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December 04, 2008

TechMamas HP Magic Giveaway - 6K in Tech To A Mom or Dad Hero VOTING STARTS DEC. 12


When I found out that I was part of the 50 bloggers participating in the HP Magic Giveaway, I did not sleep too well for the next few nights. I had the chance to give away (US) $6,000 in amazing hardware, accessories and software that could really make a difference in someone's life (or a group ). I had so many ideas, so many people I want to share some magic with. Schools(teachers), charities, families and especially moms (parents) that all give so much on a daily basis. Then I saw the CNN Heroes show and was inspired. So I decided I wanted to award my prize package to a "MOM or DAD hero".

Here are the 20 picked at random:
   1. Hero Daddy
   2. Patricia Brick
   3. Dee Dee Shaw
   4. Christine
   5. Trisha
   6. Michelle Tjemeland
   7. Dawn Greenfield
   8. Shellie
   9. Jennie Lindstrom
  10. Lora Davison
  11. Darrell Jackson
  12. Linda Pettit
  13. Maria
  14. Matthew
  15. Karen
  16. Jill Caren
  17. Sheila
  18. mbayouvieux
  19. Gwynne
  20. Kristinia


CONTEST DETAILS (COMMENTS ARE OPEN, contest has started!!!! Please go to the bottom of the post and comment your "mom hero" story/links):

  • You need to be a mom  OR dad
  • You can nominate yourself or someone else.
  • I prefer that (like many of us) that you can't afford to buy all of this amazing equipment on your own.
  • You need to have a powerful use for that technology, that will not only help yourself and your family but a school or charity as well. School and charity are used in loose terms. You can be a mom that works for an underprivileged afterschool program that wants to share some of the package with the program and some at her home to develop curriculum. You can be a mom  or dad that runs a charity that needs technology to take it to the next level or is trying to get their career back on track - and looking to help others as well.
  • To enter, just comment on this post with links to as many different types of media  you want to use to tell you story, or just a text comment.
  • Please be "for real",  there are people that really need this!
  • I request (not require) that you "share" the magic by giving part of your package away to the school or charity that is part of your "story"
  • The contest will run from December 7 - December 13. Winner announced on December 14.
  • I have the discretion to make all final decisions on who the prize is awarded to.
  • Here is the prize package:


    HP TouchSmart IQ816 PC
    HP HDX 18 series Premium Notebook PC
    HP MediaSmart Connect
    HP Pavilion dv4 series Entertainment Notebook PC (with Windows Live)
    HP Mini 1000 (with XP)


    HP Photosmart C6380 Wireless AIO (printer)
    • HP 564 Photo Value Pak


    • Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate/Home Premium or Microsoft Windows XP pre-installed on all units (Mini 1000 runs XP)
    Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition 2007 (Student-Teacher Edition) – 1 DVD with 3 licenses
    Microsoft Windows Live
    Corel VideoStudio X2


    Kung Fu Panda (2 widescreen DVDs; 1 widescreen Blu-ray disc)

CLICK HERE FOR CONTEST DETAILS and to see the other list of bloggers in the HP MAGIC GIVEAWAY.


Comments will be OPENED December 7 and CLOSE December 11.  The top 20 "mom heroes" will be chosen from all the comments using Random.org (since all moms are heroes - how could I possibly choose!). 
STEP 2: READERS CHOOSE THE WINNER: The winner will be then be chosen via a poll displayed at the top of this post (December 12).  POLLS OPEN on December 12 and CLOSE December 13. This is a good time to get everyone you know to vote!!! Again, voting will start Dec. 12 and close December 13 (9pm pst 12pm est).

2. This entire prize package will be awarded to person with the most votes on the poll.  The more information you provide about how you plan to make a difference using your technology as one of the tools, the better chance for voters to understand your story. The more media you use to tell your story, the more powerful it will be. Use video, podcast, blog posts or updates on your website. But if you don't have a blog - tell your storty on the comments. A powerful story will come out no matter what media you use.

