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April 05, 2011

Beauty of the Talking Twins

I am the proud mother of three boys, two of which are twins. All siblings have a special connection (and sometimes special brawls), but twins have an extra connection that is hard to describe. When I think back to the days my twins were babies, there were many special moments that they communicated to each other in their own secret language. I could even call it babble with meaning.

The other day a friend, who knows I have twins, sent me a link to the new viral sensation: Talking Twins taken by Twinmamarama (hat tip to SFGate for helping me figure out who the brillant mama who took the video is). 

So... when I saw this YouTube video of the now famous Talking Twins, it brought back so many memories, made me laugh and made me cry (in a positive way). With over 15 millions views on YouTube, the twins may also be the new web super stars. These type of viral videos are what YouTube videos should be about. And to any adults who are doing the Talking Twin take off videos wearing adult diapers and babbling, sorry- give it up - no one can compete with the original Talking Twins!


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Okay, the interrogative tone that one baby uses? Is. Killing. Me.

So much awesomeness in one video -- it's scary.

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