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August 20, 2010

A Day of WomenTech: #140Conf SF - Women Talking Tech on the Real Time Web and Huffington Post article

Twitter Yesterday I had the honor of being on a panel for one of my favorite tech conferences: @JeffPulver's #140Conf (San Francisco). This was my second #140conf, the first was #140confNYC. Maya Bisineer @thinkmaya invited me (@techmama) to join her #140conf NYC "Innovating for our future" along with @alicewilder and Stephanie Aaronson @SAGalluch.

Our #140conf panel San Francisco was called "Women talking Tech about the Real-Time Web" with a fab panel: @techmama (moderater -thats me), Eliane Fiolet @ElianeFiolet from @ubergizmo, Elisa Camahort page @ElisaC from @BlogHer (*BlogHer also has @BlogHerSupport @BlogHerDeals and other co-founders @lisastone and @jorydj), Kristie Wells @kristiewells from @socialmediaclub and Liza Sperling @lizasperling from @scoutlabs. Even more fun was my virtual panelist Shireen Mitchell @digitalsista that tweeted from DC while we were in San Francisco!

On our Women talking tech panel we discussed the different ways we use Twitter to share our voice and interact with our communities. After the panel I was thrilled to meet an amazing tech voice from (drumroll) Twitter! Del Harvey @delbius spoke on a #140conf panel about Twitter.

As an attempt to organize a list to follow the unique womentech voices/organizations on Twitter, I created a womentech Twitter list (I hope to add lots more to that list as I just created it for the panel). Some of the amazing voices on the list that are also local to SF area are:  @jolieodell from Mashable (and another Mashable socal tweep @jbruin), @magicsaucemedia, @susanmernit,  @leahculver, @techiediva and @sairy. Some of the organizations are @anitaborg_org, @shesgeeky, @gitweet, @women2, @DevChix, @DigitalWoman, @ForbesWoman, @BlogHer, @MomBloggersClub and @WomenWhoTech.

I already have 2 techmom (techmom and techmom2) twitter lists - and growing!

My eyes are going blurry with all of the "@" Twitter names I listed on this post, but it is so hard to contain my excitement at connecting with amazing women tech on Twitter! My next step will be curate my women tech list on Pearltrees.com.

After I got home from the #140conf SF, I was thrilled to see an email that informed me that I was included in a geek girls post on one of my favorite blogs: Huffington Post. Kelly Feller wrote a post called "Despite Appearances, Girls Are Geeky Too" that included my tweep Eliane Fiolet and other women tech voices including Deborah Conrad. Just the day before I was so honored to be included on the Forbes (@ForbesWoman) list of "20 Best-Branded Women on Twitter". Both of these articles are so exciting because I have spent the last few years focusing on a brand built around moms, women and technology. An important part of my goals are reaching out to the community of tech women and moms through social media; and Twitter is one of my favorite social media platforms.

I have to say, other then building Lego's with my boys - I can't think of a better way to spend my day then with Twitter and WomenTech peeps.

If you want to follow any of the fabulous tweeps mentioned in this post, here are the direct links:

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August 18, 2010

Dr Frank Ryan, Texting While Driving and The Microdermabrasion That Will Never Be

While I may be a techie, I am also obsessed with celebrity news. I try to explain it to my friends that reading the crazy trials and tribulations of celebrity life is a great escape from the stress of my own daily life. But while the celebrities all seem to be doing some type of nip, tuck, needle prick and hair extension, my biggest spurlge is a facial now and then.

But just last week I decided "why not try some celebrity sprucing up". I started with jogging - and luckily I have no paparazzi following me. Next I wanted to go beyond a facial - but still stay away from a needle or an operating table. I remembered that a few years ago I somehow ended up with a gift certificate from one of the top plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills for a microdermabrasion. I thought "why not" - so I pulled out the gift certificate a few days ago. I hoped it was still valid. I decided that while I was there I could ask about what else the stars do. Just for curiosity's sake of course...

