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March 23, 2010

Soon To Be Released Nintendo Dsi XL and Just Announced 3DS

Two exciting new announcements for mobile gamers are Nintendo's soon to be released Nintendo Dsi XL and the just announced Nintendo 3DS. I have not tried either of them, but the new features are sure to get little and big gamers very excited, especially for those that want bigger screens and input devices or  a 3D mobile gaming experience.

Nintendo DSi XL™ 

UTL_A-2_Bronze_RGBNintendo DSi XL™ features listed from the press release:

  • 4.2-inch screens - 93 percent larger then the Nintendo DS™ Lite system screens (improved wider viewing angle)
  • Colors are Burgundy and Bronze, including a matt finish
  • 2 cameras
  • Photo-and sound-manipulation tools
  • Larger pen-like stylus 
  • Parental controls that let adults manage the digital content their children can access
  • The press release states: "With a broadband Internet connection, you can also upload photos directly to Facebook to share with friends or access downloadable Nintendo DSiWare™ games via the Nintendo DSi Shop." Two free applications: the Nintendo DSi Browser and Flipnote Studio™ are also included.

The release date is set as March 28 and the suggested retail price is $189.99.

In honor of the celebration, Nintendo has a "What would you like 93% bigger?” application on Facebook® Platform at http://apps.facebook.com/ninetythree-percent and their Twitter profile: @NintendoAmericaI have a feeling gals may answer that question differently then guys...

Website: Nintendo DSi XL

Nintendo 3DS:

On Engadget today I saw an announcement that they caught in press release from Japan: "Nintendo has just slipped out a press release in Japan informing the world that all-new 3D-capable portable hardware is coming, with a full unveiling set for E3 2010 this June. Tentatively titled the 3DS, this glasses-free 3D wonder is pitched as the successor to both the DS and DSi, and will use a "compatible cart" that should ensure backwards compatibility with your vast library of favorites from the older consoles. Nintendo expects to launch the 3DS into retail "during the fiscal year ending March 2011." CLICK OVER to Engadget to see pictures and more details.

3D gaming without the glasses sounds like a good fit for on the go gaming.

Disclosure: This is not a paid post, it is information from press releases and other tech sites.

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It is getting hard to keep up with the rapid pace of change. As soon as one settles on a device, a new one comes along.

Unfortunately, DSi has a greater CPU than DS, but there are less than 20 games US or Europe dedicated to DSi... I like to play DS wifi games with my mother who has only one valid eye, so she will really love the bigger screen (she plays scrabble in her free time). Together we play only tactile games (she is not able to move classic pads) but it is very funny !

For gamers, bigger screen means more precision and biggers movements (so slower gameplay?) on screen, so I wait for real tests to upgrade my DSi to an XL.
I do play only during my daily travels : is the screen format to big to keep sharing public space !??

See you soon on Pearltrees !

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