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June 24, 2009

Day in the Cloud Challenge - With Virgin America and Google

I made the sacrifice this morning to get up at 3:30am (after blogging until 12:30am) to attend a 6am Virgin America/Google event called " Day in the Cloud" challenge. There are very few things that will get me out of bed at 3:30am. Before this it was only for night breastfeedings when my boys were infants. This time I had to chance to be on a Virgin America flight from SFO to LAX with other media - that were playing an online challenge game against the Virgin America flight from LAX to SFO. The Virgin America flights have GoGo Inflight Wi-Fi so we could all go online after the flight was above 10,000 feet. 

The challenge is an online game that is a combination of brain teasers and questions. The term "cloud" relates to cloud computing: "Cloud computing is a new way of using your computer that lets you store, access and share your information through the web, instead of on your hard drive."

Gaming on the airplane - my 10 year old son would be so proud.

**All of today those on other Virgin America flights and even those on ground can play the challenge (on June 24 until midnight) by logging onto the Day in the Cloud website**

Luckily, I answered questions on cloud computing and Google Apps right - but could not handle the brain teasers on 2 hours of sleep.. I tried... One of the questions was about Google Talk emoticons. I was sitting with a group of fellow gamers and we just "Googled" Google Talk emoticons to find the answer. One brain teaser was "What is second largest cave chamber in the United states", which we also found in Wikipedia using Google search.  Part of the challenge is demonstrating the ability to find the answers online. One of the gamers is an official "puzzle" expert, so I decided to site next to him to learn some puzzle strategy. He was helping me with strategies to find answers, and I was excited to at least help him on one question (it required language translation so I said he should just enter the phrase into Google Translate).

As always, meeting the other participants is part of the fun. I sat next to my GadgetSpin buddy Eliane from Ubergizmo. Behind us on the plane was one of the Virgin America social media guys that we had met originally on the Orange County Virgin America launch party (Bowen).  Two bloggers from sites that I read every day on my RSS feeds were sitting in front of me ( Ben Parr from Mashable and Anthony Ha from Venture Beat). There were also Google and Virgin America representatives to talk with.

The most fun Google representative for me to talk with was Google Digital Mom Jenn Mazzon. We not only shared thoughts about our busy lives as moms of multiples, but also strategies for working mom family management. Jenn shared her use of Google Calender and Google Apps as family management tools in a video interview that I will load this weekend.

I will have another chance on my flight back to SFO to play the challenge. I need to have more caffeine before I can attempt playing again. Or just sit next to the Puzzle expert...

Later tonight I will load some pictures.

Disclosure: I was NOT paid to attend this event, but the Virgin America flights for media covering the event were complimentary.


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Beth, great article. I will have to go & take the challenge. I'm excited to have found your blog & will definitely follow you on fb & twitter. I'm trying to get the word out about our Christian based pc games that range from pre-schoolers to adults. Feel free to come visit our site - www.leftbehindgames.com
Would love to get your opinion on our games.

Thank you,

:Post the vid of Jenn using Google calendar and Google apps!!

That was fun. Is there any airlines that offer Wi-fi? The idea of "gaming on the plane" is cool, this is another opportunity for the game publishers to boost their income. For sure gamers will love this setup, imagine playing MMORPG while waiting for your destination.

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