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November 25, 2009

My Work-cation at ReThink Hawaii

RethinkhawaiiWhen Christine Lu contacts me about an event, I do everything I can to show up. She is one of those connectors that brings interesting people together to spark amazing discussions. My husband Neil Blecherman and I decided to join go to the ReThink Hawaii conference after she notified us. We not only looked at it as a chance to network and  but as a vacation; we had not been away for longer then a day together in 10 years - since we started our wonderful family of 3 boys!!.

Photo Credit: Kris Krug

Here is a picture of the ReThink Hawaii attendees, my husband and I are in the middle left - Christine Lu is at the front. Because we wanted to spend some time at the beach, we did not get to attend all the sessions. On the last day we enjoyed going to TEDx Honolulu just before we jumped on the plane. I enjoyed seeing the TEDx video to explain the passion that is spreading around the world. The TEDx Honolulu organizers (including L.P. “Neenz” Faleafine and Traci Toguchi and also did a great job of pulling together a compelling program. I look forward to when the TEDx  Honolulu videos are loaded. Of course, I am somewhat bias because of my excitement to hear my husband's TEDx speech (Neil Blecherman).

Being in semi-vacation mode, I decided to cover this trip via smartphone - using Twitter to capture my thoughts.My husband attended the Sustainablity/Eco session we both attended Social Media Business Summit Co-organized by Christine Lu, Rick Calver, Jim Turner.  I enjoyed speaking on a panel at the summit about Parent Bloggers with Jim Turner. The "Re-tweets" below with my picture are from an attendee who shared some of my key thoughts as I spoke. I also enjoyed hearing Jim Turner's perspective as one of the original parent bloggers who also runs a successful media business called One by One Media. We both shared that we don't make money from blogging - blogging is a way for us to share our voice. We have other businesses that compliment the blogging. I summarized a few of my key answers when asked why I blog.  Why TechMama blogs: "blogging a great platform for creating an online brand and image, blogging creates my voice but make money on other things (i.e. books, consulting), the three overall reasons I blog is community -relevance - voice. that's why "

Here is a summary of my Twitter stream from the conference. I will be looking at new ways to micro-blog, including trying the BlackBerry Whrrl app I just loaded.

