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April 01, 2010

Hottest New Parenting Gadget: Cry Canceler

While lately I have been busy obsessing about tablets versus netbooks versus laptops versus setop boxes versus data streamers for family use, there is one piece of technology that I can say every family needs. Being one of the Co-Founders of Silicon Valley Moms Group allowed me to get early access to the just released tech news about what will be one of the hottest gadgets for families: The Cry Canceler. It solves that problem where a baby is crying and they don't really need anything - but they are just crying.

Here are some of the details from a post on the Silicon Valley Moms Group:Aprilfools_headset_svmoms_svmoms(2)

"But for every problem there's a solution. And here, in Silicon Valley, that solution is often a high tech one. So we were thrilled over here at SVMoms Group  when a group of our amazing bloggers, led by Paige Bayer Canning With Kids, Stacey Hoffer Weckstein and CreateaBalance.com, Cecily Kellogg from Uppercase Woman, and Dagmar Bleasdale of  Dagmar's momsense decided they were tired of slinking out of restaurants or missing out on the latest movies because they couldn't get a babysitter, hired a  local design firm, and came up with a high tech fix. They call their product the Cry Canceler. "

(happy April 1st - ok, this is a joke post)


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