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December 12, 2008

HP Magic Giveaway- WINNERS!


I am excited to announce that HERO DADDY is the winner of the TechMamas HP Magic Giveaway and will be sharing the prize with THE RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE ( http://www.rmhc.com/ ) and some other agencies in need!! More details on Dec. 14.

And to show that Hero Daddy is an extra Hero - he agreed to share the HP HDX 18 series Premium Notebook PC with the Mom Hero Shellie - who had the second largest amount of votes. Shellie is a mom that will have her own computer now! So Shellie will be receiving the HP HDX 18 series Premium Notebook PC.

Please click back to the original post and check out all the heroes. I hope that if others have technology to share, they will share it with them. Happy to pass any emails on to them if necessary.


CLICK HERE  (and go to the bottom of this post) TO SEE THE STORY BEHIND THE 20 LISTED ON THE POLL.

Here is a link to the initial post where all the mom and dad heroes entered the HP Magic Giveaway for $6K in hardware and software.  ALL who entered are heroes, just read their incredible stories!

I had the task of randomly chosing 20 to go up for the final vote. Please CLICK HERE to read their stories (at the bottom of this post) and vote for your favorite Mom/Dad Heroes

CLICK HERE to read the CNN Heroes Tribute - that inspired my theme.

Voting starts on Dec. 12 and ends on Dec. 13 (9pm pst 12pm est). Winner will be announced on Dec. 14.

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1. Hero Daddy
The Ronald McDonald House in my town is incredible. The staff there do a super job of making guests feel welcome, especially those who are low on funds or who are far from home or whose children are critically ill. It's the kind of place where parents who arrive are allowed to do the most heroic thing in the world--to be there for their little one. I would love to donate a couple of the p.c.s to our local Ronald McDonald House, so that visitors could have a great place to blog from. http://www.rmhc.com/ is a great link to check it out at. Thank you!!!

Posted by: Hero Daddy | December 10, 2008 at 12:44 PM

2.  Patricia Brick
I'm not a mama, but I'm a very proud step mama, but I'm not entering for my family. What I would like to do is nominate the people who run the Fisher Houses at Walter Reed Hospital and also the one on Bethesda Naval Base, because they house people who's families are in the hospital, like my brother who had leukaemia. The people who need these services, like my mother, who had to take a leave of absence from her job, not knowing if she'd have a job to come back to, flew across the country and was able to stay at these two Fisher houses while my brother received treatment at Walter Reed. We met so many families, all like us, with loved ones ill and far from home. For them to be able to make use of computers to keep in contact with homes and families, to possibly be able to work from there, well it would be wonderful. The Fisher Houses are specifically for military members and their families, and Lord knows they have done so much for all of us, keeping us safe at home while they go out and risk their lives, it would be an honor to help them. www.fisherhouse.org
P. Brick

Posted by: Patricia Brick | December 08, 2008 at 02:18 PM

3. Dee Dee Shaw

As a mom of 12, with nine still at home being homeschooled, I can honestly say we could use all the equipment. However, there are a couple of charities that I would like to donate some of the equipment to as well. One is dedicated to helping children with special needs, and was born of a need they experience daily with their autistic child. I would want one of the computers to help connect my husband back to us. He is currently thousands of miles across the country working while we wait for our house to sell. I have written more in depth about my hopes and aspirations for sharing the Magic at my blog http://luvmy12kids.blogspot.com  And yes, I am 'real'. They are all ours. And you can find pictures if you dig deep enough into the archives. Thanks for the opporunity to win. I am writing quickly as my time is expiring so please check out my blog for a more fleshed out post.

