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June 05, 2009

Twitter Gone Wild: Heather Mills Twitters About Losing Leg In Fall

I am left somewhat speechless at what people Twitter these days, and happy my kids are not on just yet (my twins just learned to read - so I have time).

While watching my favorite-comedy-relief-from-craze-of-real-life show "Chelsea Lately", I heard Chelsea Handler mention that Heather Mills (the ex-wife of Paul McCartney) tweet that she fell in a supermarket, her prosthetic leg fell off - then two teenage boys gave her her leg back.

Huh.... Now that may just be crossing the line for what goes on Twitter - or maybe not? What is appropriate to Twitter about?

Here is the tweet, judge for yourself:

"slipped on spilt milk whilst being followed down supermarket aisle by two teenage boys, ended up on my ass, but they rescued my leg and me"
Heather Mills

Update: Commenter ilinap made a good point so I am adding it to the post:

"I think it's not going too far since she sent the tweet. If an onlooker had sent it I would likely think otherwise."


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I think it's not going too far since she sent the tweet. If an onlooker had sent it I would likely think otherwise.

I always miss the action on Twitter! I think as long as Heather twittered it and not somebody else that it was fine. It would have been poor taste had an onlooker did it. Thanks for sharing though cause I have to admit I had a lil chuckle.

Why anyone is reading Heather Mills tweets is beyond me. Then again I'm mad at Paul McCartney for not marrying ME.

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