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January 06, 2009

Blogging on the LoveSac Bus to CES

IMG_1760 Until the Lovesac Bus pulled up, I did not believe that I would actually be really  going to CES (Consumer Electronics Show). I decided months ago that the only way to really see all the latest and greatest gadgets was to go to CES.

My fab husband and family were great to support me taking off to Las Vegas for a week, yeah - to work that is... What else would a mom of three boys do in Vegas?

Laptop Television Mom told me about the blog "It Won't Stay In Vegas" and the blogger party that Robert Scoble and the Parnassus Group were planning for CES. Of course, I signed up right way and subscribed to their blog. Lucky I did that because I saw a post in my reader about the Blogger Party Robert Scoble and the Parnassus Group were planning to go to CES, and I signed up for that and really hoped I would get a space.  Then I received the exciting email from Steve Broback that I was ON THE BUS! Yeah!

Here is a link to Steve Broback's post "The LoveSac Blogger Bus is on the Move!". Robert Scoble created a Friendfeed room called "CES Lovesac Bus.

More pictures to come....We are now somewhere on Interstate 5. At one point, we lost internet access (shriek) and we all had to actually just talk to each other - which we enjoyed! But now internet access is back and all computers are back on. The great thing about being in a bus with other bloggers is that we all talk to eachother while typing our computers, and no one is offended!

Here are the other bloggers on the bus:

Beth Blecherman, Jake Ludington, Steve Broback, Robert Scoble, Christine Lu, Rebecca Fannin, Drew Olanoff, and Brandon Wirtz.

It is almost 7pm... Brandon and Jake Ludington gave away juicy SEO secrets... Steve Broback showed us interesting ways to analyze blog discussions and Robert Scoble on building networks on Friendfeed, Twitter and Facebook.

It is 10pm, we just had a interesting dinner where the talk was more centered on International business (China, Japan), economy, bailouts then SEO. Who says Geeks can only talk tech? Christine Lu and Rebecca Fannin shared their unique perspective on international business.

11pm, back in the bus. I decided to read CES prep posts such as Robert Scobles "How to survive CES 2008 without getting off the couch and got sidetracked looking at all the posts already up on Gizmodo ,Engadget CrunchGear, PCMag, CNET News.com and the others mentioned in Schobleizer. Robert's posts links to a post written by M3 Sweatt, which I happen to know so that was a fun surprise.

Luckily the Lovesacs are still comfortable to sit in and the Autonet is still providing Wi-Fi no matter how far we are from civlization.. On our way to Las Vegas, known for a fun escape from civilization and CES, known as a mecca for the gadget obsessed.

Can the two co-exist? I plan to find out...


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Thanks for live blogging CES! Can't wait to hear about all the great things that you are seeing and maybe I'll be on the bus with you next year!

What an awesome adventure!

It IS nice to be in the company of other bloggers, people who understand that you can listen and Tweet, etc.

Have fun! I will be following you through CES.

Man! I feel so left out...I had a seat on the bus, but had to give it up because I wasn't able to get to town before it "launched". I'm missing out on the scotch. And the hard drive. Oh, yeah...as well as all of you great folks.


Are you a CES Groupie? Just like Penny Lane in Almost Famous? Have fun and see you in VEGAS! :-)

-- LTV Mom

There is not a Lovesac large enough to contain my jealousy! But in the meantime - we want pics of the interior of the bus. Are there actual seats or are you all reclining on love sacs with little floating screens above your heads sort of like the humans on the space ship in Wall E? Inquiring minds want to know!

Pictures are coming, but my camera battery ran out.. Two rows of comfy Lovesacs on each side of the bus.. Many are so comfortable that it is 12am and they are sleeping. I am enjoying the quietime!

LTV- Hey, I am not a groupie - I am one of the geeks!

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