Posted by: Dee Dee Shaw     12/11/08 9:03 PM

4. Christine

I am a mom, a mom who would really like to have a laptop. If I were lucky enough to win this wonderful prize, I would like to keep the HP HDX 18 series Premium Notebook PC. The remainder of the prize package I would like to donate to St. Judes. I think it would be helpful for the patients and their families to use while undergoing treatments and make their lives a little easier during that time. The thing I love most about St. Judes is that "No child is ever turned away"; how wonderful is that. Here is some information on this great organization http://www.broadcastnewsroom.com/articles/viewarticle.jsp?id=589231 . Thank you for the wonderful contest and the whole idea behind it of  giving to others. Have a blessed holiday.

Posted by: Christine | December 10, 2008 at 01:04 PM

5. Trisha

While I can say that donating to a charity is very honorable, I hope the contest pickers choose someone who can specifically share with people whose lives will benefit. Its nice to actually see where someone has gotten something and put it to great use, rather then just donating to a “large” charity. I believe helping the individual person is just as strong and needs to be considered and recognized. So here is my entry. First off, I would keep the desktop. I am a work a home mom just trying to get my business off the ground. Like so many other people, and moms, I am trying to keep my head above water in this economy, as well as, make something great for my daughters future. I work very hard, sometimes up to 15 hours a day, and its not easy, but I see that I can do something great. I am also an avid blogger, so having a great computer is worth gold to me. Not only in function, but in the fact that it limits my online time so I can still spend time with my family by not wasting time fighting with slow programs.

I would share the 2nd notebook with my father. 2 years ago he ended up in the hospital unexpectedly with diverticulitis. He nearly died from a staph infection he got while there and had a portion of his intestines removed. He still has massive scaring from it. He is a Realtor and has inspired me my entire life to be something great, to help others lives, and to be independent. While he was in the hospital, he ended up being there for over 2 months and because of that, his company pulled all of his listings from him and he came out of the hospital barely able to move, trying to get his life back, 100K worth of hospital bills, and all of his business gone. He has worked two years to just get his head up again, but the economy is so bad that its like fighting an upstream river.

Recently he has started taking his customer service online. Learning twitter, myspace, facebook, and a slew of other online programs and social networks. I would love to give this computer to him so he can continue to work on the trend and to reward him for NEVER giving up. The 3rd notebook I would reward back to my blog. I started my blog in July and it has quickly became a wonderful community with amazing woman. I am so blessed to have been accepted so readily in the blogging world and recently we ran a few Christmas contests. I was able to hear stories all around of women and families who just needed SO much…but even more, they were willing to share and come together and I saw so much support on the forums and all the blogs. I just cant do it alone and I want to be able to make ONE MORE mommies Christmas. Which one, I do not know. So i pledge to take that 3rd computer and re give it back out to someone for THEIR Christmas dream.

There are so many moms, like myself, that are just trying to get their businesses off the ground, or teach their kids from home, or just trying to make it. Nothing would give me more pleasure then to be able to pass that back on to someone. We gave out a high chair yesterday and when I picked the winner I got teared up. Its truly what the holidays are about. I cant imagine how I would feel to be able to bless someone else again.

The last computer I would pass on to my brother. Our mom was murdered in 2002 and he was only 13 at the time. Now he is 19 and he has struggled for years coming to grips without her. He graduated high school at 16, had a full scholarship to college and was an athlete. But he took a wrong turn and got into some bad things and dropped out of college and lost his scholarship. He has the ability to go far and has been doing his best, working in telemarketing and trying to turn his life around. I believe a computer would help and show him that the family is behind him and we believe in him. I never thought i would actually do that until I considered where all the products would go…but I truly believe it could be a step for him.

Because of my blog and meeting all the women and hearing all the stories, I am launching a nonprofit program that starts in January. The site is up but not ready (so i will only give URL privately if asked for proof) and I will pledge to donate the

# HP 564 Photo Value Pak
# Microsoft Office 2007 Student Edition
# Microsoft Windows Live
# Corel VideoStudio X2
# Kung Fu Panda (DVD & Blu-ray)

as the very FIRST products to the nonprofit organization that launches and will be a golden stepping stone for me to continue to help people in life.

