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August 14, 2010

Even TechMama's Need To Exercise (Says their son!)

After months of non-stop a-working and then a busy but fun BlogHer conference in New York last week, I decided it was time to get back on the exercise bandwagon. As I begun writing my BlogHer post (still in the works), I realized how fun it was to see everyone - but how tired I was. The reason was not as much related to my busy schedule as it was because my lack of endurance (due to lack of exercise).

So - to get my endurance back - I am making a committement (for reals) to get in shape. Writing this post is a way of solidifying that committement, as I am sure my peeps will be asking me how it is going and I don't want to say that I have not got off the couch yet.

I even told my son about my committement to get back into shape and he has taken on jogging with me to (as he said) "make sure I get a good workout".

Day 1:

Today we took a jog. My body hurt... I was out of breath.. I got yelled at: my son TechBoy - who is 11 going on 18 - yelled at me if I stopped.

Hey @thegotomom, my son is running w/ me b/c he said "mo... on Twitpic




I tweeted my pain and my tweep @thegotomom commmented that my son's feet (left) looked bigger then mine (right). That is what happens to 11 year old boys going on 18 - they get big!

When we jog and my son yells at me to keep going, I tell him he is "mean" and he smiles - probably thinking of the times he told me I was mean when I told him he had to do his homework instead of hanging with his friends.

No technology can help me jog, but I will be looking for technology to help me set up my exercise schedule and track my progress. Who knows?

For now I am enjoying the time spent with my son, even if I am out of breath the whole time.

More online exercise fun: I am creating a Pearltree with all the sites I can find for fitness inspiration! I will add more info as I find it.

Fitness Online


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You can do it!!!

Do you have a gym that you can go to regularly? A lot of them have classes - aerobic, dance, Zumba, Yoga, and Pilates that will help keep you motivated and muscularly balanced - the instructor guidance is a huge plus too.

Jogging is actually a pretty high impact exercise so I would be really cautious with jumping into it straight away. Try aqua jogging/ aquarobics - aerobics in the water, it's gentler on your joints and far safer for someone who's just getting back to her exercise regime. You guys should go swimming!

In terms of technology..I advocate Iphone apps and phone reminders. Maybe something like the Blogger Body Calendar or subscribing to a fitness blog to keep you motivated? Exercise calendars and a variety of workouts have definitely helped me.

You can also install a Personal trainer/ Workout Guide app such the Shape Magazine one but I would recommend hiring a real personal trainer to access your fitness level and draw up an appropriate work out program for you.

All the best! KEEP IT UP !!!

I do the same thing. I drag my 14 yr old son to run with me and he keeps me going too. He is also about 5 inches taller than me. He yells at me when I try to tweet and run telling me I need to focus!

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