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July 04, 2010

Low Tech July 4th: Snow Cones and TNT Pop-its

We are getting ready for July 4th, and part of that prep was thinking about some fun and safe activities my kids and their could do together.



Target has a display with snow cone machines, flavors and cups. We decided to buy a set not only to use on July 4th, but also to use for the kids to set up a stand of their own sometime. Snow Cone stands are a good first business for kids to start because of the low cost of capital and yummy, easy to make product.. There are plenty of good electric ice shaving machines under $30, so no need to buy anything fancy. We purchased an electric ice shaver for $20.



We looked all over for sparkers so the kids can have their own little light display when it gets dark tonight, but realized that in my area you can only get them online or at specialty stores. So instead, we again went over to our friendly Target and purchased TNT Pop-Its. These are little caps that make a noise when stepped on or thrown against the sidewalk. The package says "flammable" which is true, so parents need to be involved and packages should be handled with care (the package has all the safety information).

I found an About.com article that explained how Pop-Its work "The rock is rock or sand that has been soaked in silver fulminate. Silver fulminate (like mercury fuliminate, which would be toxic) is explosive. However, the quantity of fulminate in Pop Its is very small so the little exploding rocks are safe."

I wonder what other fun "low tech" activities families are doing this July 4th.


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Us, too! Well, we have the TNT pop-its -- not the sno-cones. Enjoy the 4th!

Us, too! Well, we have the TNT pop-its -- not the sno-cones. Enjoy the 4th!

Snow Cone?that's pretty cute...and the TNT POP-ITS, its really a good idea.It's perfect!

We got a sno-cone machine too but cannot seem to find actual cones (except a 200 pack at smart&final :) I did snag a bottle of no HFCS syrup for only $6 at Frys where I got the machine. They were happy with just apple/grape juice sno-cones in cups, though.

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