Then I read the news that a beloved Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon named Dr. Frank Ryan was killed in a tragic accident. I read about the tragic death not only on TechMeme and Mashable, but on People Magazine. I had this feeling that the name Dr. Frank Ryan sounded familiar. So I grabbed the gift certificate out of my draw, and - yes - it was from Dr. Frank Ryan (see photo below).

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August 14, 2010

Even TechMama's Need To Exercise (Says their son!)

After months of non-stop a-working and then a busy but fun BlogHer conference in New York last week, I decided it was time to get back on the exercise bandwagon. As I begun writing my BlogHer post (still in the works), I realized how fun it was to see everyone - but how tired I was. The reason was not as much related to my busy schedule as it was because my lack of endurance (due to lack of exercise).

So - to get my endurance back - I am making a committement (for reals) to get in shape. Writing this post is a way of solidifying that committement, as I am sure my peeps will be asking me how it is going and I don't want to say that I have not got off the couch yet.

I even told my son about my committement to get back into shape and he has taken on jogging with me to (as he said) "make sure I get a good workout".

Day 1:

Today we took a jog. My body hurt... I was out of breath.. I got yelled at: my son TechBoy - who is 11 going on 18 - yelled at me if I stopped.

Hey @thegotomom, my son is running w/ me b/c he said "mo... on Twitpic




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August 13, 2010

Story: How 16 Year Old Made His First Million Dollars Via Gizmodo

I was reading TechMeme and I found this article on Gizmodo that discussed how a 16 year old named Christian Owens (yes - that is SIXTEEN YEAR OLD) made his first million dollars inspired by none other then Steve Jobs. This me feel alittle better about the outrageous amount I spent on computer camp for my tween.

Well - reading the post about the 16 year old millionaire Christian Owens - and the fact that my tween son loves to play with anything computer makes me feel better about sending him to a camp where he sits in front of the computer for part of the day. TechBoy (as my tween son also calls himself) is also my defacto cameraman and editor. Yes, he gets paid in points for his hard work. That is how he earned his electric guitar. So for now my son is breaking even for his business venture, or we can call it "re-investing his earnings in business capital".

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August 09, 2010

RE: Twitter Who To Follow Feature - I would rather follow the real Walt Mossberg

I value using Twitter not only as a social media tool but as a way to interact real time with an engaged community.

So I end up spending lots of time each day on Twitter.

I read about the new "Who To Follow Feature" and was curious to try it. Suddenly it appeared on my Twitter screen - so I was excited to view the recommendations. Here is one recommendation that popped up:

Whotofollow_twitter copy

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August 04, 2010

Curating BlogHer10

I am excited to be heading to the BlogHer10 (2010) conference. I will be looking for great links/posts from the conference to share on my BlogHer10 Pearltree. The information shared at BlogHer is always so rich with interesting, informative, inspiring and just plain ole fun - that I decided to curate the info during BlogHer.

Here are two posts about I wrote with details about Pearltrees - a social curation tool: Understanding Pearltrees: A New Way To Organize Web Content. There are also updates to Pearltrees functionality that I will be posting about soon. I will also be visiting Kirtsy and BlogHer to find fun content about BlogHer10.

**Please comment or share your BlogHer10 posts or Pearls/Pearltrees with me!***

Here is my main BlogHer10 Conference info Pearltree:

BlogHer2010 Conference INFO

Here is my BlogHer Day One Agenda:

BlogHer10 Day One Agenda

Here is my BlogHer Day Two Agenda:

BlogHer10 Day Two Agenda

I will be speaking with two fab mom bloggers (Kimberley Blaine and Susan Getgood) Day One about Online Branding. The title of the session for BlogHer10 is "Professional: ROYO - Social Media is Bringing Sexy Back to Branding -- Do You Have the Social Media Strategy and Tools for Success?". To collect information for my presentation I created an Online Branding Pearltree.

More to come as I add new content to my Pearltrees during the conference.

Disclosure: I am a Pearltrees Evangalist



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