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December 24, 2008

Dell Computer Goes Artsy and does a giveaway (WINNER)!

I just used Random.org and put each comment in as one entry. For those that twittered or posted got another entry.. AND THE WINNER OF THE $100 GIFT CERTIFICATE IS:

Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama

True Random Number Service

List Randomizer

Here they are in random order:

  1. Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama
  2. Janel
  3. zmama
  4. Bill
  5. Thien-Kim

(I just showed the top five listed..)

Happy Holidays to ALL...


When I received an invite to the Dell Urban Meet Up at Hang Art Gallery in San Francisco, I did not realize that the art would not only be on the walls, but ON THE COMPUTERS.


Let me start by saying I was on the hunt for holiday gift suggestions, and personalizing computers is a hot trend. I was also on the hunt for myself, I need a Mini laptop for computing on the go. When I do get a new laptop (other then the one I currently share with my kids), I will want it to have color or personalization. With a house of three boys to deal with, having some pink or red on my computer will help it stand out as "moms computer". Dads, kids, teens or even college students also seem to prefer personalization.


At the event I found out that the Dell Art House has designs from artists including Tristan Eaton, Mike Ming, Joseph Amedokpo, Siobhan Gunning and Bruce Mau.  Along with having lots of models, Dell also has 100+ designs and one click easy access movie bundles (through Dell CinemaNow). There was also information available for some recent Dell GREEN initiatives: Dell and Staples launch free recycling for Dell Customers nationwide, and Dell and Goodwill launch Reconnect Texas (Reconnect Partnership website).

Holiday deals were discussed, and can be found on their website at the everyday section as well as the TV and Electronic Deal section.

**Contest is now closed..Winner announced 12/24.

Dell has generously offered a $100 Dell gift certificate for me to giveaway. But I decided to ask for something in return, to enter the giveaway please comment on this post with what type of Dell design would fit you - as a Mom, Dad, Man, Women, for your kids, college student or for your family. For example, as a Mom I would prefer to pink Dell Mini Laptop (hint to any family members reading this and wondering what gift to get me...). Do you prefer basic black or silver? Do you like one of the artists designs in particular? Do you want a laptop or a desktop? This will help me understand what designs fit different people for my Holiday Gift Guide.

As always with my giveaways, those that post or discuss via their social networks details about this giveaway get another entry in the Random.org list.

Listed below are press releases and pictures of some of the computers I saw at the event. Contest is open as of today (Dec. 20) and will be open until 9pm pst Dec. 23. I will use Random.org to pick a winner on Dec. 23.  Please don't put an email in the comment, just put a "valid" email in the email field not displayed. If a valid email is not supplied, the gift card will go to the number 2 choice on Random.org.

Click "continue reading" to see terms of the gift card and to see EYE CANDY pictures of the computers and art at the Dell Event.

Details for the gift card:

The text on the gift card reads as follows: Getting what you want is the best gift of all!  Use your Dell Gift Card to choose from thousands of consumer electronics, including PCs, Printers, TVs, Digital Cameras, Software, and more!

Terms and conditions apply to gift card.

To redeem the card, please visit Dell.com, call 1-800-727-6000, or visit a Dell Direct Store location near you (dell.com/locations).  Expires: 2/2009

Dell Eye Candy:

Press Release: Bold New Dell (Product) Red Artwork for Studio Laptops Express Passion for Art, Desire to Make A Difference

Joseph Amedokpo:

Dell_(PRODUCT) RED_Joseph Amedokpo_New World_white 

Siobhan Gunning:

Dell_(PRODUCT) RED_Siobhan Gunning_Shine Within_white

Bruce Mau:

Dell_(PRODUCT) RED_Bruce Mau_Healing Patterns_white

Press Release: Dell Adds Eye Candy to Inspiron Mini Mix with Cherry Red, Pretty Pink and Tristan Eaton Designs

Tristan Eaton:




Fun solid colors for the Dell Mini Laptop:



For those with classic tastes, there is black and silver available..

Press Release: Dell Unveils New Mike Ming Masterpieces on Studio Laptops

Mike Ming_Bunch O Surfers  

Mike Ming_Sea Sky 


Press Release: DELL'S New Studio Hybrid

Studio Hybrid - bamboo
Studio Hybrid - sleeves

Press Release: Fresh new version of the iconic DELL XPS One kicks off a season of design and discovery

XPS One 24 

Or for serious gamers, Alienware M17



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Orange in my color. I love the Derek Welch Horizonte del Infinito in Orange. There is some incredible art here. Remember when computers were all giant off-white boxes?

The new Studio Hybrid in brown leather would be super sleek in my home office. I am a 30-something woman and I work from home, so I like a nice modern look that is still warm and inviting.

As a stay-at-home-dad, I'd use a Dell mini laptop. It would let me carry it up and down the stairs easily, and would also let me snatch it away from grabby hands quickly (in particular, a 4 y.o. and 2 y.o.'s hands).

While I'd love a bright red one, I'd go for black because less flashy is better when it comes to not attracting the kids' attention.

My wife, who primarily uses her computer in our makeshift office after work, would love a studio hybrid, and claims not to have a color preference....

I love all the artsy designs. They're fabulous. But as a mom, I'd love a new desktop with a large monitor for my family because I just got a laptop.

I love the jewel tones of the Studio Hybrid. They are super glam and look like art for the office. Love the purple, red, and magenta ones!

I sooo need a new laptop - would love to use this towards the Inspiron 1500 in pink :)

I would love to have an Inspiron 9 in pink. Love the idea of a mini, small and portable, i could even put it on the kitchen counter to look up recipies on the internet! And if I got it in pink DH would not steal it and take it to work with him, like he does with our laptop now.

You know, I've always had a thing for the deep red laptops (I have one now). I'm not a flashy person, so I like to throw a bit of flash and color in there via my gadgets and accessories.

I'd get the Dell V305w All-In-One Wireless Printer!! I desperately need a printer!! :)

I twittered about this giveaway! (username-cornellian2001)

oops just realised i needed to comment on which design i like best! Its gotta be the Bruce Mau--I'm digging his designs!

I love the fun designs! I'm like you. In a house full of boys I pick pink everything to try to keep the guys away from my stuff. A lightweight Mini would be awesome to carry around with my bad back, but my pink Dell Inspiron 1420 is the newest computer in the family, so if I win, chances our the gift card would go for a family model.

If I had to pick any skin they had to decorate my laptop I would pick the customize and upload my favorite design (a black and while swirl). My blog and Twitter are adorned with this design and someone even made me a matching purse with the design! It is my FAV and it is so cool that you can customize your laptop like that!!

Oooh I would definitely go for a Pink Mini Laptop...perfect for blogging on the go and it would be great to have a computer I can call my own! I twittered too https://twitter.com/LouisaGolb/status/1069994467

I was actually looking at a Dell Mini today. It's on my wishlist because my Inspiron is nice but it's a little heavy to lug around. I usually don't like Pink but I think it would be fun to have a pink laptop. Fun contest!

Oh yes, I'll mention it on Twitter. http://twitter.com/alldivamedia

I would love a lightweight Mini, especially to take on trips.

I love anything silver and I love Siobhan Gunning's Petals Fall 7. Would look gorgeous on a new Dell Studio 17. Now you've got me thinking hmm....

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