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February 03, 2009

Paper Vs. Smartphone? Paper Reigns

 I have written posts, articles and given lots of advice on how to sync calenders to your computer and smartphone. I have all the equipment, cables and more to make it happen. But there is a secret I must admit - I STILL USER PAPER.. Infact, my todo list for today is on (yikes) PAPER.

Why would a Techmama end up in this situation?

Syncing my BlackBerry to my PC Outlook schedule is all dependent on a cable. I happen to have lost that cable (or my sons used it for some type of experiment/art project). I then happened to get really busy and had no time to buy a new sync cable. Which then lead to my BlackBerry calender being out of sync with my PC Outlook calender. This lead to (another yikes) me to use paper in the interim.

Until I can "wirelessly" sync my smartphone to my PC outlook calender - I will need to now and then rely on good old paper. I was thrilled to see an article in the Google Blog from Techmeme titled "Tasks: Paper vs. iPhone" and the term "paper reigns".

If you ask the general mom population what they use for todo's and calenders I would say that many would say they still use paper. There are many moms who are early adopters on online calendering systems - and there are great online alternatives available.

The iPhone users I talk to say they enjoy the iPhone calender system, which has seamless syncing. But they have not found a comfortable solution for todo lists on the iPhone. BlackBerry and select Window's based smartphone users are happy with the calender and the ability to create todo lists, but are not as happy with the syncing process. There is "middleware" that enable wireless syncing, but who wants to buy something called middleware? Some carriers offer wireless syncing options, but that may be hard to keep track of.

So for now, many moms are walking around either going full on paper for their calendering system or using a hybrid approach. I know that keeping track of my family calender from PC to smartphone would be so much easier if it was all "wireless".


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I use Remember the Milk for my to-do list. If you sign up for premium service, you can get the app. I haven't done that yet, so I'm just using the mobile web version, which is pretty good. Also, I'm using Pick n Choose for my grocery list, which I love!

I actually did a podcast on this a couple of weeks ago. Check it out: http://emergingtechnologiesconsulting.com/2009/01/09/etc-podcast-iphone-apps-to-keep-you-productive-on-the-road/

I use Google calendar which is wirelessly synched to my blackberry. I then use the app 'google calendar sync' to backup to my Outlook (just in case). I have never had much of a need to carry around my entire to-do list. When I want a few item list on the go I use Jott.

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