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January 15, 2009

I Was Punk'd by Fake Steve Jobs, Who Says CNBC Reporter Was Punk'd

I wandered on "The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs" awhile ago, when I wrote a post about Gizmodogate. I found a post on The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs and linked to it - at first thinking how cool it was what "Steve Jobs" said about MACworld (after something happened to the screens at a CES booth last year):

    "Dear Gizmodo: Don't even think about fucking with the screens at our show "

But then after a few minutes of looking at the blog I realized it was the one and only "FAKE Steve Jobs" that said that, NOT the real Steve Jobs. I had to chance to figure this out before I wrote my own post and ended up calling it "Fake Steve Jobs on Gizmodogate". I almost got punk'd. Trying to keep up with all the tech news is not easy while chasing after three boys, so I gave myself a break... Then I realized that the Fake Steve Jobs (a.k.a. Dan Lyons) was somewhat of an Internet phenomenon - his video on the fake "Crunchies Acceptance Speech" was passed around everywhere. I asked other Silicon Valley tech bloggers and they all knew about the "fake Steve Jobs" blog. Dan Lyons ended up getting a "real" job at Forbes.com.

Punk'dgate is continuing - this time around a more serious subject. There is lots of buzz around Steve Jobs and his health. Silicon Alley Insider posted that:  

" Lyons tells CNBC tech reporter Jim Goldman that he got "punked" by Apple's spin machine for blowing his coverage of Steve's health."

Here is the video that shows the heated discussion:

Many of us in Silicon Valley see Steve Jobs while shopping (or awhile ago I was standing in line behind him at a yogurt store). I can imagine how hard this is for him and his family - so instead of debating this whole topic I will just send him well wishes.

I agree with John Paczkowski of Digital Daily who posted that "Apple Investors Are Wusses" if they punish Apple for Steve Jobs taking a leave of absence.


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I had no idea about the fake Steve Jobs, so thanks for the article. Very interesting. And I agree Apple investers are wusses. The man is taking leave of absence, get over it! Hoping all is well for Mr. Jobs.

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