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January 25, 2010

When Writing About Tech Trends, I Listen to Star Trek Theme For Inspiration

As usual, when I cover tech conferences I like to take some time to step back and relate the trends to the products, then explain it all in a way that makes sense. Which is why I am STILL working on my CES 2010 (Consumer Electronics Show) trend post. It is not as if I saw mind blowing new technology at CES specifically. But taking into account all I learned from 2009 trends, interesting discussions at MommyTechCES and everything I saw at CES - there are major tech trends in play.

I am getting close and will post soon, for now I post with a YouTube video to show how I felt when I first walked into CES 2010.

Now here is how my 10 year old son would describe the same feeling, a.k.a the Star Trek Remix, times are a changin! I almost think my son would do a better job of explaining the new tech then I would!


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Hi Beth
I'm still working on my CES post too! Just the pile of biz cards is daunting enough. Or maybe the lack of sunlight for 4 days and all that second hand cigarette smoke in the brain is the real reason why what happens in vegas stays in vegas. Think I still have visions of the Samsung area in my dreams.
Great to see you there. Look forward to your round up!
Rebecca Levey

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