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March 11, 2011

iPad2 Launch details - Who is rushing to the stores today?

I followed the Apple press conference announcing the launch of the iPad2 online to get the scoop on the new version of the iPad. Cool Mom Tech posted with the fresh details that day. Yesterday I recieved details about the launch for those of you that have not purchased it on line yet.

iPad2 Details:

  • Faster (new A5 chip 2x faster CPU 9x faster graphics), lighter (1.3 pounds), 33% thinner (8.8mm)
  • Front & Rear facing Cameras and gyroscope to allow for response to movements when in apps. PC Magazine gathered feedback on the iPad2 cameras, I just wonder why they did not use the same cameras as the iPhone4 - that rock (for anyone that has used them).
  • Smartcover case designed with product, puts product in sleep mode when closed and wakes when open. Comes in 10 colors. Poly cases are $39 and leather $69.
  • new: iOs 4.3, Facetime and Photobooth
  • iMovie and Garageband apps ($4.99 EACH out March 11)
  • Garageband has Smart Instrument option so anyone can play!
    65,000 iPad apps 
  • 3G available on Verizon and AT&T. The iPad had a AT&T 3G version with the hardwared built in to sign up for the 3G service. The Verizon iPad needed to use an Verizon MiFi for hotspot coverage because it did not have the hardware built in for 3G. Now the Verizon iPad2 has the hardware built in to get 3G service so all you need to do is sign up for a service. Engadget summarizes the iPad2 service costs. Those that are heavy media and video consumers should choose carefully to stay away from overage charges. I have an unlimited AT&T data plan for my iPad so I hoped to see that as well for the iPad2. Maybe that will come soon?
  • Same 10 hour battery life (one month standby).
  • iBooks - over 2500 publishers in the iBookstore. Random House is bringing over 17k books.
  • Pricing - WiF: 16 GB $499, 32 gb $599, 64gb $699.  WiFi + 3g 16GB $629,  32GB $729, 64GB $829

Where to buy?

The iPad2 can be purchased online at Apple.com, but for those that want the in store purchase experience, here is a summary I gathered from an Apple press release:

  • Today at 5 p.m. local time at all 236 Apple retail stores in the US. Every customer who buys an iPad 2 at an Apple retail store will be offered free Personal Setup service, helping them customize their iPad 2.
  • iPad 2 will also be available beginning at 5 p.m. local time at AT&T, Best Buy, Target, Verizon Wireless, Walmart and select Apple Authorized Resellers.

The Apple Insider Blog reported that online Apple iPad2 orders may ship out betweent 2 and 3 weeks.

Those going to the Verizon and Best Buy will have to choose between going Android with the Motorla Xoom or going Apple iOS 4.3 with the iPad2. Or how about an iPad for $399?

What am I doing? In a perfect world I would carry both the iPad2 and the Motorla Xoom. Being a TechMama means that it is harder to make up my mind, just like fashionistas don't have just one favorite dress or shoes. After all, technology is the new fashion accessory.


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A friend of mine recently bought an iPad 2, and according to him, it has better features which can be easily used. Plus, there are a lot of colors to choose from. It's one of the best buy gadgets of this year! And I might buy my own iPad 2 soon.

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