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January 23, 2009

CES 09: Hands On with the * Soon to be Released * Dell Mini 10 Netbook

I was sitting at the CES Dell press meeting typing up a post on the Dell Mini "9" when I decided to take a look at their other netbook offerings. On display, they also had the Dell Mini 12". When I asked if there were any other size netbooks, they offered me a chance to view the soon to be released Dell 10"Inspiron Mini Netbook. I was excited to get a hands on with the Dell Mini 10. I saw that  Engadget and Laptog Mag also posted with hands on details on the Dell Inspiron Mini 10.  

Listed below are some of the details about the *soon to be released* Dell Mini 10 (Inspiron) Netbook.


Here are some preliminary specs that were discussed at CES, but final details will be released soon. I am trying to wait patiently, because this netbook is perfect for mobile computing and more:

-Every inch of space was planned out, the end to end keyboard is bigger then the 12"

-Edge to Edge 16:9 HD display

-Built-in TV Tuner

-Supports GPS, optional built-in mobile broadband card for Internet access on the go

-Intel Atom Z530 processor

-1GB of RAM, 160GB hard drive, Windows XP

-Can choose the from the colors and designs from the Dell Design Studio

-Touchpad has track (mouse) buttons embedded, Multi-touch gestures lead to homepage (click here to see picture below):


For size, the Dell Inspiron Mini 10" is not much bigger then my small Coach pouch wallet, can fit into most of my handbags (no briefcase needed) and light enough to carry all day.


I found the 10" keyboard completely comfortable when it came to typing. The optional built-in broadband card (or any USB broadband) will enable families using the Dell Inspiron Mini 10" mobile to use web browsing, maintain documents, view movies, check email, update social networking sites such as Facebook or listening to music. The built-in webcam enables video chat. The TV tuner offers the ability to view local TV station shows.

U.S. Release dates, pricing and more details are not known yet. Engadget found a website in England called Tesco that is advertising the Dell Inspiron Mini 10" for 349 pounds (around 480 dollars).


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