3. The winner is requested (not required) to share part of their prize with the school or charity that is part of their "story" (share the "magic").

4. All prize items will be shipped from HP to the winner. The winner must have an real U.S. address, no p.o. boxes. Entrants who have won this prize at one of the other 49 blogger’s websites involved in the HP give away will be disqualified.

5. I will be posting the name of the winner - so please provide only public information that can be shared online. You don't need to mention any location or school names if you don't want to ("local school" is just fine).  Don't put email addresses on the comment section, enter it into "email" section when you fill out the comment (that is not displayed). I will need that email address to contact the winner.  The contest may be shared with media so the winner will need to comply with that request.

6. I am joining in my fellow contest bloggers and asking that the winner of my prize submit information about how the package was used via a blog, video or website. If the winner does not have a website, they can submit the written story to me and I will post on TechMamas.com. Either way, I will do a follow-up post with the information. The follow-up information will be requested 4 -6 weeks after the prize is delivered. Mid progress is fine!

7. The winner will be announced on December 14th.

Any questions? Please email techmamas(at)gmail(dot)com

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Thank you HP and Techmamas for this wonderful competition.
More than a year ago, my wife was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that doctors thought would either be with her for life, or go away shortly. Unfortunately, it didn't go away, and about a month ago, my wife was laid off after using up all her medical leave. For a formerly very active step-mom who would juggle work, a kid and being an active member of the community, being consigned to lying in a chair all day because she doesn’t have any energy is extremely difficult. To make matters worse, her employer took the computer she was using back, and we don’t have one to give to her. I would love to be able to give her the TouchSmart PC this Christmas, because it would be easier for her to touch the screen than to use a mouse.
I would also like to give one of the laptops to my son, who will be going off to college next fall. Tuition will put a very high strain on our (now single-person) income, but we value our son’s education. If the economy weren’t so bad, and my wife and I were both working, I might have been able to get him a laptop. Now, though, I won’t be able to, and I know that he could really use one in college.
The other laptop, the printer and software will go to our local library, where they could be used by student-tutors like my son.

I would donate two computers to a 5th grade classroom. Maybe I’m biased, because I’m sleeping with the teacher. Ok fine, he’s my husband. He is working on his masters in “Learning and Technology” to utilize technology in his teaching. The problem? His school can’t afford the equipment he needs to implement what he is learning. He would buy some to donate himself, but we all know what teacher's salaries are like. He has a lot of cool ideas for using computers in teaching, & the kids would love it.

I would give one computer to my brother, who has had an unbelievable string of bad luck. Most recently, two of his three kids came down with the same disease he has. His insurance sucks, and he is looking into internet-business opportunities, for some extra income. (He reads my blog, so I’m posting this here because I would love to surprise him.)

I would keep one computer and the printer for myself. I run a small internet business from home, so I can be here with my 3 young kids. I have been stressed about the inevitable approaching death of my computer, and how my little home business will afford a new one. A new computer would be a huge blessing to my family.


I would SO love to win the HP Magic Giveaway. Although I do have a computer, I certainly could use an upgrade (mine is an older celeron model & VERY slow). Both my husband and I are disabled (mine was due to an accident that occured 10 years ago) and we have to live on our social security, with not enough to buy a new computer. I've learned how to live well on our income, but there are some things that we just don't have the money to buy. More importantly, I'd like to share my prize, as there are a lot of computers in this package. I have a friend who is a VERY talented writer, who has NO computer & I'd like to see her be able to publish on the web. She lives very meagerly and a computer would certainly open up her world. We also have a son in college that has no laptop, so I'd love for him to have the laptop to take to class. I'm not sure which charity I'd give the 4th one to, but I'll definitely think about it. This is a wonderful giveaway that you and HP are hosting. Good luck to whomever wins!!

