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April 03, 2010

Night Before iPad Release: Long Lines and More info Out

After spending today reading emails with press releases for new iPad apps and watching the news coverage at the Apple Stores, I realized Apple mania is still going strong. First I covered finding Robert Scoble waiting in line for the Apple iPhone. I was not surprised to see Robert Scoble interviewed on the news tonight as the first person waiting in line (overnight) to purchase an iPad this morning at 9am. I asked Robert Scoble how he was doing in line via Twitter tonight, and he said "We are hunkered down for a cold night. The generator is humming and everyone has laptops out". I will look forward to his first look posts to read about his view of the Apple iPad.

Then one of my tweeps @lisabook asked I'm lkng at kindle, nook and now the ipad. Any recommendations? Txs! 

The Kindle and other e-readers are more mobile, have longer battery life and can be read out in the sun (so better for mobile reading). The iPad is more of an entertainment device, with a multi-touch interface that is tops when it comes to being user friendly. iPad's do not have a physical keyboard - but do have keyboard attachments. I posted with the features when the iPad was first announced and am trying to keep up on all the current news that is streaming by.

So - to answer the question many are asking me "Should I buy an iPad", I ask them what technology need they have first. There are so many options with netbooks, tablets and e-readers, consumers just need to take the time to match their need to their gadgets. And take the time to read up on the product they are considering buying. Here are just some of the posts out about the iPad.

Here is a Pearltree that has links to all the relevant posts about the iPad:


Here are some of the posts included in my Pearltree

Walt Mossberg: Laptop Killer? Pretty Close

David Pogue: Apple iPad FAQ's

MACWorld: First batch of iPad reviews to hit the web

Engadget:"Apple iPad: The definitive guide (so far)" and Netflix streaming, ABC, and 1,348 more iPad approved apps revealed and WSJ iPad subscription officially $17.29 per month -- is Murdoch insane?

Gizmodo: "iPad Mega Meta Review: Works Great, No Surprises" and "Gizmodo's Essential iPad Apps"

Gear Diary: Lots of posts under the iPad category

Ubergizmo: "First iPad Review, I played with it 1/27".

More posts linked to on TechMeme 

CNET: Apple iPad Resource Guide

Post by Leah Eichler on Reuters: "Will Women buy the iPad?"


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