Thank you for the opportunity to change my life and so many others on behalf of me.


Posted by: trisha | December 11, 2008 at 06:08 AM

6. Michelle Tjemeland

I am a true "techie mom!" I earned my Master's degree online, implement technology into the Web sites I create, and help my daughters download music to their iPods. But more importantly, I depend on technology to hear, as does my daughter, Ellie. I completely lost my hearing while pregnant with her, and Ellie was born deaf. Thanks to bilateral cochlear implant technology, we can both hear today, making it a little easier to live with this disability. You can learn more about Ellie and our family's story at http://www.iloveellie.com.

With my personal experience with cochlear implants, I founded the Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Through CIAF, I have counseled over 450 families about cochlear implants, helping them learn about the technology and connect with medical experts. I receive e-mail messages nearly every day from people who need support and guidance, and I use the CIAF Web site that I created to educate potential implant recipients and help them find a cochlear implant center near them. You can visit http://www.CIAFonline.org to learn more about our mission and the people we've helped.

The HP Magic Giveaway would be the perfect upgrade for the computers I use for CIAF and our family. The CIAF laptop is over 5 years old, yet I depend on it every day to further my mission to help others who want to hear through this technological miracle. In addition, a new computer for our family would help my husband and I support our children's learning and education.

Even with her implants, Elllie has to overcome challenges everyday when doing school work. An upgraded computer would help her complete her homework faster and more efficiently. She also visits Web sites designed for kids with cochlear implants to participate in online auditory therapy. This helps her fine tune her listening skills and is a great resource.

The tech upgrade would also be an extremely important gift for us to give to our youngest daughter, Lucy. She has a severe learning disability and reading is difficult for her.

We have to support her learning with a hands on approach to help her comprehend concepts and ideas presented in books she needs to read for school. The computer has proven to be a tremendous resource for this. In fact, I've recently discovered a Web site (http://etc.usf.edu/lit2go) that allows  me to download children's literature and poems to a computer or iPod. Listening to the stories helps Lucy read and comprehend, but downloads are slow and space is limited with our current, outdated computer.

Nearly every part of our family's life is improved by technology, from hearing everyday sounds that many people take for granted, to learning and furthering our family's education through computers. Having the chance to implement an upgraded computer system in both our home and for the CIAF organization would be a blessing not just to us, but to the many people who seek help through CIAF.

Thanks for your time and consideration!

Posted by: Michelle Tjelmeland | December 10, 2008 at 08:25 PM

7. Dawn Greenfield

I am a mom of 3 and a 5th grade teacher at Parkview Elementary School in Eagle-Mountain Saginaw ISD in Northeast Fort Worth Texas.   I have heard from 3 out of the 12 parents that I have already conferenced with before Thanksgiving break that they are in such financial crisis that their children will do without anything this year. 
If I were to be the lucky recipient of your prize package all of the technology and equipment would be used to benefit the students that I teach. I would supplement the classroom that currently teach to make sure that I am able to effectively teach the students and make them responsible citizens, as they are the ones who will be taking care of you and me in our aging years.  I would continue to use the technology in my classroom to benefit these 88 students and the future 5th graders that I teach.  After making sure that the classroom was effective, I would love to make sure that the families that I have heard from that are struggling to get by have a Christmas for their children.  Regardless of whether I win this or not, I will still do the latter; however, this generous prize package would allow me to reach even more families in need.  I hope that you will consider me and my students when you make your  selection for your winner!
Dawn Greenfield
Parkview Elementary School
Posted by: Dawn Greenfield 12/7/08 4:47 AM

8. Shellie
We are a military family with 3 boys. One graduating High School, 1 is aa budding match and science geek and a 19 month old. I aam a work from home mom, trying to start up my own business, plus manage the house and share my PC with everyone else here aat home. I have blogged about how this would help us as well as the school our middle son attends if we were to win. This is such a great gift, and will help tose luck enough to win.

