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June 21, 2009

Fathers Day Ode to Dr. Seuss

I asked my husband if he would do a blog post for me that I can put up for Father's Day. So my wonderful husband, Neil Blecherman (and super Dad to our 3 very active boys), wrote a poem for Father's Day. Happy Father's Day!!


Dr. Suess Father's Day - By Neil Blecherman

Hop on Pop

Hop on Pop and do not stop

He is the best, yes Pop is top,

When not arresting like a cop.


Couch is old but bounces well.

Boys go up and shout and yell.

Screams are heard all over town.

Kids right side up and upside down

Always a smile, never a frown

They enjoy the Dad Day jumping

But muscles in pops back are lumping

Lumping muscles everywhere

Can I please sit in a chair?

In a chair wayyyy over there?


What happened to breakfast in bed?

“Please feed in bed” the dad had said.

Green eggs (no ham) in bed today

Food makes dad glad on dad’s big day !!

Toast is the most, with New York Times

Peace and quiet writing rhymes.

Cereal is also good dad food

Helping calm his “daditude”

No food? Then Bad Dad Poet is rude.


Bad Dad Poet goes for a run

Running, phasers set on “stun”.

Stun the dogs, stun the cats

Stun the mailman who wears blue hats.


Stun the Sneeches on their beaches

Stun Horton, whose voice Whoville reaches.


Stun Thing 1 and stun Thing 2

Stun another Thing, please do!

Keep on running, running slow

Legs say “stop” but brain says “go”.

Brain tells legs, “After run, BenGay

So pain in ancient legs goes away”

iPod playing in old Dad ears

Running with Boston clears ears for years.

Exercise helps grow Dad’s brain

With legs, back, knees and feet in pain. 


Big brain helps Dad stay in shape

As hair moves from head down the back (like ape).

Pop’s not Superman with a big red cape.

Hop on pop causes insurance claim

Boys are big, their weight can maim.


Dad starts to wonder, “next year please”

Dad’s day in park, (I’m in my forties).

Poem Copyright Neil Blecherman 2009. Names of Dr. Seuss characters belong to the wonderful Dr. Seuss, whose books we read to our kids all the time!!!


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That's hilarious. Neil has the potential to take up the Dr. Seuss reigns!

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