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January 29, 2009

ReadWriteWeb - 8 Moblie Technologies in 2009, 2010

I was reading my TechMeme and saw this post by Sarah Perez of ReadWriteWeb (one of my techie favorites): 8 Mobile Technologies to Watch in 2009, 2010. The post really brings up the most relevant mobile technologies.

I have a full list of my own after returning from CES which I will post with soon. For now, here are a few of my top moblie picks.

Netbook, Netbook, Netbook: Above and beyond a smartphone, I think the netbook will revolutionize moblie computing. A netbook is not made to be the main computer, but is made to cover all moblie computing needs (web surfing, watching videos, email, online social networking, storing documents and media files). I am in the process of reviewing netbooks, and made a "netbook" category just for it - because it has had such an impact on me (I can finally have moblie computing, with a reasonable keyboard and a light/small enough computer that I can put it in my handbag).

I do like having my computer at home for the heavy duty work, and having my netbook for moblie. I even use email to sync, but am looking into online storage/syncing.

Wireless Home: I am adding some quick details about this area but will discuss this more in future posts. There are so many technologies available that allow you to have "wireless" mobile control of household functions such as lights/heat, access to home computers, ability to schedule shows to be recorded and even turn on music before you walk into the door. Computers and printers can be shared across rooms. Music players can be in one room and wirelessly accessed in others. The family schedule can be moved from a piece of paper on the fridge to a screen on the kitchen wall.

More to come, but for now here is a link to the NextGen home website that I did not get a chance to see at CES, but will be looking into: NextGen Home Experience.

More to come after school pick-up (I have my priorities!).

Wireless Car: Cars will be able to tap into your cell phone and give you handsfree access to not only phone calls, but directions and more. Or you can use your cell phone as a navigation system by putting it into a car holder. Bluetooth, which was mentioned in the ReadWriteWeb post is also my top tech. trend pick - which has revolutionized the term "handsfree" with bluetooth headsets and more! The new Bluetooth specifications mentioned in the ReadWriteWeb article will allow faster transfer speeds.

January 28, 2009

Primetime Special With Katie Couric - Domestic Violence Within The Military

I posted with details about the Grammy Primetime special next Wed. Feb. 4, but I forgot to post that CBS News with Katie Couric's primetime special TONIGHT will cover domestic abuse within the military. 

I know that military families also have a strong presence in the blogosphere and on websites, which is a great way to have an online support system for many different issues. One of the websites I have on my blogroll is Parents Zone, I would really enjoy finding out about others.

Click Here to see a video snippet from the show. Press release is below.

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January 27, 2009

CBS News With Katie Couric Goes Primetime With A Grammy Special

Image001(2) Not that a 40 something mom could think that Justin Timberlake is hot a great singer, but I do... So of course when I heard that Katie Couric was going primetime on CBS with a Grammy Special on Feb. 4 - and interviewing (uh.. em) Justin Timberlake - I decided to make sure to tune it in.

I had the opportunity to meet Katie Couric with other Silicon Valley Moms Bloggers at CBS Studios in NYC last March. Katie Couric was not only a gracious host, but she gave us a tour and a "behind the scenes" view by watching her film the news. She is as charismatic in person as she is on TV!  Now I keep up on the CBS Couric & Co. News site online at night to catch up on the day's news and keep an eye on tech.

Click Here to read more details in the press release

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Dear Phisher: You Are A SCAT and NOT Wells Fargo

Here I am - an innocent mom blogging on her netbook, waiting for her son to finish his appointment. I then decided to check my email - when what did I see? A (bad name I can't publish) phisher sending me a lame email. This is a SCAM by the way (called Phishing). I discussed phishing already in an prior post. But here again, those (bad name I can't publish) phishers are sending out an email trying to get me and many other "innocents" to give away private financial information on a FAKE website.  So if anyone gets an email like this  DON'T RESPOND! Delete it or put it into your "spam" email folder.

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: WellsFargo Online Banking <reviews.alert@wellsfargo.com>
To: email address (how dare they use my email for that..)
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 2:28:39 PM
Subject: Important Update From WellsFargo Online Banking

As a valued Wellsfargo Bank Customer, the security of your
identity and personal account information is extremely important.
We are installing enhanced online security as an additional way
of protecting your Wellsfargo access.

Click logon to confirm your identity.




So just looking at the URL shows that the email is a phisher - scatdealer.com is not Wells Fargo.com... Infact, anything that starts with "scat" is probably not a website you want to go to. By just running my pointer over the word "logon" I saw the URL without clicking...

Here is the last line of the email:


(note from TechMama - You are vulnerable if you log on and fall for the scam..)

January 23, 2009

Will Google Ocean Be Added To Google Earth?

GoogleEarth_Image(2) Today I had fun playing with Google Earth, a free application that has beautiful 3D images of the world. To use Google Earth, just download the application from the main page - then type in a location and your off. You can see clear images of locations around the world and even email the map (which I did to create this .jpg). Google Earth is a great tool to get kids excited about geography, and also for some web humor. I should have used it to map out my trip to Disneyland before I left...

I just read in CNET that Al Gore is speaking at a Google Event with Google Execs and a special speaker: Sylvia Earle, explorer-in-residence at the National Geographic Society and the founder of the Deep Search Foundation.  CNET also posted about Google diving into 3D mapping of Oceans, something which I can't wait to see.

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CES 09: Hands On with the * Soon to be Released * Dell Mini 10 Netbook

I was sitting at the CES Dell press meeting typing up a post on the Dell Mini "9" when I decided to take a look at their other netbook offerings. On display, they also had the Dell Mini 12". When I asked if there were any other size netbooks, they offered me a chance to view the soon to be released Dell 10"Inspiron Mini Netbook. I was excited to get a hands on with the Dell Mini 10. I saw that  Engadget and Laptog Mag also posted with hands on details on the Dell Inspiron Mini 10.  

Listed below are some of the details about the *soon to be released* Dell Mini 10 (Inspiron) Netbook.


Here are some preliminary specs that were discussed at CES, but final details will be released soon. I am trying to wait patiently, because this netbook is perfect for mobile computing and more:

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How Crapstone England & Google Earth Can Help My Son Learn Geography

GoogleEarth_Image  I happen to see a twitter about today's New York Times article titled: No Snickering: That Road Sign Means Something Else about a place called "Crapstone" England (ha, ha).

I know that my sons always laugh at potty talk (and carpools full of boys seem to talk about that also). So I decided just to see if it was for real.

I went over to Google Earth (which everyone should download if they have not already) and typed in "Crapstone England". Well, Google Earth found it and it is allowed me send the image to my gmail. Google Earth is a great way to help your kids learn geography with beautiful graphical images. They can enter in locations to test it out - and see what happens.

I have a feeling my son would not mind doing his Geography home work for locations like this...

Vloggers take note: The Stephen Colbert Remix Challenge

I am on the hunt to learn about new video techniques and came up on this tweet from @bhammerling on the Stephen Colbert Remix challenge.   Hey aspiring remix-ers - this is your chance!

Obama Action Figure

Finally a super hero toy that is also a real life hero - Check out the Obama action figure:

January 22, 2009

Video: Teen Uses i-LIMB Prosthetic Arm

Engadget covered this (what they call but I totally agree) really cool i-LIMB prosthetic arm. Click here to read the Engadget post . Here is the video:

Great to see that technology is being put to good and important use to advance prosthetics.



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