Posted by: Shellie | December 11, 2008 at 09:27 AM

9.  Michael Forcer
I work in education with primary school children aged 3-11 years. I would like to use this amazing equipment to enhance the children’s learning by introducing these new technologies such as the media centre and touchsmart computer. At the moment our ICT budget is extremely limited, with no real funding, therefore most equipment is worn and dated, and we come from a school where products like this are only a dream. If I win, I will be donating every single product to the school (I will be able to use them as well) where everyone will be able to use them to the full, this is including the children, members of staff, members of the local community and myself (I am the ICT Technician). Using this hardware will make learning more exciting. I believe a child’s education is the most important thing, the more way’s we have to enhance their learning the better, products like the touchsmart can help us introduce new ways of learning.

Posted by: Michael Forcer  12/9/08 3:13 AM

10. Lora Davison
Is it destiny? If I were to win, I'd be sharing the magic with my friend Debra. It seems like destiny because her birthday was on the 7th (the opening day for this contest), and my birthday is on the 11th ( the closing date. And what makes Debra the greatest mom? She is a single mom. Twin 16 year old boys. And a very loving, dcedicated mother to her daughter, who is severerly handicapped. Her daughter is 4 now. She is still bottle fed, eats purrees, doesnt walk, doesnt talk. Debra is her caregiver, EVERY DAY. Debra is a RN., but currently not working, because she can't bear the thought of having her daughter institutionalized. She's given up almost every aspect of her life for

her child. And when she does get free time, she's watching her boys at basketball games, or visiting her nanny whenever possible. I know she could put this package to good use, since I know she is struggling financially, to have a laptop for each of her boys would sure make xmas much smoother for her. And I'd like to see her keep one for herself as well, so she can get some interaction with others and to stay in touch with the world. And that I think, would make a huge difference in her life. ~Lora

Posted by: Lora Davison | December 08, 2008 at 07:01 AM

11. Darrell Jackson
I'm 36 yrs. old father of 2 kids a boy and a girl ages 5 and 7 and just recently lost my job do to the slow economy, I'm trying to find a new job but it's hard to find one because all the places I applied to is either not hiring or there letting go employees, thankfully I have great support from friends and family that help me out through this tough time, I can't even think about Christmas right now but the kids want this and they what that and it's hard enough to tell them that daddy can't afford that now, My 7 year old wants a computer of her own to help her with school work and my sun wants a Nintendo Wii but those things are to expensive for me to buy right now especially without a job, I'm barely making rent every month but without my mom and dad and friends that helped me alot with food,rent,gas and cloths for the kids I know me and my wife wouldn't never made it, if it wasn't for the support, The Hp Magic will bring joyous to are family it will be saving me seeing a big disappointment on my kids face theydidn't see what they wish for under the tree, but what can I do I think failed as father because I couldn't provide for my family which is so depended on me but I'm trying my hardest to make this Christmas a good one and with TECHMAMAS and HP help i can put a smile on my kids face when they wake up that christmas morning thanks you for having this contest and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year and good luck to everyone who's entering this contest.

Posted by: Darrell Jackson | December 06, 2008 at 10:27 PM

12. Linda Pettit
If I were lucky enough to win the HP Magic Giveaway I would bring the Mini 1000 to the Veterans Hospital and find a Veteran who I want to have it. I don’t know who it will be but I will know when I see him or her. Depending on the situation I will either give it to him/her or have a nurse do it. I get too emotional!

I will bring the Pavilion dv4 to the local library and give it to a person while they are using a library computer, the librarian said she will help me choose the right person. I want it to go to a deserving patron who can’t afford a computer but uses the library computers. It might be a student, a veteran or person who is out of work. Maybe a sick person who will be happy to receive such a great gift. Or a mom or dad with kids and no computer!