Since you said we could nominate *Dads* I would like to nominate my husband. Not only is he a great dad and step-dad, he is the best slice of heaven that has ever walked into my life.

I am battling MS and I struggle in so many areas..not just the pain, or the tremors..but my speech is difficult. My husband is so patient in trying to understand me and not only that but after working a full work day he will come home to wash my floors for me. Doing housework on top of his already busy schedule is very humbling for me.

I have true help. Financially we have been struggling. Dealing with chronic illness really takes a toll of you: physically, mentally, emotionally and if that isnt enough, Financially.

I would certianly make use of this wonderful giveaway. Just having one of those notebooks to be on the net from the couch or easy chair or yes from the Bed..when I just cant get up and out sounds like its own slice of heaven.

My son needs a laptop too. He is trying to become employed fulltime as a highschool english teacher. My husband could use one for his work related stuff.

And I know plenty of people that would benefit from a surprise gift of a comp.

Thanks for giving all us contest people this opportunity!

Deciding whom and what to share the magic with was easy: My dad and I would share the HP HDX 18 series Premium Notebook PC! He loves computers and technology as much as I do, however, I would never make the leap of calling him a techie. My dad spends lots of time on his email. It’s his social hour. He gets lots of spam, and he actually enjoys it. Well, he must enjoy it because no matter how many times I offer to get him a new account he insists on keeping his current one. The why: I can just imagine all the fun we’ll have together showing him these awesome gifts!

We have been actively involved in our local Boy Scouts for over 10 years, ever since our eldest son was old enough to join Tiger Cub Scouts in first grade. We have spent countless hours helping to turn groups of rambunctious boys into respectful, responsible young men.
We live in a rural area, so there are not a lot of constructive activities for teens outside of school. Many kids turn to drug and alcohol abuse because there is nothing else for them to do. Scouting is a wonderful alternative.
We are fortunate to have dedicated leaders and parents who invest a lot of their time and effort into training these young men to be the best they can be. In camp competitions, we are always the troop to beat. The only thing we lack is in terms of finances.
I had been able to get a copy of Quick Books for our leaders, but their computer died. I'd love to be able to donate a laptop or two to our Scout troop. Not only would it get us back into digital bookkeeping, but it would help all the boys- many of whom don't have access to computers or internet at home.
Of all the boys in our troop, we expect at least half of them to make Eagle Scout. Two recently got their Eagle badges; one of my sons just completed his project; and three more boys, including another one of my sons, have their projects planned. The other boys their age who are falling behind don't have internet access to download all the forms and requirements, or to help them research their projects. If we could provide this service to them at Scout meetings, it would greatly increase our success rate and perhaps pique more interest from other kids.
My church and school would also be worthy recipients of some of these great prizes, though I wouldn't be opposed to raffling some off to help one of them, either. If we were to keep a computer, we would also donate our old computer to a family in need.

I am a dad of a 13 year old Autistic boy. I built him a computer about 8 years ago to help with write, learn letters, and communicate with others. This computer is very very dated and I would love to get him a new one. There is new software which does not run on this dated one, which could really help him communicate.

His special needs class at his school is also in desperate need of new computers and I will donate some of the laptops to his school. They use them to help the kids to talk, write, learn letters and numbers. They could really use these new computers to help these kids open up and communicate.

My name is Carlos Vicente Ramos Pereira and I live in Brazil.
I deserve to win this prize because I´m a dad that will share it with my family and donate part of it to a charity.
If I win this contest I will keep the desktop, printer and DVDs (for my 2 sons).
The other prizes I will donate:
The notebook (HDX 18) to my sister because the distance is far, and she doesn´t have a computer.
The notebook (Pavilion), my old printer, and other hardware to the CASF (Casa Sagrada Família - Sacred Family House, an non-government institution that takes care about poor children infected with HIV/AIDS).
See more data about this institution, in portuguese, at:

