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May 14, 2009

WSJ Video: Handwashing To Fight Disease

I received my daily Wall Street Journal email feed today and saw a link to a article and video by Health Columnist Melinda Beck with a technique for washing hands. I have been trying to talk my three sons through the proper handwashing steps - but decided that a video may be an even better way to show them. With the multiple warnings going around, good hand washing is the best defense against disease.

WSJ Article: Put Up Your Dukes: Fighting Disease With Soap and Water

WSJ Video: A Lesson in Hand Washing

In the modern world of multi-media, showing your kids a video on hand washing may be a way to reach them if nagging has not.


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Thanks for pointing this out. A good one to show the kids, for sure. I always find the rubbing together of the hands is the hardest concept for them to grasp, so maybe video will work. Another person instructing them, besides me always seems to be more effective also. What did our mom's do without the internet?

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