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January 29, 2009

ReadWriteWeb - 8 Moblie Technologies in 2009, 2010

I was reading my TechMeme and saw this post by Sarah Perez of ReadWriteWeb (one of my techie favorites): 8 Mobile Technologies to Watch in 2009, 2010. The post really brings up the most relevant mobile technologies.

I have a full list of my own after returning from CES which I will post with soon. For now, here are a few of my top moblie picks.

Netbook, Netbook, Netbook: Above and beyond a smartphone, I think the netbook will revolutionize moblie computing. A netbook is not made to be the main computer, but is made to cover all moblie computing needs (web surfing, watching videos, email, online social networking, storing documents and media files). I am in the process of reviewing netbooks, and made a "netbook" category just for it - because it has had such an impact on me (I can finally have moblie computing, with a reasonable keyboard and a light/small enough computer that I can put it in my handbag).

I do like having my computer at home for the heavy duty work, and having my netbook for moblie. I even use email to sync, but am looking into online storage/syncing.

Wireless Home: I am adding some quick details about this area but will discuss this more in future posts. There are so many technologies available that allow you to have "wireless" mobile control of household functions such as lights/heat, access to home computers, ability to schedule shows to be recorded and even turn on music before you walk into the door. Computers and printers can be shared across rooms. Music players can be in one room and wirelessly accessed in others. The family schedule can be moved from a piece of paper on the fridge to a screen on the kitchen wall.

More to come, but for now here is a link to the NextGen home website that I did not get a chance to see at CES, but will be looking into: NextGen Home Experience.

More to come after school pick-up (I have my priorities!).

Wireless Car: Cars will be able to tap into your cell phone and give you handsfree access to not only phone calls, but directions and more. Or you can use your cell phone as a navigation system by putting it into a car holder. Bluetooth, which was mentioned in the ReadWriteWeb post is also my top tech. trend pick - which has revolutionized the term "handsfree" with bluetooth headsets and more! The new Bluetooth specifications mentioned in the ReadWriteWeb article will allow faster transfer speeds.


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