The DVDs will go to Toys-for-Tots. I will happily replace our Desktop computer with the TouchSmart. We had one crash a year ago and replaced the hard drive, I am getting nervous about another crash coming! The power of the TouchSmart is so great, it will give our family hours of learning, entertainment and keeping up with our finances.

We would use the HDX 18 for our four person plumbing and heating company. And the MediaSmart Connect would also entertain my husband and 2 boys! Since I am a stay at home mom and we have a limited income, it would be so great to win this giveaway!

Posted by: Linda Pettit | December 08, 2008 at 06:08 PM

13. Maria
I'm a single mom of two girls and the desktop and printer would be a great for me especially because I'm taking a course in medical transcription in order to help myself become more self sufficient.

If I were to win I'd give on computer to my best friend who's also a single mom and she's living solely off student loans, and one to my younger brother to help him with school and also because he was just diagnosed with HIV and he's shown interest in blogging his journey, and a laptop would be able to help me with that.

Everything else I'd donate to a Wilmington, NC domestic violence shelter called The Open Gate. They helped me this past January, even sending an advocate to appear in court for me in a hearing in which my husband was trying to take my daughters from me. I think they could really use everything.

Posted by: Maria | December 07, 2008 at 07:38 AM

14. Matthew
I am entering this contest because I would like to further support the School for Arts in Learning (SAIL) in Washington, DC. SAIL is a unique K-8 public charter school providing multiple creative environments, opportunities, and experiences for inner city youth through arts-infused academic programs. They take underprivileged and special needs students and use the arts in order to help them through their immediate situations, many of which are quite dire. By using a special arts-infused method of teaching, SAIL thinks outside the box in order to come up with innovative methods of serving children and youth with differing learning styles. They have developed a specialized curriculum using the arts to help children learn in ways that match their learning styles, paying special attention to individual learning styles and specific need. Their focus is on developing the whole child, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially.

This school is unique because they take kids that society has given up on and they give them hope. Through a rigorous education schedule and intensive, artistic training,they turn these kids into good students and good citizens. The school also engages the community in pretty unique ways. For example, one can submit a picture of their pet to the school and, for a fee, one of the students will create a work of art based on this picture. The artwork is shown first in a public gallery, before going to the owner. This unique system teaches the student responsibility, creativity and the results of putting in a hard days work. I have been to one of their exhibitions and it is amazing the quality of work that these students can attain.

However, this is a public school and is heavily dependent on donations, which are increasingly few and far between. Because they are not for profit, there is a constant struggle for resources. Times are tough right now and not many people are donating, including my family, not because they do not want to, but because they cannot. As the year draws to a close, their donations are down significantly. While traditional art practices, such as oils and watercolors, are important, the SAIL school also wants to provide their students with more cutting edge, computer based education. I would like to help them significantly in this effort through the donation of computers and software. There are not words to express what this would mean to the school and scores of children. These kids have lived through harder times than most of us will ever see and they deserve this second chance. They deserve the opportunity to explore themselves and the world around them through art and intellectual curiosity. Please help me give an amazing present to these kids; one which will resonate through generations of students.

Posted by: Matthew | December 09, 2008 at 03:26 PM

15. Karen

I would like to nominate my husband, a daddy to be this July. When I read the word “hero” in your competition title, I knew this award was meant for him. My husband has spent the last three years (giving up the salary he had in his previous job) developing and sharing a program designed to help young people see themselves as heroes, and learn to act in heroic ways. He now delivers a program in schools called the Hero Workshop, that focuses on the journey each one of us is on, and how to be sure that you are a memorable hero in your own story. His commitment did not stop there though, and his journey in studying heroes has made him strive more each day to live more

heroically himself. In teaching that it is the small, good things we do each day that prepare us for a heroic life, he has challenged himself to do things each day to make a difference in the lives of others. He has a commitment to donate to meaningful charities. He provides his programs in underprivileged schools at cost to ensure that all the students can benefit from the message. He has become a sponsor to build a school in Africa. And he wouldn't keep the HP tools for himself. Were my husband to win this prize, he would donate the equipment as well. Part of it would be used for a hero based summer camp he is starting this year. And the laptops would be donated to Michael

Guggenheim who started the company, SPLAT. He teaches kids to use laptops at shelters in Los Angeles. Michael is in sixth grade, and is living the life my husband is trying to inspire other young people to lead. He has taken the challenge and is a child hero. Please honor my husband's quest to promote heroism, and allow him to help other heroes succeed.