TechMama's Twitter Stream from ReThink Hawaii:
  1. @Techmama:
    Also had the chance to hear @tracitoguchi beautiful music while in Hawaii ! http://www.tracitoguchi.com/music.html
  2. techmama
    Great job by @tedxhonolulu #tedxhnl organizers http://www.tedxhonolulu.com/organizers/ @neenz , @tracitoguchi and connector @christinelu
  3. techmama
    Sorry I missed great #tedxhnl talk by Henk Rogers http://bit.ly/OFX0m
  4. techmama
    Had2leave for airplane, but also heard great things about #tedxhnl talks by @jillbuck http://bit.ly/2tXzWY, @kaiserkuo http://bit.ly/3ChQfS
  5. techmama
    Excited to have heard hubby @neilblecherman give great talk at #tedxhnl about http://bit.ly/369oK #Intel Sustainability programs
  6. techmama
    Enjoyed meeting @leahlamb from @current_green http://current.com/green/ at #ReThink
  7. techmama
    RT @HawaiianKiko #ALOHA Friday #SURF @thedailydish @jeannemariepics @dkmashino @makeitagreatday @jamespizon @techmama @Zippys @DavidCantone
  8. techmama
    RT @leahlamb #rethink treats: @christinelu @jowyang @jkretch @kk @neenz @amanda @genuine @blogworld @davemcclure @techmama @MjBubbles @rmmdc
  9. techmama
    #ff toINSPIRING #ReThink Hawaii org. http://bit.ly/rEnOS incl. @christinelu @neenz @CfNoble @genuine @blogworld @mjbubbles @davemcclure #fb
  10. techmama
    RT @SeeMomRunBook #ff @parentopiadevra @techmama @rolemommy @multitaskingme @keepitclassyjen @ohmariana @twincident @amndaj @treerootandtwig
  11. techmama
    RT @neilblecherman says: Grassroots efforts for sustainability is happening at the employee level @intel. #tedxhnl
  12. techmama
    RT @NEENZ: Educated Workforce is a big asset in attracting new business. @jillbuck #tedxhnl http://myloc.me/1lVAm
  13. techmama
    RT @lavasusan Intel's 4th focus:tech 2solve environmental challenges. Ex: decrease travel=videoconferencing, desktop sharing IT. #tedxhnl
  14. techmama
    RT @christinelu Jason Tom at #TEDxHNL human synthesizer. Amazing!!! #rethink http://post.ly/Bktx
  15. techmama
    RT @billso - @kaiserkuo: we need to be better informed so we can use Internet & social networks for positive change. #tedxhnl
  16. techmama
    RT @leahlamb: TED talk on importance of "play" -- we forget that as adults. We remember it during #goap #rethink #tedxhnl (via @christinelu
  17. techmama
    RT @neenz: Henk Rogers talking about his shift from board games to RPG to computer games to mobile games. #tedxhnl
  18. techmama
    RT @elliottng: #tedxhnl Henk Rogers (videogame pioneer) working on virtual goods...new project http://bit.ly/gvGLce
  19. techmama
    http://twitpic.com/odxd3 - #TEDxHNL @neenz and @neilblecherman
  20. techmama
    http://twitpic.com/odx2b - #TEDxHNL @neenz welcoming everyone
  21. techmama
    http://twitpic.com/odvqj - Listening to beautiful Hawaiian song at #TEDxHNL 
  22. techmama
    http://twitpic.com/odsoq - Intro slide to @TEDxHonolulu
  23. techmama
    http://twitpic.com/odrxj - @kaiserkuo @neilblecherman @jillbuck getting ready to speak at @TEDxHonolulu #fb
  24. techmama
    http://twitpic.com/odpnn - @neenz and @neilblecherman getting ready for @TEDxHonolulu
  25. techmama
    /RT @kk @jowyang: Group photo by @kk of the #rethink Hawaii crew http://www.flickr.com/photos/kk/4076106021/sizes/l/ (well, most of group)
  26. techmama
    RT @tedxhonolulu TEDxHonolulu Speaker: Jill Buck | TEDxHonolulu http://bit.ly/1M08RW
  27. techmama
    RT @tedxhonolulu TEDxHonolulu Speaker: Neil Blecherman | TEDxHonolulu http://bit.ly/11uiuI
  28. techmama
    Off to last cocktail meetup w/ #ReThink Hawaii group, sitting on bench near beach thinking that we have2bring our boys2 Hawaii!
  29. techmama
    #ReThink we are cyber thanking @pierre Ulupono Initiative http://www.uluponoiniative.com
  30. techmama
    @christinelu is presenting closing info, many have learned lots, connected with new peeps, and really enjoyed being in #Hawaii ! #rethink
  31. techmama
    #ReThink Hawaii @jowyang: recent changes- google's social network gains, Facebook strives to be open, search results impacted by Twitter
  32. #ReThink Hawaii @jowyang future of social media&business: social personalization ( content & advertising based on social web profiles)
  33. techmama
    #ReThink Hawaii @jowyang future of social media: companies should develop holistic plan2have same cust experience throughtout sales process
  34.  techmama
