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April 29, 2010

Looking For Parent Bloggers: The Parents Online Content Pearltree

It was at LeWeb in Paris that I first found out about Pearltrees, a great way to organize and share content online. I found Pearltree's format fit with my daily workflow of reading and organizing my content online - and my interest to see things in a visual format  - so I started using it. Now I am advising them.

The Pearltrees social search functionality is also a great feature so I decided it would be fun to have more parent bloggers and parent social media Pearltrees available. So here is my offer - any parent that has a blog or social media website (not product based ONLY content based) and wants to be included in my Parents Online Content Pearltree please do the following:

STEP 1. Create a Pearltree account or log on to your existing Pearltrees account. For those that don't have a Pearltrees account it is a good idea to reserve your brand by using that name for your account (similar to Twitter, once an account name is gone - it is gone).

STEP 2. Create a Pearltree about your blog/website: I recommend to keep the number of Pearls in a Pearltree to a small amount so it is easy to track. A good strategy is to think of a Pearltree like a folder and put sub folders within it (by linking sub-Pearltrees).

What is a Pearl and a Pearltree?

A "pearl" of information is a web page (permalink) that you want to save. For example, if you are collecting blog posts about cyberbullying - you can create a "pearl" for each blog post permalink to save it or organize it for future reference. A "pearltree" is the collection of content/web pages (or pearls) that you want to save or organize. For example, you can name the Pearltree "Cyberbullying" that would have links to web content on cyberbullying (pearls).

Here is a link to my post about understanding Pearltrees (CLICK HERE) for those that want more information. HINT: I installed the Firefox toolbar buttons so it is really easy to "pearl" my content - other browsers also have toolbar button add-ons.

CLICK HERE to visit the PEARLTREES website http://www.pearltrees.com

This can even be a way to create a visual bio of the website or yourself. Here is an example I created for the TechMamas.com website:

STEP 3. Comment below with the permalink to your Pearltree OR a permalink to a blog post with a pearltree embedded and I will add to my Parents Online Content Pearltree (for any parenting content based blog or social media websites - not product websites). To obtain the permalink or embed code, just click once on a Pearltree and then in the "detail" box select either "embed" or "share".  This will also give others a way to click over and view the Pearltrees just by reading this post!

My Parents Online Content Pearltree is just about empty and I can't wait to add Pearltrees to it!! HERE IS THE LINK TO MY PARENTS ONLINE PEARLTREE.http://www.pearltrees.com/techmama/5265976/

NOTE: TO SHARE YOUR PEARLTREE, select the Pearltree in your account by clicking once - with the "detail" box displayed. The detail box will show the share options including embedding or displaying the Pearltree's permalink. Users can also use the Twitter Sync feature to share or organize Pearltrees.

EXCITING NEWS: Pearltrees was named as one of the Launchpad companies for the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco next week. There will be lots of buzz around Pearltrees, so I think it would be great to showcase the amazing array of parents online by showing their Pearltrees. I will be at Web 2.0 to cheer Pearltrees on and pass the word for all the fabulous Parents online by showcasing the amazing mom/dad bloggers in the Pearltree! If any of my readers are attending Web 2.0 in San Francisco, please stop by the Pearltrees booth for more information.

Disclosure: After using Pearltrees I accepted a role as an adviser to the company.


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What a great tool Beth! Thanks so much for sharing!

OK. Here's the permalink:

But, I have to say this is NOT very intuitive - and their graphics seems very dated. I get what they're trying to do so I'm going to spend the next week playing with it - but it looks really old skool web 1.0 to me.
kind go strange.
I'll post about it when I get my bearings better. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on actually using it.
(and how jealous am I that you were in Paris!!!)

Rebecca - thanks for the feedback. When I first looked at the Pearltrees site I was confused as well because it is a new way of organizing content online. Then I started using it and it then it clicked for me. I also had the same response when I first started using Twitter (I thought - how am I going to use this?).

I think I did this right, but I'm not really a graph/diagram person so this wasn't a natural fit for me.
That said, after playing for a minute, it did make sense and I think it could be interesting!

Here's the link to my page: http://pear.ly/mZ0z. See? I even discovered their URL shortening! Yay me. Heh.

I set up my account, but I have to admit I'm not getting it yet. I'm a UI geek so I definitely like new ways of looking at information. I think I need to spend some time with it when I'm not feeding a baby and chasing a toddler :)

here's mine! Not much on it yet! This is really neat though! Can't wait to add to it!

Cool. I'll have to do some exploring!


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