Good luck for everyone,
Carlos Pereira

Yo quiero nominar en este concurso a los papás de los niños del hospital infantil de Toluca, ya que son unos seres ejemplares que dan su vida por sus hijos, por su bienestar y salud. Muchos de ellos incluso, son voluntarios para ayudar en las tareas diarias del hospital, por lo que considero que unas computadoras e impresora les serán de gran ayuda en su labor diaria, incluso para entretenimiento de lo niños. De esta manera, la recuperación y atención de los niños podra ser mas agil y divertida. Como las computadoras no serán donadas a una persona en particular, podran beneficiar de mayor forma, pues las computadoras podrán permanecer en las instalaciones del hospital para que sean usadar pos todos los padres voluntarios que las necesiten.

Por otro lado yo utilizaria el resto del equipo para continuar mi labor de diseñador grafico, generar una nueva fuente de empleo, para un padre de familia y de esta forma poder ayudarlo para el sustento de sus hijos y de su hogar.

Gracias y saludos para los lectores de techmamas, felicidades por este magnifico concurso y suerte a todos los padres ejemplares que participan en el.


I want to name in this contest the papas of the children of the infantile hospital of Toluca, since they are exemplary beings who give their life by their children, by their well-being and health. Many of them even, are voluntary to help in the daily tasks of the hospital, reason why I consider that computers and printer will be to them helpful in their daily work, even for entertainment of the children. This way, the recovery and attention of the children could be but agile and funny. As the computers are not donated a person, they will be able to benefit from greater form, because the computers will remain in the facilities of the hospital so that they are used by all the voluntary parents need who them. On the other hand I would use I remain of the equipment to continue my work of graphic designer, to generate a new source of use, for a father of family and this form to be able to help it for the sustenance of his children and their home. Thanks and greetings for the readers of techmamas, congratulations by this superb contest and luck to all the exemplary parents who participate in.

email: fmiguelw@gmail.com

I would like to nominate my husband, a daddy to be this July. When I read the word “hero” in your competition title, I knew this award was meant for him. My husband has spent the last three years (giving up the salary he had in his previous job) developing and sharing a program designed to help young people see themselves as heroes, and learn to act in heroic ways. He now delivers a program in schools called the Hero Workshop, that focuses on the journey each one of us is on, and how to be sure that you are a memorable hero in your own story. His commitment did not stop there though, and his journey in studying heroes has made him strive more each day to live more heroically himself. In teaching that it is the small, good things we do each day that prepare us for a heroic life, he has challenged himself to do things each day to make a difference in the lives of others. He has a commitment to donate to meaningful charities. He provides his programs in underprivileged schools at cost to ensure that all the students can benefit from the message. He has become a sponsor to build a school in Africa. And he wouldn't keep the HP tools for himself. Were my husband to win this prize, he would donate the equipment as well. Part of it would be used for a hero based summer camp he is starting this year. And the laptops would be donated to Michael Guggenheim who started the company, SPLAT. He teaches kids to use laptops at shelters in Los Angeles. Michael is in sixth grade, and is living the life my husband is trying to inspire other young people to lead. He has taken the challenge and is a child hero. Please honor my husband's quest to promote heroism, and allow him to help other heroes succeed.

Well, let me share my story....I am nominating myself as I just finished this year one of the most demanding years of my life. My wife and I declared bankruptcy and just finished paying out our plan this year. It's been hard, but we did it. Thanks to that, my work at home wife is using a computer that is 5 years old. If that was all we had to finish this year, that would be good.

My mother in law, who has had cancer on and off for 10+ years had to get more chemo this year. Thank God she came through it in flying colors and seems to be doing fine, but the fight isn't over. I also am the mixer of the church podcast and would love to have a machine to dedicate to that task.

Finally, I know it's not a requirement, but I would be giving one machine to my Mom in law who I love dearly. She may be around next year, but may not be....cancer can take her at any time. I just want to be able to give her the best gift she's gotten in a long time.