    #ReThink Hawaii @jowyang future of social media: Companies who can not meet social web needs of cust. need to develop cust advocacy programs
  35. techmama
    #ReThink Hawaii @jowyang future of social media: 4th trend social CRM - cust support issues become PR issues-how can CRM systems be updated?
  36. techmama
    #ReThink Hawaii @jowyang future of social media- 8 obj of listening ..incl track brand mentions
  37. techmama
    #ReThink Hawaii @jowyang future of social media: anticipate customer needs, develop active listening, empower customer advocacy program
  38. techmama
    #ReThink Hawaii @jowyang session: social web is now real time web (Google working with Twitter for social search)
  39. techmama
    #ReThink Hawaii @jowyang session: Evolve corporate website: join cust. where they are and incorporate social technologies (ex. Is Echo)
  40. techmama
    #ReThink Hawaii @jowyang trend: corporate websites less relevant, people trust neighbor/friends opinion&have tech to communicate w/eachother
  41. techmama
    #ReThink Hawaii @jowyang Talking about Google side Wiki, makes any web page social
  42. techmama
    @NEENZ: Great to finally meet you! @alltop is my online magazine rack& is great resource for me to find online sites for dif topics #rethink
  43. techmama
    RT @NEENZ: Our Moms topic on @alltop was built w/help from @techmama she then went on to build a nation of women bloggers #rethink
  44. techmama
    http://twitpic.com/oaqfl - Sneaking out of conference to take my first swim in lovely Hawaii ocean
  45. techmama
    FeelingThankful2 #ReThink organizers for such a fabulous event - @christinelu , chris noble, @davemcclure , @genuine, @blogworld and more..
  46. techmama
    @amauiblog talking about maui mom blogger community - incl OhanaMama (they do tweetups w/ bloggers from other islands)
  47. techmama
    #ReThink @coachdeb hint: softsell = product placement in your favorite show
  48. techmama
    #ReThink Twitter session @coachdeb softsell: Indirect &gentle ears, speak from heart, share stories, be charming
  49. techmama
    #ReThink Twitter session @coachdeb: softsell = PR, Twitter, Network Marketing, relationship building
  50. techmama
    #ReThink @coachdeb hint: use Tweetglide.me
  51. techmama
    #ReThink @coachdeb hint: tweetsR only archived 2 weeks -if you "favor" (gold star) your tweet it will be saved
  52. techmama
    #ReThink Twittersession @coachdeb Tribal seduction formula: Captivate attention, hook emotion, advance trust,radiate desire, motivate2action
  53. techmama
    #ReThink @coachded said good Twitter PR strategy: find out how you will be top of mind, it's how you will be remembered
  54. techmama
    @coachdeb giving a great speech about finding your tribe (that you have something in common) on Twitter #ReThink Hawaii
  55. Beth Blechermantechmama
    RT @bjgoldstein: blogging a great platform for creating an online brand and image @techmama #rethink
  56. Beth Blechermantechmama
    RT @bjgoldstein: blogging creates my voice but make money on other things (i.e. books, consulting) @techmama #rethink
  57. Beth Blechermantechmama
    RT @rethinkhawaii: community. relevance. voice. that's why @techmama blogs. #rethink
  58. techmama
    http://twitpic.com/oa4u0 - So excited to meet my first Hawaiian Mommyblogger: @amauiblog Liza #ReThink Hawaii
  59. techmama @genuine Jim Turner social media talk: SEO worthy original content may be more effective then press releases #ReThink Blogworld Hawaii
  60. techmama
    Next up, @genuine and @techmama talk about moms & dads in social meda (I won't be tweeting - will be talking) #ReThink BlogWorld Hawaii
  61. techmama
    @genuine Jim Turner talk about social media metaphor "relationship first" THEN the sale #ReThink Blogworld Hawaii
  62. techmama
    @genuine talk #ReThink BlogWorld Listening ex.: Home Depot used Twitter in disaster situation2let customers know where2buy timber&supplies
  63. techmama
    Listening to @genuine Jim Turner talk about ROI of social media: building a brand, build army of evangelists #ReThink Blogworld Hawaii
  64. techmama  Listening @genuine Jim Turner talk ROI benefits of social media: SEO, Metrics/Analytics, more effic.& affordable #ReThink Blogworld Hawaii
  65. techmama
    Listening to @genuine Jim Turner talk- listening also incl. brand & reputation monitoring, conversation&feedback #ReThink Blogworld Hawaii
