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December 25, 2008

NeedTech HELP? Go Online

Two days ago I was having a mommy meltdown moment - not because of the usual things but because I had done a Windows update and my RESOLUTION was reset. In normal circumstances I would have just checked the control panel display settings to reset my resolution. But I had run the updates while entertaining my twin 5 year old boys (bad idea) so I did not have a quiet moment.. I checked the DPI settings in the Windows Vista personalization first and tried to reset it. I had some screaming in the background so I reset it to "large". This turned my normally organized icon and folder desktop into a giant wonderland with big letters and huge monster icons.

Soooo Scary..

Now - it seems like it would be easy to just reset it back to normal.. But NO!  The fonts were so large that I could not click on the "OK" button to reset. I was stuck.

So I went to my trusty Google Search and typed "can't click on dpi font size button". Well, one of the search engine links was to this amazing website that simply stated to "use the tab button to tab over to the "OK" and hit enter if you can't see the button".


I tried that and it worked. Then the kids stopped screaming and I finally realized that I needed to go to control panel>personalization>display settings and change the monitor resolution back to 1280x800 pixels (that I had to start with). That worked, problem fixed..

I hope this post helps anyone that had the same problem and is searching the internet..

And in a cosmic episode of timing, the New York Times published an article today called "There’s Lots of Tech Help, Yes, on the Internet ". READ IT, really. It has links to some great tech help sites on the internet (other then mine of course) such as CNET TV How To Videos, CNET's MacFixIt.comFixya.com, TechIMO and more..

CLICK HERE (or above) to read the New York Times article: "There’s Lots of Tech Help, Yes, on the Internet "


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Isn't Google wonderful? I've done the same thing so many times and found answers to things.

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