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January 05, 2010

A Chat With Heather McDonald

I decided to write this post while watching my favorite comic-relief-from-my-crazy-days-as-mom-of-3BOYS show "Chelsea Lately". I have been a fan of the Chelsea Lately show for some time - especially the show's "mom" comedian Heather McDonald.

I had the first had the opportunity to meet Heather McDonald at the Los Angeles Moms Blog launch party (we were so honored that she attended!). Then I got a bunch of mom bloggers together to go see the Chelsea Lately show taping, where we did some taping of our own.

Just last month I had the chance to catch up with Heather McDonald (before the Holidays) when I received an Mastercard campaign email about her being available for interviews. I am not part of the campaign (this is not a paid post) - I just took the opportunity to connect with her again. At the time Heather McDonald answered the questions, we were discussing holiday shopping (I got so busy with the holidays that I am just posting now). But I always seem to be shopping - my three boys seem to keep me either at the Grocery store, Target, sports stores and then mama does her own therapy and buys shoes or new family technology.

My first question to Heather McDonald: It would be interesting for other mom bloggers to hear about her process of writing material for Chelsea Lately.

Heather McDonald: "For writing for Chelsea on the show, we first come up with the topic we want to talk about and then with Chelsea quickly come up with her point of view.  Joking about celebrities come pretty easy.  My advice is don’t be afraid to say what you really think on something and if something bugs you tell us why.  You can’t be truly funny unless you know yourself.  Don’t try to be like anyone else or what you think someone wants to read.  Aren’t you tired of the seeing the same scene in every romantic comedy where the girl is on the treadmill and gets distracted by a hot guy and then stops running and falls out of frame?  Think out of the box and if something happened to you that you thought was funny I’m sure so will we."

Second question: As a busy mom, have you started your holiday shopping?

Heather McDonald: "The MasterCard Priceless Gift Finder is so great and such a time saver.  I had to buy for my 16 yr old niece and had no idea what she’d be into since I have two little boys and a 10 yr old girl, so I went on the site answered a few questions about her and my budget and they suggested some very cool Twilight stuff that I had never seen before, so with a click, I bought and felt it was a lot more hip than some lotions and a candle.  Also by using my MasterCard to purchase I got 10 dollars worth of MP3 downloads."

Here is a link to the Heather McDonald 'Not So Perfect' Gift Vignette

The comedians of Chelsea Lately Tour dates are listed here

This is not a paid post.


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