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March 17, 2011

PC Mag Twitter Top 100: I Get To Be Next To Barack Obama and Bill Gates!

As I ramp up my new website (in construction) after taking a blogging break to do family stuff, it is always fun to have a surprise recognize the time I did spend to keep up the "relevance".

Yesterday one of my favorite tweeters (@SocialMoms) shared that @TechMama was on the @PCMag 's Twitter Top 100 list. Yes, between @BarackObama and @Bill Gates.

Click here for the PC Mag's complete list of top 100 on Twitter (TechMama is number 13).


(screeching sound) What?

Ok, Well the list was alphabetical order but still - how often do I get to be "seated" next to Barack Obama and Bill Gates - even if it is online?

Umm, never before this time.

Best of all there was also some great women tweeters on the list that I am also honored to be in good company with. No - not Lady Gaga although I love her music. But technology reporter and mom extraordinaire @NataliMorris and @rachelsterne  (and that is just a few of the "R"s).

People have asked me if I automate any of my tweets, which I am surprised they even ask (and I promptly say "no"). I am an information obsessed person - so when I read online articles that I think are relevant to my Twitter audience, I tweet them. Yes - the good old fashioned, non- automatic sharing of something interesting. I share things with my Twitter community like I would share information with an interesting book group. I also enjoy reading my communities' Tweets as well.

Sharing on Twitter was (and is) something that I could keep up with no matter how busy I got with family commitments.  Twitter became a solace that was my connection to the outside world while balancing taking care of boyz world. I even find out about events from my Twitter stream before I read about it in the news or online. As soon as I turned on my computer the morning of the Japan Tsunami and Earthquake, I saw the Twitter chatter and raced to the news sites to read more.

After this post goes live I will be off to carpool to pickup my boyz, wondering what it would be like to really sit next to Bill Gates and Barack Obama. As well as feeling excited that a magazine (PC Magazine) that I have been reading for years decided to visit my Twitter stream.


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Congrats on being in such good company,
I have to content myself with being 'The French Guy from New Jersey' aka 'Serge the Concierge'.


Eep. Now I'm all embarrassed for scheduling my 'new post' tweets.

PS. Be sure to ask Bill for his secret. Barack seems like a nice guy and all, but I'm not after his job. Bill's I could handle ;)

It is a great idea to schedule "new post" tweets - then fill in with sharing interesting things you are reading each day.

Congratulations! What a great list to be on! You are a great tweep to follow as many of us have known for a long time!

The article writes very goodly, I like!

I am so pleased to see that great women in tech are being recognized in this way! You totally deserve this honor for all the great info you share with your readers!

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