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2 posts from October 2010

October 21, 2010

HP "Reboot With ROI" Retreat Giveaway

Working parents especially need vacation time - and technology is moving so fast that everyone could use a tech makeover. So when I was asked to share the announcement of a contest that offers both, I said yes! Of course, I was secretly hoping to win myself...

Here are the details: HP is giving away a trip to Napa for six people in your office and a technology makeover for your team. To enter, share a story about the returns on something you bought (ROI). Click HERE to enter and find out more information about the HP "Reboot With ROI" Retreat Giveaway:


My biggest return is having the most updated laptop - because I use that for work. Making sure my computer has lots of storage, reliable, a fast processor, good graphics card and a big screen size is important to keep up my fast working pace. I also purchased an external wireless keyboard that helps keep me comfortable even if I am typing for hours. I am also enjoying use Windows 7 on my new computer.

Disclosure: This announcement is sponsored.

October 14, 2010

So Exciting - Cool Mom Tech Has Launched!

If I have not posted for some time on my personal blog TechMamas.com, it's because there is something keeping me busy. My wonderful family is always a priority and those with kids that just entered 6th grade (like my son just did) understand what a big transition that is.

This middle school transition would be so bloggable if I had not already promised my son to keep things under wraps. In fact, my tween is probably reading this post on his smartphone right now - so I may as well say hi to my son: "Hi sweetie..Whoops, I am not supposed to call you that in public. Sorry".

Let's just say that kids these days are skipping from kids to teenagers, and it happens fast. As my dear friend with a newly "teenaged" kid told me last year: Put on your seatbelt. And I did.

On the business front, my most exciting announcement is that I joined on as Chief Technologist of a sister site to the fabulous Cool Mom Picks (a top shopping blog for parents).

Coolmomtech_150x150 The amazing founders of Cool Mom Picks Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase were planning to develop a sister tech shopping blog for parents when I happened to call them saying I would looove to work with them on such a venture. Wella: Cool Mom Tech!

Does it show how excited I am? If I could add audio, it would sound like cyber-shreaks of joy! Check our our awesome Cool Mom Tech team, I am so honored to work with them (another cyber shreak).

Here is a link to a post about Cool Mom Tech on BlogHer written by an fabulous tech mom herself (I have a soft spot for tech moms) Little Tech Girl Kris Cain : "Get the Real Scoop on Technology with Cool Mom Tech".

Here are juicy details from the Cool Mom Tech About page:

"Cool Mom Tech is the intersection of tech and style, of parenting, practicality and fabulosity, brought to you by the same moms behind the influential shopping and design site, Cool Mom Picks. Plus a few more who really know their tech stuff.

We're not techies who parent, we're moms who use tech in our everyday lives. Same as you. Same as millions of mothers who are online every day."

Please take a click over to Cool Mom Tech and see what we are up to!



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