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August 18, 2010

Dr Frank Ryan, Texting While Driving and The Microdermabrasion That Will Never Be

While I may be a techie, I am also obsessed with celebrity news. I try to explain it to my friends that reading the crazy trials and tribulations of celebrity life is a great escape from the stress of my own daily life. But while the celebrities all seem to be doing some type of nip, tuck, needle prick and hair extension, my biggest spurlge is a facial now and then.

But just last week I decided "why not try some celebrity sprucing up". I started with jogging - and luckily I have no paparazzi following me. Next I wanted to go beyond a facial - but still stay away from a needle or an operating table. I remembered that a few years ago I somehow ended up with a gift certificate from one of the top plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills for a microdermabrasion. I thought "why not" - so I pulled out the gift certificate a few days ago. I hoped it was still valid. I decided that while I was there I could ask about what else the stars do. Just for curiosity's sake of course...

Then I read the news that a beloved Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon named Dr. Frank Ryan was killed in a tragic accident. I read about the tragic death not only on TechMeme and Mashable, but on People Magazine. I had this feeling that the name Dr. Frank Ryan sounded familiar. So I grabbed the gift certificate out of my draw, and - yes - it was from Dr. Frank Ryan (see photo below).

Dr. Frank Ryan was not only a well known plastic surgeon, but he was also a Philanthropist who started the Dr. Frank Ryan Foundation "to help underprivileged and underserved children and teens excel beyond their current situations and maximize their potential in life".

Because Dr. Frank Ryan submitted a picture to Twitter moments before the crash, some are wondering if the texting caused the accident. I just hope the great work of the Dr. Frank Ryan Foundation continues on. I also think this is an omen for me to stay away from plastic surgery for now - and stick to jogging with a facial splurge now and then.

Although, after having twins - I can still dream of getting a tummy tuck so I can wear a bikini again.

No matter what the final cause of the crash was, it is also a good time to remember not to text while driving. As a parent it is important not only for our own safety but as a role model for our kids. In fact, it is a good idea to leave the cellphone out of reach while in the car to help with temptations (or use applications that disable cellphone use while driving).

Similar to Brooke Burke, my prayers to Dr. Frank Ryan and his loved ones.


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That's really sad. So is Heidi Montag's plastic surgery.

Tragedy all around.

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