Posted by: Karen | December 07, 2008 at 05:08 PM

16. Jill Caren

Did you know that animals being left behind in homes where people had foreclosures or are walking away from their homes is skyrocketing? There is an epidemic of animals that are simply being left to fend for themselves wondering why their owners have left them....this is where the SPCA comes in. Our countywide SPCA clinic is underfunded and commits themselves to placing animals, they are a no-kill shelter and desperately need additional funds and equipment to do what they are so passionate  about. With record numbers of animals being picked up and saved-they need help.

If I were to win this package, I would keep one laptop to help grow my web design business, where I also donate 5% of every project to our SPCA as well as the Best Friends

Animal Sanctuary which you can visit at http://www.bestfriends.org/. Here is a link to our SPCA where you can see some of the great animals that need my help!


The remaining items from the package would go directly to our local shelter where they can either use the equipment in their own offices, or raffle them off to earn additional funds to care for the animals-either way this would be a great help to their strapped resources!

Thank you for this amazing opportunity to do something great for my community. I always wish I could give more financially to them, but that has just not been possible, but this would be a great way for me to help them which I so badly want to do!

Posted by: Jill Caren | December 07, 2008 at 05:24 AM

17. Sheila

My full nomination with embedded videos is posted on my site at http://www.xiaolinmama.com/2008/12/techmamas-hp-magic-giveaway-my-nomination-akemi-and-pact.html

Community Organizers got a bad wrap this past election cycle. But we all know that organizers are the ones who work for little pay and behind the scenes to make big things happen. In Silicon Valley - the land of plenty, there are many that live in the shadow of the venture capitalists, Steve Jobs types and internet gurus. They are the ones who clear dishes at restaurants, provide janitorial services, stock our grocery store shelves and teach our children.

I am nominating my friend Akemi Flynn for this honor because she is a community organizer - both formally and informally. The organization she works for is People Acting In Community Together (PACT). Yesterday, I had the honor of attending a fundraiser and was moved to tears by this video. Akemi and PACT work to ensure that everyday people lead the change they need, like health care and safe after-school programs. Her organization is on the front lines of fighting for quality education for students in East San Jose. They recently led the ONLY local summit to help our elected officials see how home foreclosures are affecting people in Silicon Valley. They give regular folks the

tools to advocate for themselves - to take power and to have the confidence to make change. Akemi, PACT and the leaders they organize are a vision to behold. I promise you would be blown away!

How would they use the HP Magic package? Personally, I would keep the HP Mini (this mama needs a new laptop) and I'd donate the rest of the package to Akemi and PACT.

They have a plan to create a team of community bloggers, who will write the stories of Silicon Valley's neediest. They will train grandparents, monolingual spanish speakers and youth to gather the stories and move people to action. Again - real people telling their stories and engaging others to be part of their movement . These tools are vital in helping them kick start this effort.

On another note, Akemi teaches sunday school at the Mountain View Buddhist Temple. She is also a First 5 commissioner, where she volunteers tirelessly to make sure that all kids in Silicon Valley under the age of 5 have access to the resources they need to grow up healthy. Most importantly, she is a mother who tries to keep it together. She is not perfect. She forgets to eat lunch, she picks up take out for dinner and sometimes doesn't put her laptop away when she should. But we (her family and friends) love her.