  66. techmama
    Listening to @genuine Jim Turner talk about listening to customers is the new marketing #ReThink Blogworld Hawaii
  67. techmama
    Listening to @genuine Jim Turner - 2009 is year of Listening, listening is the new marketing #ReThink Hawaii
  68.  techmama
    Listening to @genuine Jim Turner talk about social media is not silver bullet, findability is key
  69. techmama
    http://twitpic.com/o9qfy - Listening to @genuine Jim Turner talk about social web (Twitter, Facebook etc.) #ReThink Hawaii
  70. techmama
    http://twitpic.com/o9prv - Listening to @genuine Jim Turner talk about Participatory Marketing at BlogWorld #ReThink Hawaii
  71. techmama
    http://twitpic.com/o9ob0 - Watching @genuine Jim Turner & @Blogworld Rick welcome everyone to BlogWorld summit at #ReThink Hawaii #goap
  72. techmama
    Retweet @mayhemstudios Check out this SlideShare Presentation : Kodak Social Media Tips http://bit.ly/48fVwZ #140conf
  73. techmama
    http://twitpic.com/o7t9t - @davemcclure talking about upcoming Geeks on a Plane events #goap #ReThink Hawaii
  74. techmama
    http://twitpic.com/o7seh - @davemcclure @christinelu welcoming us at day 2 cocktail party #goap #Rethink
  75. techmama
    http://twitpic.com/o7i0z - @mikebutcher @kk in front of Navy missle landmark- Pearl Harbor #goap #ReThink Hawaii
  76. techmama:  @techsavvymama Tell me more about Nokia #N97, just saw one that a friend had last night
  77. techmama: Leaving @PacificAviation Museum Pearl Harbor, great museum with very knowledgable docents #ReThink Hawaii
  78. techmama: Talking with a fellow geek mom @tanyanoel at #ReThink Hawaii
  79. techmama: http://twitpic.com/o78u5 Met Pacific Aviation Dir. of Mktg @Annemurata & Marketing Coord. @arasak #ReThink Hawaii (tweeting next to me!) 
  80. techmama:@PacificAviation The Pearl Harbor museum is great! Thanks for the amazing tour:-)
  81. techmama:@mammaloves yes it is incredible to think of what they went through at Pearl Harbor - did you tour museum?
  82. techmama: http://twitpic.com/o76ci At Pearl Habor museum looking at Aeronca 65TC small plane user in air during attack #ReThink #Hawaii
  83. techmama: http://twitpic.com/o75ru A geek f/"Geeks on a plane/#ReThink Hawaii" showing us how big the Pearl Harbor missles were
  84. http://twitpic.com/o758e - techmama:At Pearl Habor museum looking at painting #ReThink #Hawai
  85. http://twitpic.com/o74qa - techmama:Hanging out with hubby and sailors at Pearl Harbor museum Hawaii
  86. techmama: Touring Pear Harbor Hawaii is making me think of amazing crew of USS_Nimitz and the blogger embark team
  87. http://twitpic.com/o72zv - techmama:At Pearl Habor museum hanger looking at H-3 (same helicopter Presidents use) #ReThink #Hawai
  88. http://twitpic.com/o72li - techmama:At Pearl Habor museum hanger looking at restoration area #ReThink Hawaii
  89. http://twitpic.com/o724y - techmama:At Pearl Habor museum hanger looking at F-14 Top Gun #ReThink #Hawaii
  90. http://twitpic.com/o71to - techmama:At Pearl Habor museum hanger, bullet holes in green windows are from Dec. 7 1941
  91. techmama: RT @elliottng #rethink RT @mashraqi: @jillbuck's GoGreenInitiative conserved 27M gallons(water), 34,500 barrels(oil), 67B BTUs (energy)
  92. techmama:@leahlamb Thanks for cyber intro2 @ecodads ,My hubby who I consider an ecodad @neilblecherman showed that great site to me as well. go #eco
  93. techmama:Looking at the CurrentTV Green site after meeting http://current.com/green/ after meeting @Leahlamb at #ReThink Hawaii
  94. techmama:@christinelu @CFNoble, @davemcclure & all #ReThink Hawaii organizers http://bit.ly/rEnOS did great job, fun has already started
  95. techmama:Enjoyed meeting @blogworld Rick Calvert & @GENUINE Jim Turner at #ReThink Hawaii, looking forward to #BlogWorld Social Media Summit on Wed.
  96. http://twitpic.com/o5oy5 - #fb techmama: Watching #ReThink Hawaii Env. Innovation panel w/@neilblecherman @leahlamb @jillbuck & Jeff Mikulina
  97. techmama: http://twitpic.com/o5aom - This is my new favorite workspace, at balcony in Wakiki #rethink #Hawaii
  98. techmama: http://twitpic.com/o3im8 @davemcclure and @neilblecherman at #rethink Hawaii
  99. techmama:  http://twitpic.com/o2aneLooking at Waikiki Beach, thinking that being a geek is fun! #rethink


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