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December 13, 2008

HP Magic Giveaway Dad Hero: The Winner, The Story


When I first found out that I had the opportunity to share the HP Magic with this giveaway, I wanted to somehow make a difference during a time that is tough for many. So after watching the CNN Heroes Tribute I set out to find mom and dad heroes!  The tough job of picking winners was finalized - and we got one of each. 

The runner up is a Mom Hero named Shellie, a mom who is trying to start her own business and had to share her computer with the rest of the family.

The first place winner is a true Dad Hero (named Hero Daddy). CLICK HERE to read more about him and how he is going to share the magic:

Dear TechMama & Friends,

Thank you, thank you, thank you to you and to HP for this amazing Christmas blessing!
I live in Lexington, Kentucky with my wife and four children--a 4-1/2 year-old and three 3-year-olds.  In November of 2005, we welcomed quadruplets into the world three months early, and then said goodbye to Emily, who died from an infection at 19 days old.  Two things I came to realize during the 4 months that the surviving three spent in the neonatal intensive care unit:  1) I am married to the greatest mommy hero...ever, and 2) there are amazing people/charities out there who tirelessly serve and minister to scared, weary parents of tiny babies
When I found out that my Ronald McDonald House entry was in the top 20, I contacted just about every other human being on the face of the earth to get them to vote for us.  Thanks to all of them too.  Here's how I'd like to divvy out the prize...
  • The Ronald McDonald House here in Lexington will get the HP TouchSmart IQ816 PC (I'm sure that Sarah, the director, and Travis, the house manager, will be able to put it to good use--my hope is that it can be used as a place for parents who are staying there to do their own blogs (i.e. carepages, etc.)  http://www.rmhclexington.com/
  • Techmama asked if we would be willing to give the HDX laptop to Shellie, the runner-up.  Absolutely!!!  (For seven years, we lived in Richmond Hill, GA, next to Fort Stewart, and we were amazed at the caliber of the amazing military families that allow the rest of us to be free.  Enjoy, Shellie & family, and thank you for serving our country!)
  • Project Seahorse (www.projectseahorse.net) is the organization that my wife and I started to encourage families with premature babies.  We go once a month to the Ronald McDonald House to visit with those families, and to give packets with materials to encourage them.  We will use one of the notebooks to produce video slideshows of the NICU babies whose parents are staying in the House.
  • The Assurance Pregnancy Center in our town (www.assurancecare.org) offers free ultrasounds, counseling, and adoption avenues for women in crisis pregnancies.  The ladies who work there are INCREDIBLE, and always in need of donations and equipment.  The last notebook will go to them.
  • A couple in Georgia (minister and wife) who found our daughter's gravesite for us, and who performed her funeral, will receive the Media Smart Connect.  They have three girls, one of whom has special needs, and they do a lot of stuff with photos and video, so it will be perfect for them.
  • The printer and Photo Pak we will share with the NICU that our kids were in (www.phoenixchildrens.com).  They can put them to good use by printing out pictures of the babies for the families who are there.
All of the stories that I read were inspiring, and I hope that the sharing spirit reflected in the essays will draw people's hearts to the "reason for the season."
May God bless you all this Christmas!
Phil (aka Hero Daddy) & Family


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i think he is a great choice and you seem like you have a wonderful family. Have a great christmas


great story, thank you. Warms my heart this holiday season. And I love our local Ronald McDonald House! Wonderful idea, picking a hero, and it sounds like you found a great one!


What a great story! Thanks for sharing!

That is all wonderful. Good for you Hero Dad for writing your story and for sharing your bounty of HP loot with so many good people and good causes. This whole contest and all the entries and the people I read about in it were very inspiring. Happy holidays to all who are involved.

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