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January 28, 2009

Primetime Special With Katie Couric - Domestic Violence Within The Military

I posted with details about the Grammy Primetime special next Wed. Feb. 4, but I forgot to post that CBS News with Katie Couric's primetime special TONIGHT will cover domestic abuse within the military. 

I know that military families also have a strong presence in the blogosphere and on websites, which is a great way to have an online support system for many different issues. One of the websites I have on my blogroll is Parents Zone, I would really enjoy finding out about others.

Click Here to see a video snippet from the show. Press release is below.




Since the beginning of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, domestic abuse is on the rise inside the military.  CBS News has learned that over the last six years thousands of women have been raped or assaulted by their military spouses/partners.  Over 150 women have died.  Former military family advocates who dealt with the abused say ‘the system is broken, outdated and completely stacked against the victim’ –  leaving the abused feeling isolated and like she is to blame.  And more and more soldiers coming home are raising the red flag indicating feelings of anger and psychological problems which may lead to potential violence.  Yet many of these cries for help are being ignored by a Command that is overstretched and under-resourced.  We talked to a victim of domestic abuse whose Sergeant husband is now behind bars, a former military family advocate, a soldier who murdered his wife and the Pentagon in efforts to get the bottom of this growing trend and the need for immediate solutions and accountability on the part of the Military.


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo-rPdt598g&feature=channel_page


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