mobile medical clinics go into underserved communities and provide ongoing care to children at schools, community centers, homeless shelters and other places in the heart of the community.

In addition to pediatric primary care providers, the CHF network consists of other dedicated health care professionals including dentists, mental health providers and nutritionists. The medical home model is a way to ensure continuity of care throughout childhood and adolescence, and coordination of care from multiple providers and systems."

Disclosure: I am currently working with The Clorox Company for the Check-in for Checkups program that benefits Children’s Health Fund (CHF).


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I can relate.

My 12 (almost 13) year old tends to turn computer room/ clothing cabinet into a pile of mess.

My 19 year old is on vacation from college and cares mostly about hanging out with friends.


I have 3 sons 9, 12 and 21. Developing habits that fit our household continues to be a challenge...I find the "when you do _____....then you can have or do _____ works well (for husbands too. I'm having trouble setting online healthy habits and keeping my younger kids safe. Any suggestions for online internet filtering or computer softward to help? I've heard of mousemail, to filter emails and text...but need any suggestions. Thanks!

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