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August 13, 2009

WINNER - Back To School Giveaway: Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop & Accessories

WINNER of Dell Inspiron & Accessories: Random.org helped us randomly pick commenter: Amanda Hellen

We contacted Amanda and here is what she said:

"I cannot wait to use this!!  This Dell is going to help with school and work!  I am enrolled in school and can work from home and work with a database for my job so this is perfect!! I want to pinch myself.  My current laptop is so slow.  Yay!"


When PR for Walmart contacted me with some information about their back to school technology offerings - I asked if they had anything to giveaway to Techmamas.com readers. They said yes, so here is all the info. Note - this is not a paid post, but it is something TechMama likes doing: giving away products to her readers! Here is the information from the press release and details about a giveaway:

PRESS RELEASE INFO:"Student needs are rapidly changing and Mom has a greater focus on affordability than ever before.  That is why Walmart is making a commitment to provide students and parents with a wide variety of laptops at unprecedented savings. Walmart worked closely with brands like HP, Dell, Acer and Toshiba to find the best laptops for students and offer them the best prices.   Starting at 8am on Sunday, July 26th Walmart started offering first-ever $298 Compaq Presario Notebook with 3 GB Memory and an Acer Notebook with an 8-hour battery- perfect for back to school.  In August, Walmart will offer an HP Netbook and Toshiba Notebook with a 17-inch screen, among others.”

Last month Walmart introduced a new colorful assortment of  the Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop at $498 in black, blue, pink, red, purple and aqua to match Walmart’s Back to College color pallets of furnishings and accessories for dorm room décor. "


GIVEAWAY: One TechMamas reader will be randomly choosen to win ONE Pink Dell Inspiron 1545 PLUS the accessories listed below in pink (except for the Western Digital Hardrive which is red).

Also available in a variety of colors, the computer accessories for this giveaway include:

1. Western Digital 250 GB Hard Drive - ($60) – Available in black, blue, pink and red

2. Logitech V220 Cordless Optical Mouse ($25) – Available in black, blue, pink and red

3. Logitech LS-11 Stereo Speaker System  ($19 each) – Available in blue or pink

4. SanDisk 4GB Flash Drive  ($12) – Available in blue, pink, red, aqua, orange and green

5. JVC Gummy Headphones ($8) – Available in black, blue, pink, green, white, violet,

Comment below with what type of technology you as a student, your kids or children you know use for schoolwork as an entry to win a pink Dell Inspiron and the above matching accessories. My 10 year old starting needing a computer for his homework last year in 4th grade. I assume having a laptop for college these days is a must! Here are details:

  • Contest will be open as of 7pm 8/5  and close 8/12 7pm pst. Winner will be announced on 8/13 by 12pm pst.
  • Walmart is the prize provider and will send the prizes to the winner. We are not responsible for any lost packages or incorrect shipping addresses. The prize is not redeemable in cash and must be accepted as awarded.
  • One entry per person
  • Winners are limited by geography to US residents only.
  • The random winner will be chosen by Techmamas.com, all decisions are final.


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We use an HP desktop computer for the whole family but could definitely use a laptop!

I use a wireless laptop to get all my work done, but I'd love to get a new one in a cool color!

I really need a laptop because I just began college online at age 42. I can't afford to buy even a used laptop because I was laid off work over a year ago. I spent all my savings and my unemployment has run out. I finally got a job a couple of weeks ago but I still haven't got money for my bills. Please help me get laptop for my studies. If my power gets turned of I won't be able to use my old dial up computer for my college studies.

RAM RAM RAM. The more the better. Every software upgrade requires more RAM.

Hard drive as big as you can get. They will fill it up with ringtones, music, movie downloads and every once in a while a paper written for a teacher.

Wi Fi access is good. College IT departments get REALLY upset if you try to connect a laptop anywhere but your dorm rooms.

we have a family PC but I want to for once in my life be greedy and have my own laptop so I can run off and hide

My daughter and I use a desktop right now, she starts college this fall and she could really use a laptop

I use a laptop, my teen age son has taken over the desktop. Sometimes he not only uses the desktop but also uses the laptop on the side. From technical subjects, to research to art projects, to succeed in studies you must have computer technology in this modern world.

My 7 year old has been using desktop computers @ her school instead of writing since starting kind
ergarten. Instead of the hour long computer labs I used to attend in school she has 3 penmanship sessions a week.

I've been taking one to two classes a semester to get my business degree. If I didn't have my laptop, no matter how old and sad it is, I wouldn't have made it this far. I could be a stenographer with how well I type now after taking hours of notes.

well the young ones have computers at the schooldesks which is shocking- what about books and learnig- all the way to eldest in college where he has to have a computer for class- his homework, tests and books are all on- lighter yes but once again they do not learn to search out books

We use a Compaq laptop. It's very convenient but we could really use a better one.

well my old laptop just broke, so this would be great, especially since im in college.

I am definitely going to use my Kindle when I go back to school next semester. Much easier to keep all my books organized and I don't have to haul around so much stuff.

I use an old desktop to get all my work done. It would be really great to have a laptop to be able to take work with me and be mobile

My daughter loves art and playing with Photo Shop on the computer. She needs it for her art classes.

Our kids needed their own computer a few years ago...and we bought them one. We just bought them a laptop last Christmas and the screen just cracked this week!

I've been so thankful for the laptop for the kids because they sure have so much research to do for homework and going to the library is not always convenient. This is such a great give away! Thanks for sharing with your readers and I hope to win this for my daughter as we believe she is now ready for her own laptop and not have to share w/her brothers.

So awesome of Walmart to have this give away!


Would love to win this for my daughter!

We use a dell desk top that is pretty old and could use a new laptap that will probably move a lot faster than the old one.

I am a student in college and yes, a laptop is a must! Not only do we HAVE to have word and excel available at all times, it seems my professors talk so fast its impossible to write it all down. Having a computer for school would help me with my note taking! I type faster than I can write, plus less hand cramps and no dead trees. ;)

My kids are always on the computer and a lot of the time it's to do homework. A lot of book reports, research papers and more.

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