Our community is lucky to have her working behind the scenes. She is a true hero and she works with hundreds of other folks to see that they are heroes too.

Posted by: Sheila | December 10, 2008 at 10:51 PM

18. mbayouvieux

I would like to win this technology to help me help others in New Orleans. I have been helping small businesses in New Orleans get back on their feet after Katrina by providing web and print services to them at low fees. I also have built relationships with these people to the extent that I join them when needed at the farmer's market to help sell their product or I provide free ongoing marketing advice. Some of the people I have helped are www.oldtownpraline.com, www.whitewoodfarms.com, www.shayleecares.com & www.crescentcitypackaging.com.

I would share the magic with a New Orleans School. I would hold a contest requiring creativity for the students to win the equipment for their school. There are so many struggling schools in New Orleans it would be difficult to pick just one. I would have to have a contest to determine a good recipient. And the bonus to the winner would be that I would personally deliver, setup and train them on using the new technology. And I bet I find a new relationship with that school, class, teacher or student that will

blossom into something that I can continue to nourish. Winning this package would not only allow me to continue to help small businesses in New Orleans as well as contribute to a low-income needy school all the while sharing my computer skills/knowledge and educating others.

Thank you for your consideration!

Posted by: mybayouvieux | December 10, 2008 at 08:09 PM

19. Gwynne

I'm a single mom living so far below the poverty level that poor looks rich to me! LOL (That's one of my little jokes :) ) I blogged about this contest for other entries, so I'll share that here as well:


Basically, two of those computers would go to me and my son. I homeschool him, so having his own computer would help tremendously. And replacing my sort-of-works-when-it-wants-to computer would help to get me more work (I work at home, in addition to homeschooling) and would also help me to start the housing foundation that I want to start for helping low-income families in the area buy affordable homes.

Also, one of those would go to my [ex] Husband's girlfriend, so she can go back to school through distance learning!

Posted by: Gwynne | December 11, 2008 at 09:39 AM

20. Kristinia
First off I want to say that what HP has done with this giveaway is amazing, this contest lets me believe that some companies are out for the greater good!

I'm nominating myself ,The reasons I'd like to be chosen:

I'm a Mother of 3 children (2 at home, 1 in another state with the Ex-Husband)

I am planning on going back to school online for Business Management or Early Education ( I want to teach!) and I'd like to do this from my own home due to the fact that I'd

be able to spend quality time with my 2 younger children. The laptop, printer, and software would help tremendously with this.

I would be sharing too, I have a son who lives 18 hours away from me, he's 4 years of age, we don't get to have much contact due to him not having an up to date computer to talk via webcam or even send digital pictures! This would help with my communication with him. My husband is in the US NAVY and is constantly away from us during training missions and deployments, for him to be able to use one of the laptops would be beneficial to the children and I, we'd be able to keep in contact alot easier.

I want to start my own work at home business so I can again spend time with my 2 youngest children, this prize pack from HP would help tremendously. I plan on homeschooling my children and these days computers and printers are very helpful in the educational field.

The reason I say from my own home alot is because yes childcare is a factor when you work outside of the home or even go to school, and this costs lots of money. My husband does okay enough to support us but the extra work wouldn't cover childcare, gas, and all the other extra added expenses.

I also have Crohn's Disease which isn't in remission half of the time and its harder for me to get out and successfully perform at my best work wise and to even be in
a college class room would be difficult, so it would be easier in the comfort of our own home.

My husband wanted to add that he'd give away whatever we wouldn't need to a local program for children most likely the Ronald McDonald Charity here in Norfolk,VA (school

program, church program, headstart, Armed Services YMCA, something of the like) who would really benefit from the use of this great technology! My parents stayed in a

Ronald McDonald House while I was sick/first diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and it was an easier transition for all of us at the time.

kristinia at lovingheartmommy dot com

Posted by: Kristinia - Loving Heart Mommy | December 08, 2008 at 05:16 PM


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