Hi, Moms,
I am an international student from China. Unfortunately I am not a dad. Haha...But I would like to nominate my friend Rhonda--a Kentucky Mom

She's 40 something and lives with her son. She used to marry an Africa American, as for the reason why I would not to ask.

What can I say? She was not the typical mom who would wake up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for her son...or is she the type who'd cook merienda so that by the time her son gets home from school there would be hot chocolate and pancakes waiting for him on the dinner table. No. Rhonda was more than that. She is the working-mom-kind-of-mother ( an technician) who works 8 hours a day, then goes back home and faces the household chores.

About several years ago, she took courses from community school and got her specialist degree, now she worked as a fairly important role in her company. But this is not the end, now she is self-studying Spanish. After buying an expensive software for learning Spanish, she found out her computer is so old. Besides so, in her area there's no internet. No kidding...

So, I would like to help her get a computer, a good one. I think she would like to share with other people.

That's it...and

To all the moms and dads!!!

This kind of posts don't help me think about family planning.

I am on a non-profit committee working on outfitting the first-ever library for an inner-city K-8 grade school that has been around since the 1940s. It was so hard for me to imagine that the school had existed so long without a standalone library. They had a couple of shelves of very old, very worn books in the back of their gym. We are buying them books, furnitures, computers… the works. It would be nice to have a little extra goodness to shower them with.

I would like to keep one of the laptops for myself. I've only ever used Mac desktops so I would be curious to see how HP/Windows compares.

I am a mother from Singapore of a really wonderful daughter (age 19) with a great heart and never cease to find opportunity to help others.

Recently, she spearheaded a volunteering project in Pongkam, Thailand to set up a learning center. This learning center will allow children in the village to receive basic education as well as learn basic English Language. My daughter has just returned from the trip not too long ago, and will be scheduling another team of volunteers to follow her there sometime next year, after organizing another round of donation drive (for used items or anything that she believes can change the life of a child, even in small ways).


I wish to give her a HP Mini for her to bring along in her travel journeys so that she can conveninently record her experiences. I know she is not going stop with the completion of her Pong Kam volunteer project. In fact, she has started planning another volunteering mission to Guatamala in the year of 2010.

I believe there are many things from the HP giftaways that she will find extremely valuable to bring over to Pong Kam and setting up in the learning center. As for the rest of the items, I nominate that Techmamas distribute them with other equally worthy causes participating in this competition.

Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to give my daughter a little something for everything she has given the world. She has never asked for anything in return, but I will really like to make this Christmas a special one for her.

I'd like to win this primarily for my wife, Michelle. She is a stay-at-home mom, who left a career in the insurance industry 12 years ago when we were married. Since then, she made being a wife and a mother her career, and has brought so much life to our household. She has helped us get through many Christmas seasons by laboring tirelessly on creating and selling crafts to help pay for gifts for our loved ones. Though we are not a wealthy family by any stretch of the imagination, thanks to my wife, we have not entered a single new year in deeper debt due to Christmas.

There is a specific reason I'd like to win this prize package for her, though. My sister-in-law has worked at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center for the past couple of years, and has told us countless stories about the people who have spent countless hours at the center, receiving radiation and chemotherapy, and about their families who have struggled with loss and grief all too often. Over the past six months, my wife took it upon herself to start making handmade cards for the patients and families involved at the cancer center. Along with my aunt, my sister-in-law, and a close family friend, they have already made hundreds of cards. My sister-in-law brings the cards to work to give to the families, and many times will write her patients a handwritten note of encouragement, or of sympathy, bringing the "human touch" to people who desperately need it. They receive no compensation from the center, nor from the hospital overseeing the center, but have given freely of their time, energy, and resources to touch the lives of others.

If I were to win, I would want her (and the card-making team) to have one of the notebooks, the photo printer, as well as the photo value pack. I feel that this opportunity would given them greater tools to design and develop their cards for the cancer center.

