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August 25, 2009

Jo Koy: His Mom and The Wii

My husband and I are BIG fans of the Chelsea Lately show, especially as comic relief to the challenges of parenthood. Last night we found a comedy show by one of the Chelsea Lately comedians - Jo Koy called "Don't Make Him Angry". Jo Koy happens to be a father himself, and has very funny comedy routines about parenthood. One part of the show especially made me laugh - when he talked about his Mom and the Wii! I knew I had to post that video on Techmamas. Here is the clip, keep in mind that MY MOM totally rocks Mario Kart and Wii Tennis. Looks like we are not alone.

**Note: I was honored to have the opportunity to view a Chelsea Lately taping. But the MOST EXCITING part was interviewing ( with Kimberley Blaine and other LA Moms Bloggers ) my other favorite parent/comedian - Heather McDonald. Here is a link to the post and video about our adventures at the LA Moms Blog "Kimberley Lately - LA Mom Bloggers get VIP Treatment at the Chelsea Lately Show ".

Jo Koy Don't Make Him Angry: Mom and Wii

Update 4/11/2010:

Looks like Viacom blocked the video I posted above. Here is a link to the video on the Comedy Central Website: Jo Koy Wii.


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Excellent find. Jo Koy is a great comedian. I remember when my niece couldn't believe how good her grandfather was when she played against him in Wii. Age doesn't matter when it comes to the video game world.

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