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January 17, 2010

Haitan Assistance Relief Telethon - Join In To Help!

LogoHART There has been lots of different ways the blogosphere has been contributing to Haiti Disaster Relief. I mentioned some of my last post about using tech to support the Haiti Earthquake relief effort.

Tonight I am happy to join in on the effort organized by Jim Turner of   One by One Media.  It is callled the Haitian Assistance Relief Telethon (the hash tag #Hart). Here is the description from the website: "24 Hour Internet RadioAthon, 6:00 PM PST Sunday, Jan. 17th to 6:00 PM Monday, Jan 18th - Anchored by wsRadio Host Jim Turner."

The company that will be helping host is WhatGives.com . The show will be on WSRadio.com and livestreaming  on Ustream.com. The Twitter hashtag is  #HART.

I will be joining as a guest on the show tonight (Sunday Jan. 17)  from 8pm - 9pm pst. Join us this Sunday January 17 and help use the power of social media to aid the people of Haiti. We need your help! Click HERE for more information on the Haitan Assistance Relief Telethon.


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Thank you for your participation Beth. You have helped save lives in Haiti.

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