I would also like to win this for my nephew, Josh. We gained custody of him last year, shortly after his 14th birthday, an addition to our family we hadn't been expecting, but were blessed by, nonetheless. Despite all the upheaval in his life he had to experience, he has handled them with grace and maturity. He has completely turned his grades around, and has shown an amazing proficiency with the computer, as well as with his music, photography, and overall technical skills. He has so many talents and abilities, and has a deep love and compassion for the developmentally disabled man who has shared my home for the past 18 years. I feel that given the right equipment and nurturing, he could not only discover the depths of his potential, but also will eventually invest his gifts and talents into the lives of others. If I were to win, I would want him to have one of the notebooks, the video suite, and the Office suite.

Lastly, I would also want to include my 6-year-old son, Noah, because he has also handled the unexpected changes in our household very well, and he has also been quick to learn technical skills above his age level. Even before he was two years old, he quickly picked up the basics of how to use the mouse and keyboard to make things happen on the screen. He enjoys writing e-mails to his Grampie, who lives a couple of states away, and his Auntie Jamie, who lives across the country, and he loves writing stories. I would love to be able to set the HP Mini aside for his exclusive use to learn with, to play with, to connect to others, and to give his imagination an outlet. And, of course, I would also want to give him the Kung Fu Panda DVD.

The remaining items, the TouchSmart PC, and the MediaSmart Connect would be for the general family's use.

Though my intended recipients are family members, I have been very blessed to see each of them, especially my wife, be inspired to better the lives of other people. I would love nothing more than to give them these technological tools to go even farther in their impact in other people's lives. Though I make enough money to be a one-income family, we are very frugal in our lifestyles, and could not afford to make these purchases on our own.

Thank you for your consideration,

Joseph Grabowski

My sister is a mother of two. One of her children passed away less than a year ago.
She would like to do something to keep his memory alive and to help other children who have the disease he had. There is not a foundation or organization currently focused on this illness but she would like to start one. This equipment could be used to help start the foundation and some of it could be donated to Children's Hospital.

As I'm typing this comment, I am just finishing up a meeting with a group ladies, looking to empower women and families in our area.

I live in an area that does not have a whole lot of hope. The industries have died, and parents leave their children to raise themselves. It's in this place that two years ago we opened up a non-for-profit music venue and coffee shop. Opened 7am-10pm Monday-Saturday this shop has flourished into a multi-faceted operation, working hard to give the kids in this area not only something to do on the cold winter days, but also provide for them the services and help when they need it.

One of the things that we are just in the beginning stages of opening is a women's crisis service. With a mission to provide women and teens the help and support they need whenever they need it. From pregnancy to abuse, and all of those touchy subjects that find a lot of ladies feeling quite lost.

If I won this package...most of this prizes would go to this new budding service...well, except Kung Fu Panda. I love me some Jack Black.

Well, I am neither a dad nor a mom for that matter! I am in the process of trying though, been through a few fertility treatment which cost a bomb, and I in turn aren't able to splash out on things such as a new gadget. Well good luck to those who win.

Thanks for the opportunity to win these great computers. I'm entering more for my kids then myself. I can do with the old computer I have, but my kids deserve so much more than I can give them.

My oldest son, Jordan, is a senior in high school. He plans to go to college for computer networking and security. He has been using an old desktop that can't keep up with his needs. We are hoping he can get some kind of scholarship to help with the cost of school, but no scholarships will pay to get him the equipment he needs to excel in his chosen career path.

My youngest son, Gibson, doesn't have much access to a computer. Between Jordan, myself, and my husband, there isn't a lot of time left for him. He could really use the chance to use it more.

When Jordan gets out of college I plan on leaving at least one of the computers with the college for future students in need. That is if I win from you and HP.

I know my story is so familiar, but not as sad as many. I'm not unemployed yet, but the economy is making my job iffy at best right now. This could so help me with the stress of not having enough money for my sons to grow into the adults I know they can be.

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